Best Shower Doors For Small Bathrooms
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February 3, 2023
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The 5 Best Shower Doors for Small Bathrooms in 2023

According to one research, people spent 40% more on their bathroom sanitary and design than any other room while building their new home. There’s no wonder the bathroom reflects the overall aesthetics and beauty of your house. For example, if you search on Google regarding the house designs, the first thing you’ll notice is a beautiful and stylish washroom. Because it’s become the trend now and associated with our psychology. No, you don’t always need a large area for a beautiful bathroom.

60% of houses in the USA are smaller than 136 Square feet, but 90% of American homes have modern and stylish washrooms. However, in smaller restrooms, one sanitary is highly recommended; shower doors. They play an essential role in the overall aesthetics and beauty of your bathroom. Shower doors are also used for various purposes (I will talk about it later in the article). In this article, we’ve written an ultimate review and buying guide on the best shower doors for small bathrooms.

Top 5 Shower Doors For Small Bathrooms Reviews

DreamLine Infinity-Z90 lb.‎1 x 48 x 72 inTempered Glass, AluminumSliding Shower Door
VIGO VG6041MBCL5674227 lb.56 x 56 x 74 inGlassSliding Rectangle Shower Door
DreamLine SHDR-3634720-01‎63.9 lb.1 x 33.5 x 72 inBrass‎Aqua Fold Shower Door
DreamLine Encore156.53 lb.‎1 x 60 x 76 inTempered Glass, AluminumSemi-Frameless Bypass
Delta SD327649596 lb.47.4 x 2.55 x 70.27 inBronzeTrinsic Semi-Frameless

We’ve hand-picked the five best glass shower doors for small bathrooms for you. Here is our unbiased review of these products:

#1. DreamLine Infinity-Z (Best for Overall)


Dreamline brand is already famous for its premium bathroom sanitary and quality products. Dreamline brand is Amazon’s top-selling brand. The same thing applies to Dreamline’s Infinity-Z shower door. The sleek, compact and straightforward shower door for small washrooms. The door comes with a chrome-plated frameless body.

However, the frame isn’t wholly frameless but can be considered in a frameless category. The manufacturers have used industrial grade tempered glass. So that it will never be shattered from daily life accidents. If we talk about its on-paper specs, the company claims that you can adjust it to 4″ vertically and 1″ horizontally if it doesn’t fit in your washroom.

What’s the recommended use or purpose of using this?

Now, if we talk about its usage, to be honest, it’s ideal for small washrooms that want sleek and modern types of glass doors. Manufacturers usually don’t invest much in small size glass doors. Because first of all, they are cheap and don’t have enough to customize them. But, DreamLine did it, and Infinity Z-1 is one of those few small-sized shower doors that offer a stunning design.

Do experts, and why recommend it?

If we consider its quality, price and design, then definitely experts will recommend it. However, few things that we’ve noticed in its reviews are the complaints of being shattered quickly—other than that, the frameless shower doors for small bathrooms.


✅ Ideal for small washrooms
✅ Adjustable width and length
Tempered glass protection
✅ Frameless body design
✅ Great customer service by Dreamline


⛔ Complaints of being shattered quickly in reviews

#2. VIGO VG6041MBCL5674 (Best for Frameless Sliding)


Vigo is known for its signature business strategy. Vigo is a brand that focuses on providing flagship quality products, modern and sleek looks at the lowest price possible. They’ve used the same approach in this glass door as well. No other shower can beat VG6041MBCL5674. At first glance, you’ll notice that the door is unique, and unlike other shower doors, it doesn’t have any frame.

The only thing which supports the glass is its top rod and bottom seal. So you can say it’s a 100% frameless shower door. If we talk about the build quality of this shower door, it’s good to go. The door uses certified tempered glass, which is strong enough to absorb the force of daily accidents. Moreover, the top and middle support are coated with an anti-rust and ant-oxidized coat that slows the rusting process up to 20x.

What’s the recommended use or purpose of using this?

First of all, note that this glass door is specifically focused on design and looks. Due to its frameless body, it might not be as durable and rigid as framed shower doors. So, if you’ve small kids, you can go with a framed body. Otherwise, the product is recommended for those who want their small washroom to look modern, sleek and beautiful. Believe us. This shower door is one of the best doors we’ve found on Amazon for small bathrooms.

Is it recommended by experts, and why?

Experts recommend it. If we consider its price, specs and overall aesthetics, then yes, it’s an expert’s choice. However, its frameless body might affect the general strength level. But, in terms of aesthetics and quality, kudos to Vigo that they made it possible.


✅ Sleek and stylish design
✅ 100% Frameless body
✅ Strong TPU rubber
✅ Best sliding rollers in this price range


⛔ Being frameless might affect its strength level.

#3. DreamLine SHDR-3634720-01 Aqua (Best for Fold Shower Door)


SHDR-3634720-01 Aqua might be the best folding shower doors for small bathrooms for those who want sleek and simple designs. First of all, if you notice its design, it’s far better than other rolling shower doors in this price range. Unlike other regular sliding shower doors connected with rollers, and you need to open them along the x-axis, SHDR-3634720-01 is foldable and doesn’t require rollers or sliders. We know the demand for foldable shower doors is significantly less, but still, some people prefer foldable doors over sliding doors.

What’s the recommended use or purpose of using this?

This shower door is made explicitly for those washroom owners who want foldable doors with a good looking design and aesthetics. We recommend this product to those owners who have ample space in their washroom or enough room that you can easily open the door on the z-axis. Moreover, it’s also recommended for those who want an extremely long-lasting life from their shower door.

Is it recommended by experts, and why?

Yes, it’s 100% recommended by export but only for those who like foldable ones. Because sliding doors are still better in many ways. SHDR-3634720-01 is a foldable shower door specifically made for those who prefer foldable doors. . Since sliding doors use rollers and have more mechanical movements than foldable doors. As a result, they’re pretty expensive and have a lower life expectancy than foldable shower doors. That’s the reason why many people still prefer foldable shower doors. Moreover, it’s one of the most beautiful and sleek shower doors so far we’ve found on Amazon in the foldable category.


✅ Foldable
✅ Extremely long-lasting mechanism
✅ Completely frameless body
✅ Industrial grade tempered glass


⛔ Being foldable might need extra perpendicular (z-axis) space for opening and closing.

#4. DreamLine Encore SHDR-1660760-09 (Best Bypass Sliding Shower Door)


For those who want simple and quality shower food for their small bathroom, SHDR-1660760-09  might be a perfect choice. First of all, the shower door is framed, which means it’ll provide you with a better strength level and longer life expectancy and absorb more force impact than a frameless shower door. To be short, it’s not a fragile door! The door comes in four colours: brushed nickel, chrome, oil rubbed bronze and satin black, which gives your bathroom the perfect contrast with a white accent. If we talk about its on-paper specs, the DreamLine has provided ClearMax coating technology, tempered glass and anti-rust coating on the frame.

What’s the recommended use or purpose of using this?

Talking about its recommendation, it’s clear! This shower door is ideal for those people who want better quality and stable shower door for their bathroom. Being a frame body, you might expect better strength and high impact resistance than a frameless body shower door. Moreover, in terms of protective coatings, DreamLine is at the forefront. They’ve offered all the essential protective coatings that will make the door last 10x longer.

Is it recommended by experts, and why? If we consider its price, material, features and warranty status, there’s a thumbs up to the product by experts. There’s nothing on which we can complain about these shower doors unless you don’t like frame body shower doors. Its sleek body, durable frame, protective coatings, and lifetime warranty makes it a recommended shower door by exports.


✅ Frames body
✅ Spot resistant glass
✅ Smooth rolls
✅ Extremely durable
✅ Longer life expectancy
✅ Great customer service by Dreamline


⛔ Bezzless may be annoying for some people.
⛔ Some say that metal top holders are weak.

#5. Delta SD3276495 (Best for Budget)


For those who are conscious about the durability and want some extra rugged and robust built-quality in the budget, nothing can beat the SD3276495. Delta is the manufacturer of this shower door. This brand is the world’s leading washroom and kitchen sanitary manufacturer and Amazon’s top-selling brand. They are popularly known for making low-budget but durable and premium products. The same thing is applied with SD3276495. It comes with anodized aluminium for its strength and corrosion resistance. The glass comes with ANSI certified tempered glass and comes with all the necessary protecting coatings.

What’s the recommended use or purpose of using this?

We’ll recommend this product to those with a lower budget but want quality and long-lasting, robust built quality and heavy-duty shower doors for their small washroom. Its anodized aluminium, ANSI tempered glass, and minor quality upgrades make it the best budget shower door.

Is it recommended by experts, and why? This time, there’s a doubt. Because, in this price range, you can find many other options that will offer you better design, even frameless bodies. But still, this door is best in class. So experts will recommend to those who prefer built quality over the design.


✅ Extremely durable built-quality
✅ Anodized aluminium
✅ Best budget shower door


⛔ The design may not be suitable and attractive as compared to other doors in this price range.

What is the Best Shower Doors For Small Bathrooms? And How Did We Pick the Best?

To be precise, DreamLine Infinity-Z may be the best shower door overall. It costs about four hundred dollars, and according to the price range, it’s a thumbs up product. DreamLine has offered all the essential protecting coatings that make it last 20x longer. Moreover, the industrial-grade tempered glass, high-grade aluminium frame and lifetime warranty make this shower door the best in class.

The VIGO VG6041MBCL5674 is also the best in terms of sliding rollers. Believe us. This door contains the most durable stainless steel rubberized rollers than any other door in this price bucket.

For foldable shower doors, no other entry can beat DreamLine SHDR-3634720-01. It’s one of those foldable shower doors which offers a complete frameless body and extraordinary aesthetics.

Of course, there’re some other shower doors on our list. For your ease, we’ve written a detailed review on these above mentioned and some other shower doors in the above section. You might consider reading them for a better insight!

Why Shower Doors are Important in Small Bathrooms

Here are the benefits of using shower doors in washrooms:


Shower doors are used as a partition between the shower area and the toilet area. A few people might have Ablutophobia, which refers to anxiety or fear of taking a shower in front of the toilet. It’s a common type of phobia that almost 3 out of 5 people suffer from. A shower door can eliminate this phobia from your brain, allowing you to take your shower in peace.

Water Spilling

Moreover, shower doors prevent the water from spilling all over the washroom. Usually, if you shower in an open bathroom, the water spills all over the restroom. In that case, it’s only difficult and time-consuming to wiper it, but you may have noticed that your bathroom tiles may fade faster than the same tiles in any other dry room.

 It’s due to the water, which oxidizes the colour of your tiles and causes them to lose their colour and design faster. Usually, the shower door has a rubber seal in the bottom of the frame. This seal prevents the water from leaking into the other side of the door, which keeps all the water inside your shower area.

Prevents Moisture Build Up

You might have noticed that whenever you come out of the washroom after taking a shower, you see a change in the environment. Your washroom’s environment becomes heavy for a few minutes, and it’s due to the moisture build-up in the air of your bathroom. This is because, when taking a shower, some water molecules dissolve in the air. This mixup causes moisture to build up in your washroom. The humidity isn’t a problem, but it works as an enemy of your bathroom sanitary.

The moisture causes yellowness in your basin or the toilet, fading in tiles and builds up the green fungus in the long term. However, shower doors can prevent them. They keep the water inside the shower area, preventing moisture build-up in your toilet area.

What look for when buying the Best Shower Door for a Small Bathroom?

Best Shower Doors For Small Bathrooms

Body Design:
So the very first thing you need to do is to decide the body design. Usually, there’re two types of bodies used in shower doors. One is framed, and the second one is frameless. The framed body is usually much sturdier, durable and isn’t much fragile as compared to frameless. But, framed shower doors are not that attractive and good in aesthetics as compared to frameless.

The frameless body is usually much more fragile and isn’t that durable compared to the framed body. However, the best thing that makes them equal is their design and beautiful aesthetics. They look much more fantastic and provide better aesthetics than a framed body.

Of course, glass is an essential component in your shower door. We highly recommend only choosing the shower door which offers tempered glass. Because tempered glass is safe, extremely tough, and highly resistant to medium-size impacts. A tempered glass never shatters or even cracks with daily life medium-size impacts (unless you stab it with a hammer).

The frame is the base of your shower door. If the base isn’t solid and durable, it means your shower door is completely useless. Usually, we recommend going with an aluminium frame. Stainless steel is considerable, but it doesn’t resist as much corrosion as aluminium does. Moreover, you must ensure that the company provides essential protective coatings that slow down the oxidation process and can make your frame last for up to 15-30x longer.


Can You Add Shower Doors To A Bathtub?

Yes, you can! It’s a recommended tip to add a shower door in your bathtub because this bathtub is also considered a shower area.

Which Shower Doors Are Easiest To Clean?

The door, which comes with anti-stain and anti-hard water build-up coating, might be easy to clean. But, you don’t need to worry. All the shower doors that we’ve chosen in this review comes with this coating.

How Do You Fit A Shower Door In A Small Bathroom?

It’s easy, but we highly recommend calling a professional for a fitting. Because shower doors are fragile, and you don’t want to destroy your hundreds of dollars worth of shower doors to save a few bucks?


Today shower doors have become the most trending washroom sanitary. They make your washroom look amazing and give it a sophisticated look. However, besides its look and trendiness, the shower door also provides many benefits and advantages. That’s why in this article, we’ve written an ultimate article on everything you need to know about the best shower doors for small bathrooms with reviews and ideas for your lovely home.

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