Moen 2510 vs 2520 vs 2590 – Choose the Right Shower Valve!

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To have an enjoyable shower, you need equivalent equipment that controls water flow and temperature. Without such equipment, you cannot have a pleasant shower. What are these essential tools are we talking about? First, not everything you take to the shower system will bring out an exclusive feature and service. That is why you need some luxury and long-lasting equipment. One of the high-quality shower faucets you will need should have shower valves. These durable faucets are usually manufactured by Moen, a renowned company that produces high-quality, durable, and modern design shower faucets that will efficiently control the water flow and temperature. However, as much as Moen faucets are of high quality, they still need to be replaced from time to time due to wear. Therefore, you may ask; which Moen shower valve do I need?

In this article, we will compare three shower valves, Moen 2510 vs 2520 vs 2590, to found out which one is the best for you. But before we look at the individual item, why don’t we look at a shower valve? A shower valve is a part of the shower faucet system. It is used in a bathroom shower faucet that has a single handle. Since you may need to control both the water flow and temperature using a single handle, you will need a shower valve to elevate your bathroom experience. Furthermore, you need a proper working cartridge that will not block the flow. That is why we have come up with three types of Moen shower valves you can choose from.

#1 Moen 2510 Shower Valve Review

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Moen 2510 is a Brass Posi-Temp Pressure balancing tub and shower valve. It is ½ inch with IPS connections.  The M-Pact Common Valve system allows you to upgrade your home’s standard or swap out finishes on your fixtures without replacing the valves. As long as the Moen 2510 cartridge system is in place, it will be easier to change the appearance of your bathroom as often as you may feel. Fortunately, the system is easy to install as a standard valve.


➥ Manufacturer: Moen.
➥ Part number: 2510.
➥ Series: M-Pact.
➥ Item weight: 1.31 lb.
➥ Dimensions: 7 by 7 by 6 inches.
➥ Material: Metal brass.
➥ Included components: Bathroom sink faucet, replacement parts, bath faucet, and accessories.
➥ ½ inches IPS connections.
➥ Type: Pressure balancing valve.
➥ Application: Tub and shower.
➥ Inlet thread type: Iron pipe size.
➥ Outlet thread type: Iron pipe size.
➥ Maximum pressure PSI: 80
➥ Complies with federal lead guidelines.
➥ Warranty: Lifetime.

How Is It Used?

Use Moen 2510 for shower or tub and shower application. You can combine it with a transfer valve to create a shower spa with an additional showerhead, hand shower, or two body sprays.

Installation of Moen 2510 Shower Valve

This 2510 Moen series accommodates a standard ½ inches connection, CC (copper), CPVC, crimp ring PEX, cold expansion PEX, and IPS options. Set a maximum temperature limit before installing decorative trim.


✔ Cycles through cold and hot water at a full volume.

✔ Pressure balancing prevents shower shock.

✔ Temperature limits ensure a safe shower.

✔ It has options for integrated stops.

✔ It is easier to install with back-to-back installation capability.

✔ M-Pact standard valve system allows you to upgrade trim without necessarily changing the valve.

✔ Limited lifetime warranty.

#2 Moen 2520 Shower Rough-In Valve Review

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When thinking about changing the bathroom’s look and features, it is never easy if you do not have a Moen faucet connection. But thanks to Moen 2520 Posi-Temp Shower Rough-in Valve. This type of Moen faucet system delivers generous water flow and maintains a constant water temperature as you enjoy your shower. It is constructed on brass to ensure durability and dependability, which allows you to enjoy long-lasting services and lifetime warranty. With this faucet system, you are guaranteed to upgrade your bathroom and sink without changing the plumbing systems.


➥ Part number: 2520.
➥ Series: M-Pact.
➥ Item weight: 1.05 pounds.
➥ Product dimensions: 7 by 7 by 6 inches.
➥ Type of function: Single Function.
➥ Material: Brass
➥ Type: Pressure balancing valve.
➥ Inlet thread type: copper sweat.
➥ Inlet Size: ½ inches.
➥ Outlet thread type: copper sweat.
➥ Application: Tub and shower.
➥ Maximum: 80.
➥ Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty.

How Is It Used?

It’s almost the same as Moen 2510. It’s also used for shower/tub application and combined with a transfer valve to create a shower spa with an additional showerhead, hand shower, or 2 body sprays.

Installation of Moen 2520 Shower Valve

Moen 2520 is created with a future mind with one valve installation that allows you to enjoy a hot shower for years. It is suitable for ½ inches standard connection with different types of valve inlet such as CC, IPS, PEX, CPVC, and PEX expansion.


✔ It allows you to upgrade trim at any point in decoration or construction without touching the faucet plumbing.

✔ Built-in temperature limit stops allow you to control how far the handle rotates and the water temperature range.

✔ It offers water flow available for any comparable valve.

✔ The Valve meets ASSE performance requirements.

✔ Comes with four connection ports.

✔ It is built to last with durable brass material.

#3 Moen 2590 Shower Rough-In Valve Review

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Having a tight shower with low water pressure is a thing of the past. The Moen 2590 Shower Valve is a perfect cartridge valve for updating an older, tired-looking bathroom with newer, improved fixtures without going through the lots of expense and trouble of installing new plumbing.

This PosiTemp shower system includes an adjustable temperature limit stop to control maximum hot water temperature and quarter-turn stops that allow you to upgrade the fixture style or swap out finishes on your existing fixtures without replacing valves. It’s a durable valve with heat resistant. So you can spend lots of years without any concern. This rough-in shower valve is lead-free. It’s also passed the ASSE performance requirements.


➥ Construction: Brass
➥ Weight: 1.84 lb.
➥ Connection: 1/2 inch IPS connections
➥ Length: 7.0 inch
➥ Width: 7.0 inch
➥ Height: 6.0 inch
➥ Can be used with PEX adaptors
➥ Have to use with Moen Posi Temp Trim.

How to Install Moen Cartridge Valve

No matter which type of Moen faucet valve you pick, the installation process is similar for both types. The Moen Posi-Temp Shower Cartridge valve is designed to prevent scalding by regulating the differences in pressure and temperature when other fixtures in the plumbing system are used simultaneously. Therefore, here is a brief step-to-step guide on how to install a Moen cartridge valve;

➥ Turn off the hot and cold-water closing valves. If there are shower valves, turn off the main water valve. Open all the faucets to drain any excess water from the shower system.

➥ Remove the faucet handle. The Moen faucet handle has either a Philips-head screw or Allen screw holding on it.

➥ Behind the faucet handle is a plastic piece held by a Philips screw. Once the screw is removed, slide off the chrome sleeve surrounding the cartridge.

➥ Pull straight up the brass clip holding the cartridge using a pair of pliers. Lastly, pull out the cartridge from the faucet valve.

➥ Install the new cartridge to the wall valve. The cartridge is usually marked H and C to avoid installing it upside down.

➥ Reinstall the handle and turn on the shower.


Finding the right shower cartridge valve has never been easy. But when it comes to mind – Moen valve 2510 vs 2520, you will have to pick a variety of faucets to land on the best choice. However, the two Moen faucets mentioned above are the top products in the market that will change your bathroom and give it a luxury look. All you have to do is check at the features, pros, and cons of each product before spending your money on any of them. Luckily, both cartridge valves come with five years warranty with a one-time installation capability.


#1.  Are all Moen shower valves the same?

Ans: No! There are three kinds of valves produced by Moen. They are Standard, Posi-Temp & Moentrol.

#2. Do I need to replace shower valve?

Ans: If your shower valve gets leaks then it’ll be dripping. In those circumstances, you should replace your shower valve with a new one.

#3. Do you have to replace valve when replacing shower faucet?

Ans: No, it’s not required at all.

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