Is Delta Shower Door Good For your Bathroom in 2022

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Washrooms are the essential component in every home. Of course, you can’t even imagine a house without a washroom. We know the washroom doesn’t have much importance in our lives, but there’s no wonder that the bathroom plays a most crucial role in our everyday lives. Whether it is keeping yourself lightened, getting refreshed, or taking a bath, it’s almost impossible to do it without the toilet.

From the past few years, washroom aesthetics are the first thing to consider in modern homes. Similarly, washroom sanitary such as shower doors plays a significant role in the overall aesthetics of your bathroom, especially of the shower area. Even today, you’ll not see any modern home without a shower door.

However, when talking about shower doors, how can we forget the Delta brand? Delta is a leading premium washroom sanitary brand and is popularly known for its flagship-grade shower doors. That’s why in this article, we’ve brought you the three best delta shower door reviews.

So let’s get into it!

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Top 3 Delta Shower Doors Comparison

For your ease, below we’ve created a small table, so you’ll know exactly which shower door is best for which purpose:

ProductSpecsIt’s Best for
Delta SD3172287● ANSI certified glass
● Semi-frameless body
● 5-years warranty
Those who’re looking for a durable and long-lasting shower door with decent looks.
Delta SD3957028● 90% frameless body
● No green tint
● Hard-water resistance coating
Those who specifically want a google looking shower-door and fragility isn’t their main concern.
Delta SD3172319● 6mm extra thick glass
● ANSI certification
● No green tint
● Corrosion resistant
Those who want a premium flagship high quality and long lasting shower door with best aesthetics in a high price tag.

#1 Delta Shower Doors SD3172287

This shower door by Delta is best if you’re looking for a minimal, long-lasting, and aesthetically decent shower door. First of all, the shower door is specifically focused on quality instead of style. Still, its style and looks are pretty decent as compared to its other competitors in the market. Moreover, Delta offers you three types of glass patterns: transparent, rainy, and frosted. So you can choose according to your preferences.

What’s the recommended use or purpose of using this?

Talking about the recommended use of this shower door, it’s specifically for those interested in investing in quality and stable shower doors for their washroom. Moreover, Delta is offering you a 5-year warranty which includes the rusting, blockage or rollers, and breakdown of handlebars of the shower doors. Overall, the product doesn’t just focus on quality. Instead, we’re highly influenced by its design language and give eye-catching aesthetics.

Do experts, and why recommend it?

To be honest, Yes! Experts will highly recommend you to purchase this shower door. There are many reasons behind recommending this product to our customers. First of all, if you give a close look at this shower door, you’ll know to understand their premiums. The whole shower door body is protected with an electrolyte anti-rust coating that prevents the metal from oxidizing. Therefore, your shower door’s metal body can last for at least 20-30 years without any rust. Moreover, it offers decent aesthetics, enough to catch the eyeballs.

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  • Decent design or at least better than other shower doors in the same price.
  • 5-years warranty
  • Hard-water resistance coating
  • Highly durable and extra long-lasting


  • Only metal body option in frame

#2 Delta Shower Doors SD3957028

If you’re looking for a simple, long-lasting, and robust quality shower door, this product might suit you for the best. Unlike other shower doors of Delta, this shower door is a pure frameless shower door. Even there’s no support from the sides of the door, which makes it 90% frameless. However, we want to mention its frame and body; we will discuss it in the next section. 

What’s the recommended use or purpose of using this?

The primary purpose of this shower door is to give you a full-fledged shower door experience at an affordable price. We know the product might cost you some extra bucks, but still, its pricing is lower than any other shower door with the same quality and features. The shower door is 90% frameless. That’s why you might need to take extra care of it. For that purpose, Delta has offered a robust ANSI-certified glass on this shower door. So that you don’t need to worry about its fragility unless you intentionally stab the glass with a hammer. In short, this shower door is perfect for those who care about the design and want some premium and trendy-looking shower doors.

Do experts, and why recommend it?

The best thing that caught our eyeballs in its upper frame. The upper side of the frame offers exposed rollers that look awesome, trendy, and unique, of course. The glass is certified by the ANSI standard that prevents a green tint and makes it extra strong in the long term. On the lower side, you can notice its water seal that will keep all the moisture and water inside the showering area. These all minor things move this shower door in the recommendation category of experts.

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  • ANSI Certified tempered glass
  • 90% frameless body
  • No green tint
  • 3D texture design option


  • Due to 90% frameless, makes it highly fragile

#3 Delta Shower Doors SD3172319

For those who’re looking for a stable and robust shower door for their washroom, SD3172319 is ideal. The shower door is one of the strong shower doors Delta has ever made. However, in terms of its design, it’s not something that might appeal to you if you’re conscious about the style and looks of your washroom sanitary. Otherwise, in terms of its durability and built quality, thumbs up to Delta.

What’s the recommended use or purpose of using this?

This shower door is ideal for people who are conscious of the built quality and want an extra-long lasting shower door. Believe us in terms of the built quality and robustness. No other shower door can beat it in this price tag. Moreover, the door uses ANSI-certified tempered glass. Due to ANSI certification, you’ll not see any green tint that other cheap glass’s offer. Furthermore, the ANSI certification assures that your door’s glass can absorb the force of the hammer stabbed with a strong-medium force. However, in terms of design, its thick metal bezels make it an old-school shower door.

Do experts, and why?

Experts will only recommend this shower door if your primary concern is the built quality and you want an extra long-lasting shower door. In terms of quality, Delta has done a great job! From design to specification, Delta SD3172319 is an ideal shower door in terms of the built quality. Delta offers 6mm thick ANSI-certified tempered glass.

However, the design of this shower door is also great. Note that this shower door comes in a semi-frameless body which makes it pretty eye catchy in design. Overall, this shower door is recommended explicitly for quality concern buyers and not for design concern people!

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  • Installation process is easy.
  • Extremely strong that can absorb the impact of hammer stabbed with a medium force.
  • Heavy duty and high quality for the money.
  • ANSI certification


  • Some buyers reported on Amazon that the side rail had coating issues. So check well before installing it.
  • Some noticed that it has a pale green tint.

Buying Guide for Shower Doors

Now that you’ve read our ultimate three best delta shower door reviews. However, it is not always the case that you find these three doors perfect for your washroom sanitary. It may be possible that some of our readers might want to look at the other shower doors. For that purpose, we believe you might read another review article on the internet.

But believe us, you can never buy a perfect shower door or any product unless you learn to understand your buying requirements. All the reviewers will review the products and give them ratings according to their perspective and not yours. For your ease, below we’ve mentioned a brief buying guide of a shower door so that you can make a wise decision.

Quality of Glass

Glass covers 80% of your shower door’s area. First of all, glass is a fragile component and comes in various qualities. Before buying any shower door, make sure to consider the quality and standards or the central glass of the door. Usually, all of the shower doors have at least a generic tempered glass, but if not, never buy such a door! Moreover, there are many other things to look at in glass, such as the hard water coating certification and ANSI certification.

Tip: If you see a green tint on the glass upon viewing from the 70°, it means that glass is made from a low-cost and bad-quality material.

Quality of Frame

The quality of the frame is another essential component that you must consider before purchasing any shower door. Most manufacturers offer metal frames, but some premium brands might provide aluminum, nickel, copper, and bronze frames. It would be best to look at the anti-rust coating since you’re going to expose the structure to water, which increases the rusting chances by up to 60%. Therefore, you must confirm that the company offers anti-corrosion coating.

Design and Aesthetics

Now that’s the thing that isn’t so important. First of all, note that the definition of pleasing aesthetics will be different from every person’s perspective. However, all we can do is to give you the suggestions according to today’s trendy designs. Frameless or full-body shower doors are the most stylish design language. So if you want to stay on-trend, you might consider the frameless or full-body shower doors. However, still, the definition of aesthetics will be different from person to person.

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Shower doors are one of the essential washrooms sanitary in modern home designs. Moreover, they are necessary if you want pleasing aesthetics and a premium feeling from your newly built washroom. On the internet and the offline market, you’ll find thousands of different shower doors that might confuse you in making a buying decision. That’s why, for your ease, we’ve handpicked and reviewed the three best shower doors from the world’s leading sanitary manufacturer, Delta. Moreover, we’ve also mentioned a buying guide along with our review article so that you can make a wise buying decision!


Q1. How do you install a Delta shower door?

Ans. You can install it on your own easily. But we’ll highly recommend you to pay some extra money and call a professional for this job to prevent any accidental break.

Q2. How much does it cost to hire someone to install a shower door

Ans. Depending on your location, it might cost you about 20$-50$ maximum.

Q3. Is a Delta Shower Door worth it?

Yes, definitely! The quality, design, customer service and price tag, definitely makes the Delta shower door worth to the money product!

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