How To Install a Roman Tub Faucet

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The Roman tub faucet is a deck mount faucet. This means that instead of having the handles in the wall, they are mounted on the tub, which makes them the perfect choice for stand-alone tubs. Installation of a roman tub faucet may vary depending on the manufacturer. For instance, Moen uses its own M-PACT system, which differs from Delta’s installation. Installation will also depend on whether it’s a trim kit or a faucet which requires the replacement of your plumbing. Knowing this, it’s crucial to pay attention to the instructions which came with your unit. The guide we provide is a general, step by step guide designed to give you an idea of the procedure.

1. Preparing The Area

How to install roman tub faucetGather any supplies you might need, and bring a few towels to sop up any water. Next, turn off the water supply. Depending on your faucet, supplies may include:


  • Allen wrench
  • Wrench
  • Towels
  • Container to hold any small pieces
  • Plumbers Putty


2. Remove the Old Faucet

Locate the set screws. These will be at the base of each handle. Take your Allen wrench and loosen the screws. When loose, your handles should lift off the faucet.

3. Remove Nuts and Cartridges

Take your wrench, locate the nuts that are beneath each handle. Turn each nut counterclockwise. Take pliers and grab the top of your valve cartridges and remove.

4. Install the New Spout

Locate the retaining screw on the back of the spout, and remove it using your Allen wrench. Clean up any debris before you insert your new spout. Install your new tub spout on the deck. Take your Allen wrench and tighten the retaining screw of your new faucet.

5. Install Mounting Hardware

Collect your mounting hardware. This may include washers or mounting decks. If any of your mounting hardware has no gasket, then take your plumbers putty and apply it around those fittings.

6. Install New Cartridges

Depending on your faucet, you will either screw the cartridges in place by turning them, or using set screws. Once the cartridges are in place, take your new handles and slide them over the cartridges, and secure via set screws.

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