The Twelve Best Bathtub Faucets of 2020: Where High Performance, Quality and Affordability Matter

Updated: April 23, 2019

Selecting the best bathtub faucet for your home can be confusing at times. In order to help you find your perfect bathtub faucet, we've delved deeply into each and every aspect of what makes a dependable and reliable product. In fact, our team of experts clocked in over 20 hours of examine time to ensure that each faucet listed in our review today, performed according to our very own standards of excellence. If the faucet did not perform, or if the installation instructions were not direct enough to allow for an easy home installation, the faucet was scratched off our list, and replaced with one that could perform. We also took customer satisfaction into account, as well as only selecting top manufacturers that stand by the products they sell.


How We Evaluated and Assessed Our Bathtub Faucet

In order to give you the best possible selection of bathtub faucets from which to choose, we included the three main types of bathtub faucets: Wall mount, freestanding and tub or deck mount. Freestanding faucets are those that have no pre-existing holes and are mounted on the floor. Wall mounted faucets are connected to the wall via pre-existing holes in the wall to the water lines. Tub mounted models are installed through pre-drilled holes in your tub.

We also included products such as the Delta Windemere BT2796-S, for those of you only interested in purchasing trim only. In the world of bathtub faucets, trim refers to the external parts, not the internal parts such as valves. For instance, if you desire to alter your style and replace your bathtub spout, you would only purchase the spout and would have no need for valves, etc.


Ease of Installation

Our first concern revolved around the ease of DIY installation. Since these bathroom faucets are designed to be installed by the average homeowner, we made certain that the instructions were readable and easy to understand. If you ease of installation is a big concern for you, may we direct you to a Moen brand, such as Moen Eva High-Arc Roman Tub Faucet. Moen has developed its very own M-PACT system which makes switching out faucets extremely easy for any homeowner.

Style and Design

Next, we considered the importance of style. We needed to select a decent variety of styles which reflected various tastes. Take the Delta Windemere Roman Tub Trim faucet. With it's sleek and elegant lines, it's just made to blend into almost any bathroom decor with ease. The Kohler offering, on the other hand, is from their Kelston Collection and designed with a vintage flair, in order to suite bathrooms designed to reflect times long past.


Finish was another consideration. After all, if the finish is not of quality make, your faucet will soon be experiencing chipping, scratching, and discoloration due to corrosion and tarnishing. Many manufacturers have developed their own finish, such as Moen's LifeShine, and Delta's Brilliance Finish.

Chrome - Chrome finishes can be shiny and polished, matte or brushed. Chrome is the finish you'll most likely find on the more economical bathtub faucets. The benefits of chrome is that resists wear and tear as well as oxidation. However, it will need to be polished often, as it shows watermarks. The FLG Deck Mount Waterfall faucet is an example of a lovely faucet which has a polished chrome finish.

Nickel - The nickel finish can be satin or brushed in appearance. Nickel is known for its durability and ease of maintenance. Examples in our selection include the Kohler Kelston and Moen Eva Roman Tub Faucet.

Bottom line? Brushed nickel won't show water spots or fingerprints, lasts longer than chrome, and is easy to clean and maintain. Chrome, on the other hand, does show spotting and fingerprints and scratches. However, it's brilliance when polished makes a design statement, and adds a more noticeable 'punch' to your decor.

Our Review of the Top Twelve Best Bathtub Faucets of 2020

Delta Windemere BT2796 Roman Tub Trim3.35 lb11 x 11 x 6.5 in
Check Price
Moen T943BN Eva Roman Tub Faucet6 lb18.6 x 11.1 x 3.6 in
Check Price
JiaYouJia Floor Mounted Tub Filler Faucet13.6 lb36.3 x 14.6 x 4.6 in
Check Price
FLG Deck Mount Widespread Waterfall Bathroom Bath Tub Faucet5.51 lb15.3 x 8.5 x 2.8 in
Check Price
JiaYouJia Brushed Nickel Floor Mount Modern Tub Filler Faucet15.72 lb37 x 15 x 5 in
Check Price
Signature Hardware 378994 Lavelle Wall Mounted Tub Filler7.4 lb-
Check Price
KOHLER Kelston K-T97332-4-BN Floor-Mount Freestanding Tub Filler59.6 lb8.8 x 11.9 x 38.3 in
Check Price
JiaYouJia Brushed Nickel Floor Mounted Tub Filler14.4 lb31.5 x 12 x 8 in
Check Price
Kingston Brass KS265C Clawfoot Tub Wall Mount Faucet8.05 lb7 x 7 x 4.8 in
Check Price
Ove Decors INFINITY FAUCET Infinity Floor-Mounted Tub Faucet17 lb8 x 11 x 45 in
Check Price
Delta Faucet T4759-FL Trinsic Floor Mount Tub Filler16.9 lb46.5 x 16.8 x 6.8 in
Check Price
Kardiel HB-FSF-SNOQUALMIE13 lb5.9 x 5.9 x 41.3 in
Check Price

Top Recommendation

1. Delta Windemere BT2796-SS Roman Tub Trim

Our first choice in our review of the best bathtub faucets of 2020 belongs to Delta. Delta faucets have long been a favorite of both interior designers and homeowners alike, due to their functional design and elegant contours which easily blend into most bathroom decors. This simple yet efficient deck mounted beauty is part of the Windemere series from Delta. Delta's Brilliance finish gives the Windemere a durable, long-lasting stainless steel finish which is guaranteed not to suffer corrosion or discoloration as the years pass on.

It's 2 handled design makes this offering from the Windemere Collection easy to use.
This deck mount faucet is not only beautiful, but ADA compliant, and a 3 hole 8-16 degree design makes it easy to install. Spout height is 7-1/8 inches and reach is 7-13/16 inches. Please note that this is the trim kit only, the rough-in kit will need to be purchased separately. Trim kit means you'll only receive the handles and sleeve, no internal parts are included.


Affordable for most households

Delta's own Brilliance Finish

ADA Compliant

Durable and designed to last many years


This is the faucet only, only the handles and sleeve

Final Verdict 

Crafted by Delta, a well-known manufacturer of high quality water fixtures, the Windemere BT2796-SS Roman Tub Trim is an outstanding product. This deck mounted fixture comes with Delta's very own Brilliance finish which adds years to your faucet's lifespan. We like this affordable faucet, as it's ADA compliant, durable and designed to add beauty and functionality to your bath.

Second Pick

2. Moen T943 Eva High-Arc, Roman Tub Faucet - Elegant and Exquisite

Our second pick is Moen's Eva Two-Handled Roman Tub Faucet. With it's elegant and exquisite flowing lines reflecting the graceful movement of water, you'll find that this deck mounted, Moen Eva High-Arc Roman Tub Faucet is the perfect addition to your bath. Moen's very own LifeShine brushed nickel finish provides subtle, stylish protection against the effects of time, such as tarnishing and corrosion. Don't let the delicate, fragile contours of this two-handled faucet fool you, it's made to be a durable, high-performance faucet, the kind you'd expect from Moen.

The Eva is compatible with Moen's M-PACT System. The M-PACT system is an ingenious way to upgrade your Moen faucet at any time, no plumbing skills required. This means that once the M-PACT system is in place, you can switch out your faucet trim at any time, without having to deal with the plumbing. Specifications include a 9-1/2 inch high spout, with an 8-1/2 inch spout reach, ceramic disc valves, and ADA compliant.


Elegant design

Compatible with the M-PACT System

Brushed nickel LifeShine finish protects from tarnishing and corrosion


Does not come with the valve required for installation

Final Verdict

Moen has been treating its customers to some of the most beautifully designed bathroom fixtures for many years, and their Eva, two-handle high arc roman tub faucet is no exception. This elegantly designed faucet's graceful contours add a touch of class to almost any bathroom decor. It's compatible with Moen's very own M-PACT system, which helps to eliminate any need for a plumber's assistance when installing their water fixtures. As for longevity, its LifeShine, brushed nickel finish will protect your faucet from the ravages of time, such as corrosion and tarnishing. An excellent choice for anyone looking to add a bit of classic beauty to their bath.

Third Pick

3. JiaYouJia Floor Mounted Tub Filler with Handheld Shower - Durable, Beautiful and Efficient

Our third choice comes from JiaYouJia. Freestanding bathtubs such as those with the clawfoot design are becoming more and more common in today's bathrooms. So, when it comes to filling your tub for that nice, relaxing soak, take a good look at the JiaYouJia bathtub faucet with its integrated handheld shower. This faucet extends over the tub and has a maximum flow rate of 6 gallons per minute, and the convenient hand shower attachment's flow rating of 2.5 gallons per minute, can be used as your bath.

Made from durable solid brass with a corrosion resistant, polished pitch black finish, it comes with a single function handheld shower connected to a flexible, 60-inch stainless steel hose. From floor to tip of the faucet measure 46.06 inches with a spout reach measuring 7.87 inches. Your purchase includes all hardware necessary for an easy installation.


2.5 gpm flow rate for the showerhead, 6 gpm to fill your tub

Manufactured from durable brass

Convenient, easy to use handshower with a 60 inch stainless steel hose


Contemporary design might not work well with old fashioned clawfoot tubs

If not installed correctly it may leak

Final Verdict

JiaYouJia has created a stunning floor mounted tub filler faucet. This tub filler comes with a convenient handheld shower with a 60-inch stainless steel hose, makes bath time a relaxing experience with a 2.5 gallon per minute flow rate. Manufactured from durable brass, this freestanding tub filler arches over your tub and fills it quickly at 6 gallons per minute. Made from tough, solid brass, its pitch black, polished finish helps to resist corrosion and tarnishing. Easy to install, it comes with all the hardware necessary for installation.

Budget Pick

4. FLG Deck Mount Two Handle Widespread Waterfall Bathroom

If you are in the market for a high-performance bathtub faucet at a budget-friendly price, then FLG has just what you're looking for. This elegant and exquisitely designed deck mount, waterfall bathtub faucet by FLG combines sophisticated styling with durability. The FLG LT-102 is constructed from solid lead-free brass with a polished chrome finish with handles composed of a tough, zinc alloy. This 3-hole sink configuration waterfall faucet is easy to install, has a ceramic disc cartridge which has been tested to last 500,000 open and closings.

This tub faucet has a spout reach of 7.55 inches, which means it is not made for roman style tubs. As for pressure, know that each faucet's durability and quality have been pressure tested to endure high-pressure streams. This high-end bathtub faucet comes to you at an affordable price and with a flow rate of 6 gallons per minute, you won't have long to wait before you can enjoy that relaxing soak. Your purchase includes all mounting hardware necessary for a complete installation.


Beautifully designed and affordable for most households

The ceramic disc cartridge design has been tested to withstand up to 500,000 openings and closings

Each faucet is high pressure water tested to ensure longevity

Purchase includes all mounting hardware necessary


Some users felt that the rush of water is too loud

Not suitable for Roman-style bathtubs

Final Verdict

There's nothing quite like a waterfall tub filler to instill relaxation and enjoyment while experiencing a nice, long soak. Fortunately for you, this two-handled, widespread tub faucet provides you with a nice, wide and quickly flowing stream of water. Made from solid brass with a brilliant polished chrome finish, this deck mount, waterfall tub faucet comes with a ceramic disc cartridge tested to last over 500,000 opening and closings. This affordable, high-end tub faucet has a flow rate of 6 gallons per minute and all the mounting hardware necessary for an easy install.

Also Good

5. JiaYouJia Brushed Nickel Floor Mount Tub Filler & Hand Shower - Ultra Modern Styling

This ultra-modern tub filler from JiaYouJia is the pinnacle of contemporary styling and high performance, designed for those who prefer a sharp, inorganic feel over the organic contours of most modern tub fillers. This single-function modern tub filler comes complete with a brass handheld shower, connected to a flexible 60-inch stainless steel hose. The overall finish is comprised of a durable corrosion brushed nickel finish that also resists water spotting and fingerprints.

Everything you need to install your JiaYouJia modern tub faucet is included for your convenience. This unit measures 42.52 inches from top to bottom, with spout height measuring 38.98 inches and spout reach at 9.45 inches. The maximum flow rate for filling your tub is at 6 gallons per minute and 2.5 gallons per minute for your handheld shower. Please note that this model is not well suited for homes with low water pressure.


Linear, futurist and minimalist design

Brass handheld shower with a 60 inch stainless steel hose

Durable brushed nickel finish

Contains everything you need for a quick and easy install


Not suitable for homes with low water pressure

Final Verdict

The JiaYouJia modern tub faucet is the ultimate in contemporary bathtub styling. This model is made from solid brass and completed with a stunning, brushed nickel finish. A single function handheld shower, it's connected via a flexible stainless steel 60-inch hose to add convenience and functionality to your bathing experience. It comes with all mounting hardware and has a tub flow rate of 6 gallons per minute, and 2.5 gallons per minute for the showerhead. This is a great buy for those of you searching for a more modern, futuristic look for your bath.

Also Good

6. Signature Hardware 378994 Lavelle - Waterfall Wall Mounted Tub Filler

As far as wall mount bathtub faucets go, we believe you'll find the waterfall action of Signature Hardware's Lavelle design right up your alley. Let the cascading waters from Lavelle's wall mount bathtub faucet soothe your body, as you sit back, relax and immerse yourself in a tub of warm water, after a long, hard day. This model is designed to have the water gently flow from a horizontal waterfall spout, and operation is easy, just use its single lever, round handle.

The Signature Hardware 378994 Lavelle wall mount bathtub faucet is constructed from brass, accompanied by a durable, corrosion-resistant finish. Low lead compliant comes with both hot and cold indicators and ceramic disc cartridges, and with a flow rate of 6 gallons per minute, your tub will fill quickly. This double holed faucet has a spout reach of 6-1/2 inches, is easy to install, and everything you need is included in your purchase.


Beautifully designed

Manufactured from solid, high quality brass

Everything needed for installation is included in your purchase

Horizontal waterfall spout


It does not allow you to switch to a shower head

Final Verdict

Signature Hardware's Lavelle tub filler is a wall-mounted faucet that provides you with a steady stream of water, reminiscent of a cascading waterfall. Operation is easy with its single lever, and it's solid brass construction ensure you many, many years of service. Features include low lead compliance, hot and cold indicators and a flow rate of 6 gallons per minute. Installation is easy as your purchase comes with everything you'll need for a quick and easy install.

Also Good

7. KOHLER Kelston K-T97332-4 Freestanding Tub Filler with Handshower - Brushed Nickel Beauty with Vintage Style

The Kohler Kelston K-T97332-4 BN is one of their more popular freestanding, floor mount bathtub fillers. This corrosion resistant, brushed-nickel water fixture comes with both a hose and handheld shower. The easy to clean brushed-nickel finish resists both fingerprints and water spots. While it's made to coordinate with their vintage-styled Kelston collection, know that this bath filler will offer an elegant look to most bathroom decors.

Eager to take a nice, long soak? Then know that with the Kohler freestanding tub filler you won't have to as it flows as a fast, 6 gallons per minute, and flow is handled by a single lever handle which offers on and off controls along with temperature setting. Durability is afforded by Kohlers' very own ceramic disc valves which have been designed to supersede their competition in their long-lasting performance. Installation is easy, height from floor to arch is 38.313 inches, and spout reach is 8.813 inches. Please note that you'll be required to purchase the K-97339-NA mounting block separately.


Corrosion and tarnish resistant brushed nickel finish

Comes with hose and handheld shower

Coordinates with all their vintage styled Keston Collection pieces

Fast flow rate of 6 gallons per minute


You have to purchase the mounting block separately

Final Verdict

This model from Kohler is a floor mount tub filler from its highly admired Kelston Collection. By adding this stunning tub filler to your decor, you're sure to inspire compliments from friends and family alike. It's made with a corrosion-resistant, brushed-nickel finish which reflects its authentic, vintage design. At 6 gallons per minute, you won't have long to wait before your tub fills to your desired volume. An excellent choice from a well-respected manufacturer, Kohler.

Also Good

8. JiaYouJia Brushed Nickel Floor Mounted Tub Filler with Handheld Shower - Minimalist Design, High Performance

This is the perfect design for those of you who seek to enhance your bath with a contemporary, minimalist tub filler. The JiaYouJia comes with a convenient and easy to use handheld shower connected to a 60-inch stainless steel hose and is manufactured from high quality, solid brass to ensure life long service. The brushed nickel finish is not only attractive but also resists fingerprints, water spots, rust and corrosion.

The height of this tub filler is 38.58 inches and spout reach is 8.66 inches. The flow rate for this model is most powerful, and at 6 gallons per minute, you won't have to wait long for your tub to fill. Your purchase includes hot and cold waterlines and all mounting hardware. With regards to the waterlines, if you require a specific length, JiaYouJia encourages you to contact them after you make the purchase, and they can arrange it so you receive the proper length.


Contemporary, minimalist design

Comes with a handheld shower head connected to a 60 inch hose

Includes all hardware necessary for installation

Has a flow rate of 6 gallons per minute

They will customize the length of waterlines if necessary


If not installed correctly, the shower head will leak

Also Good

9. Kingston Brass KS265 Clawfoot Tub Wall Mount Faucet - Exceptional Performance, Old World Design

The Kingston Brass KS265C tub filler is one of the most elegant, vintage wall mount designs we've seen in years. A member of their highly praised Vintage Collection, know that these designs are based on exact replicas of Old World bath fixtures. Not only is it beautiful, but functional as well. It's manufactured from high quality, solid brass and comes with a handheld shower on a 59 inch, flexible hose to ensure the ultimate in coverage.

Its polished chrome finish not only creates a dramatic design statement for your bath but also makes certain that your Kingston Brass Clawfoot Tub Filler will be resistant to tarnishing and corrosion while providing you with a brilliant shine. Features for this model include a 1/4 turn ceramic disc cartridge, vacuum breaker to prevent back-flows and a 3-1/2 to 8-1/2 inch easy to adjust center to center spread.


Authentic, old world design

Manufactured from high quality brass

Convenient, handheld shower with a 59 inch, flexible hose

Vacuum breaker to prevent backflows


Not easy to assemble or install as other models

Instructions do not convey the basics adequately

Final Verdict

The Kingston Brass, KS265C Clawfoot Tub wall mount faucet is sure to please those of you looking for old world beauty at an affordable price. This model is from their popular Vintage Collection, which bases all of its designs on actual, old world water fixtures of days gone by. Manufactured from high quality brass, it is accompanied with a convenient handheld shower which is connected by a 59 inch, flexible hose.

Also Good

10. Ove Decors Infinity Floor Mount Tub Filler - Futuristic Design, Brilliant Chrome Finish

The adjustable Infinity floor mounted tub faucet by Ove Decors caters to those who have a strong desire to mesh dependability with a futuristic design. A member of Ove Decors Infinity Collection this freestanding, high-arc tub filler has a spout length of 8.66 inches, a handheld showerhead connected to a 59-inch hose and an impressive flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. Water temperature is controlled via a single lever handle.

Designed not simply to fill your tub, but to create an entire experience which revolves around the soothing movement of water from its waterfall spout. Manufactured from high quality brass with a brilliant mirror-like reflective chrome finish. Easily switches from shower to bath by using the knob under the spout. Your purchase includes both hot and cold water lines. This model can also be used in mobile homes and recreational vehicles.


Fabulous, futuristic design

Convenient, handheld shower head with a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute

Constructed from solid brass with a brilliant, reflective chrome finish

Can be used in mobile homes and recreational vehicles


Installation is considered tedious for some

Final Verdict

Ove Decors has created an amazingly beautiful infinity faucet with a spectacular, futuristic design. This floor mounted tub faucet belongs to their Infinity Collection and comes with a handheld shower head on a 59 inch, pliable hose. This model sports a brilliant, mirror-like reflective chrome finish over a durable solid brass structure. This can also be used in recreational vehicles and mobile homes.

Also Good

11. Delta Faucet T4759 Floor Mount Tub Filler - Suitable for Almost Any Bathroom Decor

The Delta T4759-FL is a single-hole roman tub faucet with a modern design which enhances almost any bathroom style from modern to vintage. This model comes with a convenient hand shower which makes bathing a carefree, relaxing experience. Its durable chrome finish is resistant to corrosion and superficial abrasions. The spout height from floor to arc is 41 inches, and the length is 8 inches. It's made with a single function pressure balance cartridge and has a flow rate of 1.75 gallons per minute.

Features include Delta's very own Touch-Clean spray holes which means hard to deal with calcium deposits and lime will be easy to remove from your shower head. Its Full Body Spray setting has been designed to give you even, full coverage. Other features include double check valves, a spout that rotates a full 360 degrees, and ADA compliant.


Fabulous, futuristic design

Convenient, handheld shower head with a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute

Constructed from solid brass with a brilliant, reflective chrome finish

Can be used in mobile homes and recreational vehicles


Some users do not like that Delta used plastic parts

Final Verdict

Delta's T4759-FL Trinsic floor mount tub filler comes with a contemporary design which suits most bathroom decors. You get a durable hand shower, a durable polished chrome finish which resists corrosion and tarnishing. Features include a single function pressure blanace cartridge, Touch-Clean spray holes, ADA compliant and a spout that rotates s full 360 degrees.

Also Good

12. Kardiel HB-FSF Snoqualmie Gooseneck Modern Tub Faucet - Freestanding Elegance in Stainless Steel and Brass

If you're searching for a modern tub faucet to fit your contemporary bathroom decor, one that not only looks good but offers you high performance and quality, look no further than the Kardiel. This freestanding, single hole, lever style tub faucet from Kardiel is as much functional as it is elegant, sporting a streamlined design which curves into a gentle arch. This tub filler comes with a built-in, handheld shower, and is guaranteed to blend nicely in baths which have a more contemporary design.

Manufactured using high quality stainless steel and brass, this modern tub faucet comes with a durable, brushed nickel finish. The stand, handset, body, handset holder and tube material are brass, the handle is zinc, while the shower hose is stainless steel. This superb bathtub faucet is certified CUPC, which means that it's compliant with American and Canadian codes and standards. It's also approved for heavy duty commercial or residential use. As a freestanding tub filler, this model stands 41.3 inches from floor to spout, with a base diameter of 5.9 inches.


Made for heavy duty commercial/residential use

Manufactured from stainless steel and brass

CUPC certified

Elegant yet functional design


The tub takes a long time to fill

Final Verdict

Kardiel HB-FSF is a freestanding, lever bathtub faucet with a streamlined, sleek design suitable for most bathroom decors that require a modern bathtub faucet. Its integrated handheld shower head, and stand is made from tough brass with a durable brushed nickel finish. Features include CUPC certified, stainless steel shower hose, and is designed for both residential and heavy-duty commercial use. This is a great choice for anyone looking for a modern tub faucet that will give them years of service.

Bathtub Spout Diverter Repair Kit Instructions

A Tub spout diverter is what alters the flow of water from your bathtub spout to the shower head. If you find you have a leak, know that diverter kits are available to purchase at a reasonable price. These diverter kits have all you need to fix your dripping bathtub spout. Most diverter kits are basically the same, as tub spout diverters usually are built with a universal design, which means they are intentionally designed to accommodate almost all bathtub designs. This is a very simple DIY task. The following instructions are based on the Danco Diverter Repair Kit, which fits up to 85 percent of bathtub spouts. This is just a general overview, and repair instructions per kit may vary, so refer to the instructions which came with your kit.

1. Remove the Old Gate

A diverter gate is what redirects the flow of water from tub to shower, so this part needs to be replaced. So, get yourself a pair of needle nosed pliers and remove the old diverter gate.

2. Apply the New Seal

Bathtub diverter seals guard against leakage, so you'll need to apply a new one. So go into your kit, take out the new seal and apply it.

3. Add the New Gate

After you have applied your new seal, add the new diverter gate. Remember to press the new gate snugly into the notch on the lift rod.


We hope you enjoyed our article on how to find the best bathtub faucets of 2020 and found it both enriching and informative. Whether you're just looking for a replacement bathtub spout, or an elegant, freestanding bathtub filler, know that we've included only those brands with high customer satisfaction reviews, ease of installation, and are reliable and dependable. Each of the companies listed in our review have excellent communication with their customers and take great pride in their customer service staff. Overall, we think that by becoming familiar with the brands presented here today, you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect bathtub faucet, just for you.

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