How to Install Rain Shower with Handheld Step By Step!

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Congratulations! You’ve just purchased your rain shower head! Not only is it a fabulous addition to your bath, but also incredibly easy to install. In general, you can do it yourself, with no need to call a plumber, as all shower heads are universal, which means they’ll easily screw onto your shower arm.

Once you’ve removed your old shower head, you’re ready to begin. One quick note, don’t toss out your old shower head, it may come in handy one day in case you wish to add a bath to your basement or other area of your home.

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What you’ll need

  • Plumbers tape
  • Thread Sealant
  • Rain shower head kit
How to install rain shower head with handheld combo set

Read the Instructions

This is intended as a general installation guide, so there’s a chance that your particular shower head may have a slightly different installation process. As such, read the instructions that came with your shower head. For instance, perhaps your rain shower head comes with its own shower arm. If you’ll have to install that before you install your rain shower head.

Turn Off the Water and Collect Supplies

First of all, make certain that the water supply to the shower is turned off. Next, collect all the supplies required, and don’t forget a towel or two to wipe up any water. Finally, seal the shower drain so no pieces fall into it during installation.

Remove the Old Shower Head and Shower Arm

Start by removing your old shower head first, and if required, your old shower arm as well. This should be easy, as you’re simply unscrewing the shower arm from the wall with your hand or wrench by turning it counterclockwise.

Apply Plumbers Tape

If you have a shower arm in your kit, apply plumbers tape to the threaded ends of your shower arm, wrapping it clockwise. If you have a faceplate, take this opportunity to slide it over the new shower arm.

Installing the Rain Shower head

Great care must be taken when installing the shower head. After all, you don’t wish to risk scratching the shower head. Thus, it’s best if you can screw it into place using only your hands. Once in place, test it to see if it’s tight by turning on the water and searching for leaks.

Installation Video

Video courtesy by Grohe

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