How To Fix A Leaky Bathtub Faucet

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Bathtub faucet is among the crucial parts in a bathroom that can maximize or minimize your water expenses. Having well-functioning components is the key to control the daily usage of water in your house. Leakage of bathtub faucet is a pinning issue for many homeowners. Unfortunately, people fail to identify the problem in time, and the issue worsens, making the whole shower system break down.

The small drips from the faucet may seem like nothing, but with time, it becomes a significant situation that will cost you most to solve. Worry less, this article will give you what you need-how to fix a leaky bathtub faucet.

What Causes A Leaky Bathtub Faucet?

How To Fix A Leaky Bathtub Faucet Single or Double Handle - ResisSoriesIdentifying the problem is the first step if you want to find a solution to anything. Knowing the problem cause of the bathtub faucet you have own will help you deal with it appropriately. Different things can make your faucet drip. Whatever the leakage's trigger is, the seals and the ‘O’ are the affected parts. Once these two components are destroyed, they become incapable of holding water in pipes.

The leading causes of a leaky bathtub faucet are:

Tools And Materials You Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Bath socket wrench
  • Handle puller
  • Seat wrench
  • Utility knife

Fixing A Leaky Single Handle Bathtub Faucet

Locate the screwdriver

There a decorated cover at the bottom of the handle. Using a flathead screwdriver, remove the lid and leave the screw under it exposed.

Take off the handle

Remove the exposed screw using a screwdriver. It’s now easy to remove the handle. If it doesn’t come off, heat it with a hairdryer. Alternatively, pour hot water on it to make it lose. Avoid using force if you don’t want it to break.

Unscrew the escutcheon

Some handles have a decorative collar behind the handle. A collar might have also been fixed on the screwed part of the faucet. If so, unscrew them.

Ensure you put the screws in a safe place, maybe in a container. The screws and nuts shouldn’t be misplaced because they’ll be needed when making the replacements. Also, keep note of the order you are using to remove them for easy reconnection after finishing your project.

Take off the packing nut or stem bonnet

Use a bath socket wrench or vice grip to remove the remaining bonnet. Turn the counter sideways until they come off.

Remove the stem

It only requires pliers and a little bit of pulling to take out the faucet’s stem. Grip it clockwise to loosen it quickly.

Check the removed parts and remove the mineral deposits

Look for any corrosion, hard water deposits, or damage on the stem and packing nuts. If you are uncertain of the destroyed parts, then replace all of them. The mineral deposits can be removed by pouring white vinegar on their surface. Leave them for a short while, and then brush them off using a scourer.

Inspect the seat for damage

The washer on the downside of the stem rests on a seat, a tiny tubular sewed part that is positioned inside the faucet. It gets damaged when the washer wears out. Use a seat wrench to remove it.

Replacing The Parts

Fix A Leaky Tub Faucet Double Handle

The double tub faucet functions the same as a single tub faucet. The only difference is that double uses two separate handles to perform its task while single uses one handle to control the water's flow and temperature. Hence, you’ll apply the technique you used on a single tub faucet on the double handle faucet.

How To Fix A Leaky Bathtub Faucet Single Handle Delta

Delta faucets fixing is quite different from others. First, you must ensure the parts you use to replace are from Delta. This includes:

  • Delta Universal Seats and springs
  • Delta Stem Unit Assembly
  • Allen wrench
  • Channel locks
  • Needle nose pliers

How To Fix A Leaky Delta Bathtub Faucet Double Handle

The process applied is the same. The user only needs to be careful with the components and seek clarifications from the Delta’s manufactures themselves.

Leaking Bathtub Faucet Single Handle Moen

The process applied is the same as the others. However, the Moen manufacturers advise that the homeowner practices care when fixing the friction gasket and the lock ring. These parts are hard to fix, so special attention is needed.

Additional Tips From Professionals

Don't overtighten or lose-fit the faucet. Ensure you apply the moderate tightening so that it becomes easy to make adjustments in the future.

Identifying the faucet that is leaking is quite hard if you have two handles. Be attentive to both of them and eliminate the one that is dripping. Make sure you don’t destroy the one that is functioning well.

The Bottom Line

A leaking bathtub faucet is a cause of discomfort in any home. It leads to an irritating noise and leaves stains on the bathtub. The biggest punch is that it results in high water bills; immediate action should be taken to avoid further hurtful damage. You can do the fixation on your own or look for a plumber.


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