Kohler Rubicon Kitchen Faucet Reviews in 2022 – Is it Worth to Buy?

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Have you been intent on sprucing up your kitchen? We are glad you have landed in just the right place. Your solution rests in the acquisition and utilization of an ultra-modern kitchen faucet. This is a gadget that is primarily intended to dispense the water output to the kitchen cutlery.

Nonetheless, its breathtaking stature and overall construction also allow it to enhance the décor of your kitchen as well. Of all such appliances that exist, few, if any, beats the Kohler Rubicon kitchen faucet. But why is this so? Let’s find out by examining the core features of the gadget here in our Kohler Rubicon kitchen faucet reviews.

Best Features of Kohler Rubicon Kitchen Faucet R20147-SD

We start out by examining the key features of the faucet here below:

High-arch Swivel Spout

Its spout stands out as the premier component. This one has a high arch and also swivels at the same time. Thus, it allows for the smooth and easy dispensing of the water output to the cutlery and other containers in the kitchen. Moreover, it provides superb clearance from the sink or basin.

Magnetic Docking System

The docking mechanism comes in next. It employs the magnetic apparatus to do the job. You will find this mechanism located within the spout. The part works well principally by gliding smoothly to lock the spray head securely in place. In this way, it avoids accidental handling and the associated damages.

Ceramic Disc Valve

To regulate the flow of water, you will have to make use of a valve. The valve of this faucet is manufactured using ceramic materials. Thanks to the employment of this material, the faucet is stronger, cleaner, and able to exceed the laid down standards of cleanliness to guarantee long-term performance.

MasterClean Spray face

To regulate the flow of water, you will have to make use of a valve. The valve of this faucet is manufactured using ceramic materials. Thanks to the employment of this material, the faucet is stronger, cleaner, and able to exceed the laid down standards of cleanliness to guarantee long-term performance.

Braided Hose and Swiveling Ball Joint

A ball joint that swivels and is also braided rounds up the list of the core features of the machine. It is primarily made of the ProMotion(R) Technology. Its purpose is to basically allow for easier and more comfortable engagements, going forward. Being braided, it is stronger and pretty reliable in the long run. Check the Latest Price on the Amazon Check the Latest Price on Home Depot

Advantages Of Kohler Rubicon Kitchen Faucet

All throughout, the materials that are used to make the faucet are resistant to scratches. They are hence well able also to withstand the toughest elements of daily use. This is definitely great as it means you stand to spend less to care for and maintain the gadget as you make use of it.

Kohler Rubicon Kitchen Faucet Reviews by ResiSories

The faucet comes along with a lotion and soap dispenser. This accessory allows you to easily stack and pour out the detergents or lotions. In this way, you get to save some bit of your time while also getting to clean your hands and cutlery conveniently. That is not to mention the minimal strains that arise in the process.

By virtue of the possession of flexible supply lines, the gadget allows for smoother and easier installations overall. The supply lines further blend with the quick connect fittings to make your work all the more, easier. With simplified installations come hassle-free engagements and operations. That also cuts down the time you would naturally expend to have your way.

As with every other faucet, you will have to adjust the rate of the flow of water. This faucet requires that you utilize the single lever handle to do that. Being single and straightforward, you are unlikely to confront excessively high stress and discomforts that come along with use.

This faucet discharges water in various ways. You may discharge that water in the forms of sprays or streams. To shuffle back and forth these two modes, you simply have to engage the 2-function pull-down spray head. While at it, you also engage the touch-controls. Some fair degree of confidence hence awaits you in all these.

Disadvantages of Kohler Rubicon Kitchen Faucet

As you may already note from the explanations above, this faucet is moderately complicated. A person who lacks the necessary technical skills may hence find it somewhat difficult to comprehend and eventually make good use of. We recommend that you read the manufacturer’s manual carefully before setting out to use it.

Comparison of Top 3 Kohler Rubicon Kitchen Faucet

ProductHeight (in.)Flow RatePrice
Kohler Rubicon Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet R20147-SD16.8751.5Check on Home Depot
Check on Amazon

Rubicon 2-Handle Standard Kitchen Faucet R26582-VS8.06251.5Check on Home Depot
Rubicon Standard Kitchen Faucet R26581-CP6.6251.5Check on Home Depot

Kohler Rubicon Kitchen Faucet Installation – Step by Step

To install the Kohler Rubicon kitchen faucet you have to gather the necessary essentials and at the same time follow some laid-down procedures. We look into them here below:

  • Caulk or plumber’s putty
  • Spanner
  • Tape measure
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Kohler Rubicon kitchen faucet


  • Set the deck plate in place by slotting in the gasket over the holes of the faucet in the sink. This may require that you refer to the manufacturer’s manual to know the best way forward.
  • Feed the holes with the faucet lines.
  • Fix the washers and the nuts beneath the sink. Seal the joints using the plumber’s putty or caulk after which you should wipe out any excesses.
  • If installing the pull-down faucets, slot in the quick-connect hose to the supply pipe. Then, pull the hose down and fix the weight. Be sure to leave some clearance in between the sink and the spout.
  • Connect the water supply lines. This will require the use of the plumber’s tape. Take note you overtighten not the supply line connections.
  • Test the connection principally by turning the water on. Do so slowly and check out for any leaks. Needless to say, you have to tighten the connections if any leaks exist.
  • Detach the aerator from the faucet. Turn the water on slowly and steadily to let it run without the aerator fixed. Wait for a few minutes to see the progress. Make any adjustments if any leaks exist or are found.
  • Turn off the faucet and then replace or re-attach the aerator.

Final Verdict

Even though this for a large part is a faucet like any other, some issues certainly make it stand out. Its larger shank, that makes it operate smoothly in conjunction with the countertops that measure 1/2to 2 1/2 inches is perhaps the most notable.

This range gives you the freedom and leeway you need to enjoy the outcomes that come by. To add to this, it installs smoothly with the 1, 2, 3 or 4-hole sinks to guarantee smoother operations. I would personally vouch for it as it is indeed a sure way of granting you higher returns on investments.


From out foregoing Kohler Rubicon kitchen faucet reviews, this faucet is truly outstanding, notwithstanding the few shortcomings it has. It is that apparatus you want to prioritize if you want to add some aesthetics and elegance to the interiors of your kitchens as well. Why not consider leveraging it as an upgrade to your kitchen right away?

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