Kohler Levity Shower Doors Review
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February 6, 2023
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Kohler Levity Shower Doors Reviews in 2023

When renovating your whole house or buying a new home, the most important segment is the renovation of your shower door (if you’ve already had it). In fact, when talking about bathroom sanitary, shower doors are one of them. It’s an essential component to make your shower area separate and want pleasing aesthetics from your washroom. 

When searching for shower doors on the internet or offline market, you’ll find hundreds or different shower doors from multiple brands. These shower doors differ from budget – mid-range – premium flagship doors. There’s no wonder that Kohler Levity Shower Doors series, popularly known for their flagship quality shower door, is one of the best shower door series if you have a high budget.

That’s why in this article, we’re going to mention the four best Kohler Levity Shower Doors review that we’ve shortlisted after a deep research. But first, if you don’t know about shower doors, below we’ve explained it:

What are Shower Doors?

The trend of using shower doors in bathrooms came in 2014 when most western architects started using shower doors in their home designs. From the time, it got so popular that today, shower doors have become an important bathroom sanitary in modern homes.

The basic purpose of showers doors is to work as a splitter between your washroom area and showering area. Another use of shower doors is they prevent building moisture in your washroom. Because, if you ever take a shower in a bathroom without a shower door, you will notice that the humidity level in the bathroom will increase in a few minutes. This humidity can build mold and fungus in tiles, toilets, and basins as well in the long term. 

That’s why people prefer to use a shower door in their washroom. As it keeps your washroom tiles, toilets, and basins safe from mold, keeps the bathroom dry, increases aesthetics, and is also suitable for privacy. 

Top 4 Kohler Levity Shower Doors Comparison

For your ease, below we’ve created a small table, so you’ll know exactly which shower door is best for which purpose:

#SpecsIt’s Best for  
KOHLER K-706015-L-MX4 feet 9-inch height Standard tempered glass FramelessPeople who want pleasing aesthetics and sound quality at a low priceCheck Price
KOHLER K-706009-L-MX6 feet height Standard tempered glass Frameless bodyPeople who have a low budget.Details
KOHLER K-706000-L-MX3 feet height Standard tempered glass Semi-frameShowers that already have a low mid-size wall in the shower area for separationDetails
KOHLER K-706014-L-MX6 feet height ¼ thick tempered glass Nickel framePeople who want a flagship and premium quality shower door on a high budgetDetails

Best Shower Doors For Your Bathroom

For your ease, we did deep and in-depth research to find the four ideal shower doors for your washroom. After all the comparisons, quality checks, reviews, and prices, we found that the Kohler brand might be a good choice. That is why we chose four shower doors of Kohler, KOHLER K-706015, KOHLER K-706009, and KOHLER K-706014. In this article, we’ve written an ultimate honest biased review on these four shower doors by Kohler.

So let’s get into it:

#1 KOHLER K-706015-L-MX

This frameless shower door is excellent if you look for stylish and high-quality sliding doors for your shower area. After reviewing it and searching on this product, it seems like Kohler has worked very hard on the looks and aesthetics of this shower door. It features a matte nickel frame and crystal clear standard tempered glass that makes it the best investment in the long term, thumbs up to Kohler for the build quality of this shower door. 

What’s the recommended use or purpose of using this?
If we talk about its recommended use, this sliding shower door is best for medium-sized shower areas. Moreover, you don’t even need to measure your shower area for installation. With dual sliding doors, you can easily install them on any standard-size shower area. In short, the KOHLER K-706015-L-MX is best if you want high-quality sliding doors and love the aesthetics.

Do experts, and why recommend it?
If we talk about the expert’s suggestions, it’s worth buying a sliding door according to its price. First of all, the most impressive thing about this product is its quality. Unlike other shower doors, it doesn’t use a metal or iron frame. Instead, Kohler has used high-quality nickel frames with anti-corrosive coating. However, the glass is not that high-quality, but according to its price, it’s a thumbs up! To be precise, yes, KOHLER K-706015-L-MX is recommended by experts.



  • Extra stylish
  • Nickel frame and tempered glass
  • Rubber rollers, so they’ll not produce sound
  • Clean Coat(TM) water repellent coating


  • No rubber bottoms to prevent water from escaping
  • Standard tempered glass and not a premium one

#2 KOHLER K-706000-L-MX

KOHLER K-706000-L-MX is a semi-framed sliding glass door for showers. Unlike other glass doors, this product is designed explicitly for half-top walls. For example, the door is suitable if the half wall already separates your shower area. You can place this sliding door to cover all your showers from mid to top.

What’s the recommended use or purpose of using this? 

Note that this sliding door isn’t made for already open shower areas, unlike other shower doors, which cover your shower area from top to bottom and are usually between 5 feet 5” – 6 feet. But, this shower door is only about 3 foot 3”. The entry is designed explicitly for those shower areas that already have a mid-size wall covering. So if you already have a mid-size separator for the shower area separation, you can use this door to cover the whole area from mid to top.

Do experts, and why recommend it?

Yes, this sliding food for shower areas is only recommended for specific shower areas. The product is only recommended if you already have a mid-sized wall in your shower area. Therefore, you can use KOHLER K-706000-L-MX to lift the separation from mid to top.



  • ClearCoat covering which will prevent hard water marks build-up
  • Semi-frameless, so highly durable
  • Short height and best for shower areas with humid sized walls
  • Two-way slidings


  • Frame body, so not easy to clean.
  • Short-height, only suitable for specific shower areas

#3 KOHLER K-706009-L-MX

Kohler KOHLER K-706009-L-MX is one of the best sower sliding doors. If your budget is low, you don’t want to spend much on shower doors. However, it doesn’t mean that this sliding door isn’t good in quality. It’s one of the best-selling sliding doors you can see on the entire online and offline market. The nickel-based top frame and frameless body make it the best budget-friendly Kohler’s sliding door for your washroom.

Do experts, and why recommend it?

Now, if we talk about if it’s recommended, the answer is quite controversial. First of all, if you buy it and use this sliding door, after some time, you’ll notice the quality of this sliding door isn’t that top-notch, according to other Kohler sliding doors. Secondly, this sliding door doesn’t offer any covering on the rollers. However, if we look at the price tag, we can’t complain about it. So it now depends on your preference. There’s no wonder still Kohler is giving you a good deal according to the price.



  • Budget-friendly and lowest Kohler sliding door for showers
  • Tempered glass layering, so better durability
  • CleanCoat glass helps to repel the water
  • Completely frameless design


  • No covering on rollers will produce an annoying sound while sliding the door.
  • No water guard on the bottom, which will allow water to spill out in your whole washroom.

#4 KOHLER K-706009-L-MX

KOHLER K-706014-L-MX is a full-fledged sliding glass door by Kohler in which you can expect everything that should be included in flagship-grade shower doors. It uses a nickel top and a thin outline of nickel that holds the frame and increases the door’s durability. Moreover, the cushioning in the door rollers will make the door sliding extremely quiet and prevent scratches. 


What’s the recommended use or purpose of using this? 

The primary purpose of this sliding door is to offer you a flagship quality shower door at flagship prices. Its high-quality build, such as nickel frame, cushioned rollers, six feet height, and nickel outlines, makes it a flagship and premium quality shower door. So if you have a high budget and want a premium quality shower door, this product is for you.

Do experts, and why recommend it?

This sliding door is highly recommended if you have a high budget and want a premium quality sliding door for your shower area. The best thing that we like about this shower door is its height. It comes with a height of about 6 feet which you can expect from a flagship quality shower door. The 6 feet height makes it perfect for long-sighted people and those who want tall shower doors for privacy. Overall, yes, it’s recommended by experts.


  • It can last longer if cared for properly.
  • CleanCoat covering, which prevents the building of complex watermarks.
  • Nickel frame and cushioned rollers 
  • Thin nickel outlines on the edges of the glass to increase the durability of the door.


  • Bit expensive
  • Not a good choice if you have a small size shower area.


When renovating your house or building a new home, the very first thing to consider is the washroom of your house. Today, in the washroom’s shower doors are the most essential sanitary. They don’t just increase the overall aesthetics of your bathroom but protect your toilet from many other things that we’ve mentioned above in the article. 

That’s why for your ease, we’ve dug deep into research and found the four best ideal shower doors in this written an ultimate review article on those four best quality shower doors, KOHLER K-706015-L-MX, KOHLER K-706009-L-MX, KOHLER K-706000-L-MX, and on KOHLER K-706014-L-MX. So you can have a better idea of which shower door is best for you!

Kohler Levity Shower Doors Review


Do Frameless Shower Doors Won’t Stay Closed?

Yes, because to prevent both glasses from hitting each other, manufacturers add extra space. This design makes them not close properly.

How To Install Kohler Levity Shower Door?

You can install it by reading a guide included in the package. But, we’ll recommend calling a professional.

From Where Can You Find Kohler Levity Shower Door Parts?

You can buy it from your local Kohler’s dealer, or you can call the Kohler’s helpline given with the product manual.

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