Delta H2Okinetic Reviews

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A good shower set in your bathroom is worth it. Having the water flow out in the form of oscillating droplets helps you relax and refresh while having a shower. Today in our review, we will be discussing Delta H20Kinetic shower heads and their different models, advantages, and disadvantages accordingly. If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom or making a new one, this article is written for you.

What Does H20Kinetic Means?

The h20Kinetic technology is modern technology. Our world is facing a water crisis. Conserving water is the sole responsibility of every citizen. Keeping that in mind, sanitary companies are now using this specialized technology to control the movement, speed, and size of the droplet. This creates a feeling of more water without using a lot of water. And hence covers a large surface area.

Top 3 Delta H20Kinetic Showerheads Comparison

 #SpecsBest For 
Delta 75152Conserve water, 3x more cover area, easy installation, cheap, rotating, and adjustable showerhead, easy to clean, and won’t clog.People having low-budget and want the best quality.Check Price
Delta 58480Magnetic docking, five spray options, conserve water, two in one option handheld and wall attached showerhead, easy to clean, provides more coverage and intensity yet using 20% less water.Best for bathrooms having bathtubs or people who like handheld showers.Check Price
Delta T14459It comes in two sizes and two styles: WaterSense labeled, easy to adjust water temperature, no sudden water temperature changes, and does not clog easily. Houses with disabled individuals, children, or those who need easily replaceable trim kit options.Check Price

Best Delta H20Kinetic Showerheads Reviews

In this review article, we will discuss the main top-rated three products offered by the company. These all are highly rated and are a part of Amazon’s Choice list. According to your budget and style, you can choose the perfect combination for you.

#1 Delta 75152

The showerhead offers you a variety of options and features. If you are looking for a showerhead with a low budget and sound design, then it is the best choice you got. It is also highly recommended by the experts due to its incomparable features and price. You get to switch between 2.5 GPM to 1.8 GPM and can conserve water.

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  • High Coverage:
    As compared to other showers, delta 75152 provides 3x more coverage. It creates a unique water droplet pattern that gives warmth and covers a large area simultaneously.
  • Anti-Clog Free Jets:
    Many showerheads had a severe problem of clogging. The tiny little water jets, which are numerous clogs, quickly give you an unpleasant experience. The delta showerhead comes with four large nozzles, which creates an oscillating water pattern. These large nozzles shot a burst of water. This water spreads through your entire body by using energizing spray technology. You don’t have to worry about the mineral deposits and scales after installing this.
  • Pivoting Showerhead:
    The delta showerhead conveniently pivots, giving you a better angle for your shower experience.
  • Easy To Install:
    You don’t need to spend extra money on its installation. It is straightforward to install. You don’t need tools or any assistance to install it. Remove your old showerhead, install the new one, reapply the plumbers’ tape if required, and you are good to go.
  • WaterSense Labeled:
    You can reduce your water bill by conserving 20% of the water every time you take a bath after installing it. It does not compromise on quality and gives you a wonderful experience while saving water and your money.


  • Plastic Body:
    Some of us may not be comfortable with the plastic body. The plastic body is delicate to handle as compared to stainless steel.
  • Spray Pattern:
    The spray pattern can be two wide sometimes. And cannot be suitable for some of you.

#2 Delta 58480

The Delta 58480 showers are the best handheld showers for bathtubs and shower areas. It can be mounted on the wall as well. Its flow rate is 1.75 GPM. It is included in Amazon’s choice list. It is highly recommended by experts and has many exciting features.

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  • Coverage and Intensity:
    It provides 3x more coverage than an ordinary showerhead. It molds water into particular waves and patterns, providing an effect of warmth and intensity.
  • Easy to Clean:
    Self-cleaning spray holes prevent lime and mineral build-up.
  • Hand shower and showerhead in one:
    The model provides you with a hand shower and shower head in one set. The detachable showerhead allows you to detach it from the wall and use it accordingly.
  • Magnetic Docking:
    Magnetite docking is used. It allows your handheld shower to attach precisely in place for easy and comfortable docking every time.
  • Various Spray Options:
    The delta showerhead offers a wide variety of spray options. These include H20Kinetic Power Drench Spray, Massaging Spray, Full Body Spray with Massage, Full Body Spray, and a pause.
  • Pause Spray:
    Conserving water is an ethical responsibility of all of us. The pause spray feature allows you to reduce water flow while lathering or doing another task.


  • Expensive:
    This delta showerhead model is quite expensive.
  • Plastic Body:
    As compared to the price, the plastic body doesn’t go with it. Good suitable stainless body showers are available in the market at the same price. But standing up to its name Delta Faucets have always maintained their standard.
  • Adjusting Button Can Be Damaged after Some Time:
    It is made up of plastic. Rough use can break the parts. There are several complaints from users that if you do not handle it with care, the nob breaks, and the adjusting spray options are then difficult to use. Too much rotating and twisting can cause leakage, too, after some time.

#3 Delta T14459

This is an extraordinary faucet and comes with two options. You can either buy a single or double-handed faucet set, and it is available in two sizes, with rough and without rough. It is included in Amazon’s choice list and is highly recommended by users.

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  • With Rough and Without Rough:
    This trim kit offers an excellent extension. If you bought the rough one style, you could easily switch out your shower fixture anytime without tearing expensive tiles and altering the plumbing work behind the wall. If you buy without rough style, you will only get the trim kit, and you have to purchase the valve separately.
  • ADA Compliant:
    The faucet meets all the requirements set by ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)
  • Single Handle Design:
    The kit comes in two styles—single-handled and double-handled. Single handled is easier and convenient to use. You can easily adjust it according to the water temperature you need.
  • WaterSense Labeled:
    Delta WaterSense labeled faucets help you save water by conserving 20% less water than the standard showerheads.
  • Protection From Sudden Water Changes:
    They are equipped with Delta pressure-balanced shower valves, which monitor technology to save you from sudden water temperature changes.


  • Plastic made body:
    The trim kit comes in a plastic body. Paying a huge amount to get plastic is not what everyone likes.
  • Finish Peels off easily:
    In some cases not reported by many users, using chemicals and hot water peels off the finish. These faucets are exceptionally delicate, and we have to use them with great care.
  • Not a DIY project:
    These faucets are tricky to install. You will need help from an authorized person or a plumber.


All these faucet sets we listed above are best in their specific ways. They all come with a limited lifetime warranty so that you can have a comfortable experience without any complaints. If you have any pets or bathtubs in your house, we will recommend Delta 58480 due to its features. If you are looking for something vintage so that your bathroom can have an elegant look, then the bronze color of Delta T14459 is best for you. While if you are looking for low-budget solutions yet thriving for the best, then there is no other option than Delta 75152. We have provided you with all the information you need to choose the best. We hope that this article will be helpful for you.

Delta H2Okinetic Reviews


Q1. Does Delta have a magnetic showerhead?

Ans. Yes indeed. Delta does come with a magnetic showerhead. Delta 58480 provides you with magnetic docking, a fixed, and a handheld shower in one kit.

Q2. How do you use a Delta detachable showerhead?

Ans. It is effortless to use a Delta detachable showerhead. First, you need to wrap your fingers around the shower handle with your thumb on the outer showerhead. Then pull your fingers towards you with a bit of force. The detachable or handheld showerhead will quickly come off.

Q3. How Does the Delta H20Kinetic Technology Work?

The delta H20Kinetic technology is a modern innovation. The faucets are developed so that they use the science of fluids to deliver in motion. water will fall out in the form of a pattern.  It works by controlling the movement, design, and size of droplets which creates a high shower experience while utilizing less water than the standard showerheads.

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