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The 6 Best Garbage Disposal for Farmhouse Sink with Details Reviews in 2023

The need to change the garbage disposal at your farmhouse would arise to get rid of all the food-based waste without any hassle. Also, it could be that you are starting a farmhouse and you need to choose the best garbage disposal for your farmhouse sink. This article would guide you in making the perfect choice of garbage disposal to purchase and keep your environment safe.

Farmhouse sinks are larger and could be more difficult to install when compared with normal kitchen sinks. There have been so many assumptions that there would be enough room to install garbage disposal under the farmhouse sink. Furthermore, 18 inches is enough space for even the tallest garbage disposal, so you don’t have to worry if the space under the farmhouse sink would be enough. Therefore, it is suggested that you use garbage disposals not more than 16 inches high like the InSinkErator Evolution.

Comparison of The Top 6 Garbage Disposal for Farmhouse Sink

InSinkErator Evolution Compact12.13 inches3/4 HPCheck on Amazon
Waste King L-800016.00 inches1 HPCheck on Amazon
InSinkErator Badger 511.50 inches1/2 HPCheck on Amazon
Waste King L-260013.50 inches1/2 HPCheck on Amazon
InSinkErator Evolution Excel13 inches1.0 HPCheck on Amazon
Waste King L-100112.75 inches1/2 HPCheck on Amazon

#1. InSinkErator Evolution Garbage Disposer (Best for Overall)


The InsinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal is our top pick and the most used in farmhouse sinks in the United States of America. The garbage disposal is efficient and has a high performance. The height of the item is 12.13 inches, which is space efficient for farmhouses with small cabinet space, and it fits under the sink perfectly.

The garbage disposal makes minimal noise as it handles tough food waste, as it is designed with a SoundSeal technology that reduces the noise by about 60 percent. Furthermore, though it is small in size, it packs 3/4 horsepower in the DuraDrive induction motor. Also, this item has a 2-stage grinding mechanism, which is designed to handle tough waste such as bones, and breaks all the food particles completely.

In addition, there is a leak-guard liner which is made of stainless steel, this makes the garbage disposal long-lasting. This device has a grinding chamber that can take 34.6 ounces of waste, and a perfect drainage condition, that is a 1-1/2 inch hose clamp, this would ensure the farmhouse is kept completely tidy.


✅ Long-lasting components are used for making the garbage disposal
✅ The device produces less noise and powerful
✅ It is very easy to install due to the quick-lock feature it possesses
✅ Budget-friendly
✅ It will fit any farmhouse perfectly
✅ Four years warranty


⛔ It does not drain fast

#2. Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord


The Waste King L-8000 garbage disposal is our runner-up, this compact yet powerful disposal is perfect for your farmhouse sink, as it keeps your kitchen clean and ensures good hygiene. This device offers an efficient grind for food scrap, it can be installed easily and it is long-lasting. The premium design conserves space and adds more storage to the sink. This feature makes it a perfect option.

The motor for this device has a rating of 1 horsepower and runs at a speed of 2800rpm, thus grinding all food scrap in seconds. Furthermore, the permanent magnet attains full speed almost immediately, thus reducing the possibility of jams. Also, there is a 32-inch power cord, that saves shoppers the hassle of returning to the shops frequently. The chambers are made of anti-rust glass-filled nylon, and stainless steel grinding components.

Furthermore, there is a manual reset button that guarantees safety by shutting it off in the event of an overload. The material for manufacturing this device makes it lightweight and corrosion or rust-proof. Overall, the Waste King has feed disposal which runs continuously and fast grinds waste from the farmhouse.


✅ It runs at high speed
✅ The kits come with a protection of 20 years
✅ Durability of the kit
✅ It’s easy to clean and install
✅ Little or no electrical knowledge is required for installation
✅ The garbage disposal is lightweight
✅ It is inexpensive


⛔ Nothing found any cons till now

#3. InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Badger 5 (Best for Space Saving)


Why won’t you spend your money on the Badger 5? The height is only 11.5 inches which makes it perfect for the farmhouse sink. Also, the 1/2 horsepower DuraDrive induction motor with a speed of 1725 RPM makes it perform a heavy-duty task, and it is long-lasting. This disposal is reliable and rugged as it is made of coated steel construction, easy to install, and budget-friendly.

The disposal is faster, more efficient, and helps to keep your farmhouse kitchen tidy, owing to the possession of a dispenser that emits hot water instantly and garbage disposal. The InSinkErator Company is the largest manufacturer all over the globe that is into the production of dispensers of instant hot water and garbage disposal for commercial purposes.

Some of the pros and a few cons are listed below.


✅ The quick-lock feature makes installation easy
✅ It will fit in perfectly for any farmhouse
✅ Long-lasting components are used in making the garbage unit
✅ The complete kit possesses a four-year warranty
✅ It’s powerful and very quiet in its operation due to its sound reduction technology


⛔ Not suitable for heavyweight waste
⛔ Draining is a bit slow

#4. Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal (Easy Installation and Cleaning)


The Waste King L-2600 is the fourth on our list and it’s a small-sized garbage disposal. The height of the disposal is 13.5 inches, so installing it under the farmhouse sink won’t be a problem. Also, installing the disposal requires no prior electrical expertise, and cleaning it is quite easy. It is used in the farmhouse kitchen to break down an animal or plant waste.

Furthermore, the garbage disposal is powered by a 1/2 horsepower motor, and there is a high-speed permanent marker, to keep it from jamming. There is a safety facility in case of an overload of the garbage disposal kit which will prevent it from shutting down the system. The disposal of waste is activated by a wall switch, this device grinds waste into fine particles. The disposal is made of stainless-steel grind components that are long-lasting and lightweight.


✅ Durable components
✅ No prior electrical knowledge is needed for the installation
✅ The operation runs at a high speed
✅ Availability of a manual reset button to shut the system in case of overload
✅ There is a whooping warranty of 5 years
✅ The presence of the detachable splash guard makes it easy to clean the disposal


⛔ It drains slowly

#5. InSinkErator Garbage Disposal (Ultra Quiet but Powerful Pick)


Evolution Excel is quiet garbage disposal for your farmhouse sink, it has a SoundSeal seal that operates on advanced noise-reducing technology. The height is 13 inches and would fit under a farmhouse sink, in fact, it still leaves plenty of space under the sink. The power rating is 1Hp which makes it very powerful as a Dura-Drive induction motor and a 3-stage grinding system that can perform heavy-duty operations.

Furthermore, jams are reduced as a result of the JamSensor. The grinding component and champers are made of stainless steel, which is durable and anti-rust material. Additionally, the disposal can contain up to 40 ounces of garbage. This garbage disposal is the quietest of all waste disposal. Also, the average power usage is 3-4 kWh annually, therefore it is economical.


✅ The most-quiet garbage disposal
✅ The 3-stage multi grind technology makes it perfect for grinding any waste finely
✅ Quite easy to install
✅ Disposal is long-lasting


⛔ It’s a bit expensive

#6. Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal (Best Budget)


Are you on a low-budget need in need of garbage disposal for your farmhouse sink? Then this is a perfect choice. Even with the very low price compared to others, it also has some top features such as a very high speed of about 2600rpm and also a high-power rating of ½ Hp. Interestingly, it is easy to clean the garbage and it also comes with a protection warranty of 2 years. Also, the components are compact and lightweight. It also has continuous feed disposal; all you need to do is to activate this by a switch. It also has a detachable splash guard. 

Are you on a low-budget and in need of garbage disposal for your farmhouse sink? The Waste King L-1001 is the perfect answer. The low budget does not imply that quality has been sacrificed. It is one of the smallest in the L-series as the weight is roughly 7 pounds. Additionally, space would be saved as it is not wide. The twist-and-lock design makes installation and replacement easy.

The electric motor for powering this device has a power rating of 1/2 horsepower, with a speed of 2600 RPM, and the possibility of jam is reduced as it attains high speed almost instantly. Additionally, cleaning the disposal is easy because of the replaceable splash guard. The disposal is made of a corrosion-proof polymer grind chamber for high strength.


✅ Disposal is long-lasting
✅ It operates at a very high speed
✅ The device possesses a detachable splash guard to make cleaning easy
✅ It’s made up of light components
✅ It is easy to install


⛔ It might not be suitable for very tough items
⛔ Its draining rate is a bit slow

Considerations Before Buying a Garbage Disposal for your Farmhouse

Before buying the garbage disposal, it is paramount to ascertain the rate of usage. This would guide you in ascertaining other factors listed below.

While there might be fewer tough items such as food scraps for the kitchen garbage disposal, the garbage disposal that should be bought ought to be one that can grind tougher items. This is because items found in the farmhouse sink might be tough to grind sometimes. Furthermore, the garbage disposal that should be bought for the farmhouse should be of high capability. For instance, some garbage disposals have multistage grinding processes.

The size of the disposal that should be installed for a farmhouse sink should be considered. This is because it is appropriate for the garbage disposal to fit perfectly into the space below the farmhouse sink. Once it is of a higher size, adjustment might not be possible.

The power usage depends greatly on the types of materials to grind. If they are light materials that are not tough, garbage with less power could be installed. However, when it has to do with high power consumption, then one with a high power rating should be used. The rate of usage should also be considered.

Though the garbage disposal could break down due to many factors, however, to be on the safe side, it’s better to go for an item that has a warranty. The warranty period varies, therefore, check the warrant duration before purchase.

It is paramount to consider the noise level. The noise level of the garbage disposal should be very minimal. As it could cause discomfort and lack of concentration. An example of extremely quiet garbage disposal for farmhouses is InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Excel, and 1.0 HP Continuous Feed.

How Did We Pick the Best?

Before creating any review, many factors are always put into consideration. Therefore, before these were compiled, thorough research were carried out on the components and parts of these garbage disposals. Also, several factors were considered as to why they are suitable for farmhouse sink. And some of the factors considered are listed below:

best garbage disposal for farmhouse sink by ResiSories

The reliability and durability of each garbage disposal for the farmhouse sink were put into consideration. This consideration includes the power rating and the type of motor used. Questions like: Could it perform heavy duties, and how durable were the components? To ascertain how long they can last and work effectively under normal working conditions.

One of the best ways to avoid making mistakes is to check or read through other experiences on those particular items. And it can be said boldly, that each item above had good reviews, which was above a 4-star rating.

The twist-on or twist-off sink mount which is only available for InSinkErator Garbage Disposal makes installation very easy or even during the replacement of the garbage disposal.

The availability of some technologies such as the multi-grind technology and the sound seal technology aids the operation and efficiency of garbage disposal.

Care and Maintenance

The availability of some technologies such as the multi-grind technology and the sound seal technology aids the operation and efficiency of garbage disposal.

Turning on running water

To run through the garbage disposal regularly even when not in use. This is to prevent clogs, odors, hardening due to leftovers, and even rusting of parts of the garbage disposal.

Prevent running hot water through your garbage disposal

This is because while cold water will harden food scraps or particles to be ground, hot water melts it. This in turn makes the particles cling to the sides of the disposal.

Ensure you flush the sink after usage

This makes all particles go down the drain, thereby preventing clogs.

For big waste, cut into smaller particles

This helps to prevent overworking of your garbage disposal and also clog.

However, there are some substances you should not put into the garbage disposal such as eggshells, potato peels, oil or grease, big seeds, or even bones and all other harmful components.


How Do I Maintain The Garbage Disposal?

You can maintain garbage disposal by using cold water to flush it before and after use. This is to ascertain that the farm particles are totally removed from any particle from the passage and to keep the system for overheating. Furthermore, you can clean with ice occasionally. You can also clean with de-greaser this will remove the presence of odors and also prevent the build-up of fats. The clog should also be prevented by cleaning the drainage pipes. This can be done seldomly. In addition, citrus could also be used as a freshener to prevent microbial activities.

What Are The Tools Needed For Garbage Disposal Installation?

There are several tools that are needed for the installation of garbage disposal such as screws, pencil, wood braces, silicone sealant, safety glasses, support frames, drill, hacksaw, level, framing square, and tape measure.

Can You Use A Garbage Disposal With A Farmhouse Sink?

The farmhouse sink is known to be deeper than the normal kitchen sink. Therefore, there is always fear that the space available won’t contain the farmhouse sink. However, both can be used together. This is because the average countertop height is 36 inches tall, and while the farmhouse sink can take a maximum of 12 inches, the height of the tallest garbage disposal is 18 inches which can perfectly fit in.


The InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Compact, 3/4 HP Continuous Feed is our first choice here. This is because of the criteria and the features it possesses. Is this to say that the rest are not okay? No, they are top-notch. Therefore, any of the above garbage disposals could be used depending on the factors above. Why not click any of the links to purchase one today!

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