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October 9, 2023
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Wedi Shower System Reviews – For Your Waterproofed Shower Base & Walls in 2023

When building a new shower area, renovating your shower room, the important thing you need to consider is the waterproof shower system. While looking for mold-proof and fully waterproof showers, Wedi Fundo Primo Shower Kit could be a considerable option for you.

Wedi Corp. offers good quality XPS waterproofing, 10 years extended warranty, and better pricing as compared to other shower waterproofing systems. For your ease, in this article, we’ve written about Wedi shower system reviews with specs and consumers’ experience to help you to make a final decision about this.

NOTE: XPS or Expanded polystyrene is one of the key materials to resistance the water and humidity.

The Wedi Fundo Primo System

We dug deep into the internet for your ease and found that Wedi Fundo Primo might be an ideal option for your needs. That’s why, we’ve written an unbiased article on the Wedi shower system reviews with all specs.

We’ll discuss every detailed feature of this kit and prove to you why it’s the best and a complete worth buying kit for your washroom!

Wedi Fundo Primo - Waterproof Shower Kit - (3 ft by 5 ft)

You might be wondering what the recommended use of this kit is? Wedi Fundo Primer isn’t limited to only a few types of buyers. We’ll recommend this kit to anyone looking for a reliable, easy to install, and long-lasting shower kit.

However, to be precise, we will recommend the kit to those who are not much into aesthetics and don’t care about beauty too much. Instead, it’s ideal for you if you care about the quality, material, reliability and want a heavy-duty shower kit that can last for a very long time.

In terms of quality, material, and reliability, it’s a solid product or at least better than any other shower kit on Amazon.

How useful is it?

If you don’t separate your shower area in your washroom, your washroom sanitary tiles and walls will run out much faster than those who use a dedicated shower kit in their washroom. The best thing we like about the kit is its ease of installation.  The equipment is made up of a light EPT material, so you can easily cut them with a regular pocket cutter, and no need for an industrial metal cutter! Therefore, for those homeowners and contractors who’re looking for easy to install shower kits without creating so much mess, Wedi’s this kit is perfect for them!

Do experts recommend it, and why?

Yes! Experts recommend the product. It’s not wrong to say that Wedi Fundo Primo is entirely worth buying a shower kit. Considering its price, material, design, and quality, you’ll not regret it after purchasing the equipment


The size of the shower pan is 3′ by 5′ feet. Wedi Fundo kit is made up of Extruded Polystyrene material which is the same material used in prefabricated homes to prevent them from getting moisture. Unlike liquid or sheets, which pick oxidation in the long term and are worst in weather resistance, the Extruded Polystyrene material is not like that. EPT is highly resistive against the environment and is entirely waterproof. Moreover, the kit comes with a ten years warranty. The warranty covers the water damage, moisture damage, seal damage, and many other essential damages that can occur due to manufacturing defects.

Extruded Polystyrene or XPS foam makes the kit highly resistive to the environment and completely waterproof.
It included 3 walls with a ceiling.
Unlike liquid or sheets, which are very weak against water and have a very short lifespan. However, Wide Fundo Prime offers a 10x higher lifespan than metal, concrete, or ceramic shower kits.
Ten years extended warranty
Highly easy to install
This kit doesn’t come with niche or bench in the picture. So you have to buy them separately if you need.

Are Shower Kits Worth It?

Dedicated shower kits prevent the water and moisture from escaping from the specified area because repetitive high contents of moisture or water contact can affect your washroom’s sanitary walls and tiles.

It can usually cause fungus and mold buildup in the sanitary system, such as the washroom and basin. You might face waterlogging in your walls and fungus buildup in the tiles of your washroom.

That’s why a dedicated shower door kit is used. It prevents moisture buildup and prevents the water from spreading all over the washroom. In this way, you can get a dedicated shower area without building a dedicated shower area in a separate room.

Wedi Shower System Installation

Below are the steps to install the Wedi Shower Kit installation:

  • Measure the height, width, and length of your washroom accurately
  • You can use any wood cutter to cut the base cut the Wedi base according to your washroom size
  • Apply any sticking material such as concrete, glue, or epoxy to install the bottom on the floor.
  • Make sure to cut the drainage hole and install the drainage kit into the base
  • Apply silicone sealant on all the edges or joints to seal the area
  • After 24 hours of the drying process, you’re ready to install the tilings!

For precise information, watch the video below:


Wedi Shower System Problems and Solutions

What happens if a dent occurs in the base?

If a dent occurred in the base, it’s not possible to pull the dent back again to its normal position. It’s because the base is made up of extruded polystyrene (XPS). Once a huge pressure is applied on the XPS in a small area, the cells of that area get broken and die permanently. In that case, all you can do is to fill that dent with a sealant or any filler you want.

Can you use Jackhammer to break the tiles on the shower base?

Yes, you can! However, according to many professionals, it’s not recommended to expose the base in the intense vibrations. Because intense vibrations can affect the composition of the molecular structure of the base.

Leak in Wedi Shower Base

The Wedi shower base is 100% waterproof and water-resistant. Therefore, if you notice a leak in the base after installing, the problem is with installation and not with the Wedi shower base. There’re many chances that a gap might be left during the installation or sealant applying which causes the area to leak.

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Is the Wedi Fundo Primo Worth it as a Waterproofing System?

Yes, it is! Wedi Fundo Primo is a full-fledged shower kit that you can install in your shower area to make it waterproof and moister-proof. The kit offers all the basic to advanced features that you can expect from the flagship quality kit. Some details such as silicon sealing, shower seat, and weather resistance body are some minor details that make it a perfect shower kit for your shower space. Overall, it’s complete with buying kit and one of the best shower kits you can find on the internet. That’s why we’ve written an ultimate review article on Wedi Fundo Primo.


Is Wedi Better Than Kerdi?

Kerdi offers a sheet waterproofing membrane. Wedi offers a foam-based waterproofing membrane. So, it depends on you what you want!

Can You Tile Over The Wedi Board?

Yes, of course! But do the tilling after 24 hours (at least)

Where To Buy Wedi Shower System?

You can buy it from your local store or online store like Amazon and HomeDepot.

How Much Does A Wedi Shower Kit Cost?

Its price ranges between 800$-1200$ depending on your location, time, and from the seller, you’re purchasing.

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