The 6 Best Inexpensive Bathroom Faucet Reviews in 2022

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The bathroom is one of the easy-to-ignore places when modernizing a home. Nowadays, a bathroom faucet is becoming the priority when building a new bathroom or renovating it into a much better structure. It’s wise to pay much attention to the bathroom, especially the faucets. Expect the pricing to be expensive, more than you can imagine. But what if you have low budget flexibility and you want a new look in your bathroom? The best inexpensive bathroom faucet not only has to function well, but it also has to be good-looking.

Not all faucets can suitably work in your bathroom. It depends on the bathroom’s design and style, and if it reaches your satisfaction demands. Choosing the best item, with all your requirements met, is not a light thinking. With our research, you’ll find the right pick without spending more than you can afford. BWE Waterfall Bathroom Faucet was ranked the number-one in our shortlisted options, considering its functionality, longevity, and unique features. It’s the best choice to settle for. But you’re not limited to that only; there are other picks that are suitable, and amazingly cheap. Continue reading to know all the fancy but cheap bathroom faucets.

Top 6 Inexpensive Bathroom Faucets

BWE Oil Rubbed Bronze Waterfall Bathroom FaucetCheck Price
PARLOS 2-Handle Bathroom Sink FaucetCheck Price
PARLOS Swivel Spout 2-handle, Demeter 13627Check Price
BWE Waterfall Bathroom FaucetCheck Price
PARLOS Double-Handle Lavatory Faucet, 13592Check Price
Dura Faucet DF-PL700A-CP RV Bathroom FaucetCheck Price

#1. BWE Oil Rubbed Bronze Waterfall Bathroom Faucet (Best for Overall)

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If you are one of those concerned with the impression they make on others, this ideally helps you achieve that. Starting from its longevity, durability, and cool design, it’s deserving to your bathroom. BWE faucet has an ceramic disk that makes it withstand 600,000 times open and close test without getting leakage problems. Most users praise it for offering an everyday all-bathroom activity without causing any water flow issues. The water pressure is reliable and effective.

This uniquely designed faucet has an overall height of 4.1 inches and a spout height of 3.74. What makes it even more preferable is the single lever handle that allows you to adjust both water volume and temperature. It’s also designed to be installed in a maximum of three holes, how wonderful is that!

The package comes with one faucet, one pair of hot and cold hose, and one set of faucet parts. It’s available in five eye-appealing finishes, allowing even a stylistic individual to pick his desired taste. Lastly, it weighs 2.84 pounds and costs less than fifty dollars only, which is makes it one of the best bathroom faucets.


✅ Offers reliability and quality because of its solid brass
✅ Includes cold and hot water hoses
✅ Has a unique look
✅ Easiness of water flow and temperature adjustments


⛔ There is no pop-up drain and lift drain in its package.

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#2. Parlos 2 Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet

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It’s a certified bathroom faucet with brushed-nickel finishing by Parlos. It’s a perfect match for someone who wants a simple installation process. Even with its simplistic design, don’t think for a second it looks old-fashioned. It’s eye-catching and something you’ll punch yourself for not installing in your bathroom. Push and seal drain assembly is present. Its brushed nickel finishing turns on your place. Being corrosion-resistant makes it durable. It has two lever handles for easy water flow. Its dimensions are 10.4 by 8.6 by 5.3 inches.


✅ Easy to install
✅ Cleaning is unproblematic
✅ A simple and attractive style
✅ Reliable because of its durability
✅ Lead-free


⛔ Rusts easily if not careful

#3. PARLOS Swivel Demeter 13627

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PARLOS Swivel Demeter 13627 is the best version of a cheap bathroom faucet and never disappoints the buyer. It’s double-handled for unforced water flow. What makes it outstanding is its brushed nickel bronze finish. Its drain assembly has a Push & Seal Pop-up mechanism. What else would you need other than a Lead-free with brass waterway faucet, which has 1.2 GPM flow rate? The installation method is surface mounted. The overall height is 13.3, a perfect length for a comfortable faucet and the weight is 3.24 pounds. It’s a best seller product of Parlos which is renowned as the best bathroom faucet brands.


✅ It’s a stylish faucet
✅ Ceramic disc to offer smooth and satisfaction in operation
✅ Its design makes controlling water flow easy
✅ Great quality
✅ Quick installation process


⛔ Some clients complain that it easily leaks

#4. BWE Waterfall Commercial Faucet

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If you like unique bath faucets with less detailing, this suite you flawlessly. It’s available in four finishes; chrome finish, well-brushed nickel finish, elegant copper, and ORB finish. Its mirror-like look makes it catchy and easy to notice in the bathroom. It’s durable and long-lasting with an overall height of 13.01 inches, spout reach measuring 5.31, and 9.0 as the spout height. It weighs 2.44 pounds and has dimensions of 15.1 by 7.5 by 3.1 inches. It has a waterfall style, which gives it a classic look. The price is very affordable; that is an underrated cost considering how good it is.


✅ The best height with the best handle
✅ Simple installation procedure
✅ Well-built, functional faucet


⛔ Does not come with a cover plate
⛔ The supply hoses are too short

#5. Parlos Double-handle Lavatory Faucet 13592

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It’s almost the same as Parlos Two Handles, though it works more conveniently. Anyone loving his items to scream his sense of extravagancy will love this faucet. The hole size is 1.22 to 1.41 inches, and the max deck thickness is 1.3 inches. It’s lead-free and designed to fit three holes. It has hot and cold water supply hoses. Even with its beautiful qualities, it costs below forty dollars only.


✅ Two lever handles for quick water control
✅ Rich, unique appearance
✅ Easy to install
✅ Easy care and maintenance
✅ Good customer service offered


⛔ Fast to leak if not careful

#6. Dura Faucet DF-PL700A with Crystal Knobs (Best Budget)

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If you love catchy items that make the room attractive without occupying much of your space, this is what you need. It comes with two crystal acrylic knobs for adjusting water pressure and temperature. It’s unique styling blends with any bathroom décor, whether you are a simple-type or expensive-style person. The handles have an easy-to-turn model, which prevents dripping and makes the turn action less energy-taking. It occupies a small space though it can fit in any two-hole sinks. The dimensions are 7.5 by 4.7 by 6.4 inches. It’s another great inexpensive faucet by Dura Faucet.


✅ Easy to replace
✅ DIY installation
✅ Stand out as the cheapest


⛔ Does not come with drain cap and rod
⛔ No included drain assembly
⛔ No hoses in the package

What To Consider When Looking For The Best Inexpensive Bathroom Faucets

As much as pricing is your main concern, you should consider other essential features when choosing the best cheap bathroom faucet. Each of them will have a more outstanding feature that makes it preferable compared to their counterparts. Although your selection may sound the best choice, ensure it meets your qualifications from all angles. Your decision shouldn’t turn into a regretful action in few years after installing. Our list contains the best choices out there, which qualifies for everything you require from the best bathroom fixtures. We’ll expound more on what we used to filter the most appropriate decisions for you.

best inexpensive bathroom faucets by resisories

The Sink Types

There are different sink types that you can choose from. You may want a specific kind of sink for its outward appearance or its practical capabilities. But the most significant determinant is your room space. The space available will determine the type of cheap bathroom sink faucet you’ll install in your home.

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The dimensions

Look at the outer sink dimensions before selecting the faucet you’ll purchase. Most sinks have standardized sizes and will fit in your space. If it’s your first time to install, you must have the accurate measurements and look for the choice that suits your structure.   The good thing is each sink reviewed comes with its mounting system and necessary tools to help you with the fixing process.

Drain size

The fixed size for almost all drainage openings is 3.5 inches. The sinks in this list provide the exact measurements. Make sure the drain size has the same dimensions as that of your sink and positioned to attach directly to your sink after the fixation. It’s urgent to do so because it ensures there is a smooth flow from the sink to the drainage system. Having an appropriate drain size also prevents your sink from blocking, something that leads to time-to-time damages if not solved immediately.


It’s expected you’ll use the finishing to make your final decision on the faucet you’ll buy. However, don’t focus so much on beauty and forget other essential factors. The finish should have the capacity to prevent corrosion and stain-resistant even after a long period of usage.


It’s an element that should not be ignored. Although the faucet you’ll settle for might cost reasonably, you’ll need to choose a model that offers a satisfying warranty. There should be a backup guarantee that you’ll get support when you need to replace or repair your product. Opt for the one with the best assurance of limited lifetime warranty.

How Did We Pick the Best?

No matter how desperate you are to spend less, you shouldn’t go for a less-valuable item. Quality is not something to compromise, especially if you want to add a fantastic bathroom space feature. Bathroom faucets come in different designs, functions, and they all meet different requirements. While deciding on the best cheap bathroom faucets, there are elements to keep in mind closely. Despite their multiple varying features, all must impeccably suit your needs. As we narrowed the list to come with the best, we ensured they are satisfying in the following ways:

Impressive look

We sought all faucets available in the market until we remained with stylish and good-looking ones.


We ensured our choices have colours that are easy-to-match any type of bathroom setting. We want your shower palace to have the best appearance.

Water flow

We don’t want something that will annoy you with its flow slow lessness. The flow rate of the choices is excellent.


They all cost cheap without sacrificing the usefulness.


The bathroom is more costly than you think. You’ll need a back up in case the installation backfires you. We confirmed our preferences had guaranteed a warranty to their customers.


The faucets on our list are from trusted manufacturers with water certification.

Easy installation

They don’t need complex installation procedures. Within minutes the process will be over, ruling out unnecessary connection requirements.

People’s reviews

An Individual’s feedback was valuable while making this list. We took notice of how the users viewed these products.

Care and Maintenance

How you take care of your faucet can extend or cutout the survival span of your item. Some valves are made from sensitive materials, and this may require you to be careful with the kind of detergents you use on them.

Most faucets are less demanding when it comes to care and maintenance on a day-to-day demand. Cleaning is not hard, but it may require an extra effort to have the correct tools and use acceptable procedures to do it right. It’s always wise to check the recommended cleaning instructions directed by the manufacturer.

What you’ll need:

  • A wet and dry cloth
  • Water
  • Soap
  • Vinegar
  • Non-abrasive cleaner
  • Old toothbrush

Here is how you’ll make your faucet an all-time clean and healthy item:

Rinse it with clean water each time you use it, to remove unpleasant stains of soap or detergents.

Use a non-abrasive cleaner to scrub the sinks polish lines, do it gently.

Afterwards, wipe the exterior and interior using a dry, clean towel; to ensure no rusting pops out.

Set aside one day in a week or month, depending on your flexibility, clean your faucet thoroughly using vinegar or baking powder and a soft cloth. These components awesomely introduce a shiny look to your faucet, making it look new all the time.


And with that, we come to the end of the best inexpensive bathroom faucets review. The faucets on our list offer performance like no other existing in the market regardless of your limited budgeting. Bathroom needs investment, but our article will help you spend the least amount yet install the fanciest faucet in your home.  Choosing a satisfying faucet, meeting all your needs without you having to break a bank is difficult. The shortlisted choices will make things easy for you. There is no way you’ll miss the right pick from our selection. Until our next encounter, all the best in your decision making!

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Which bathroom faucets are best quality?

Ans: Well, for this answer you have to read our bathroom faucet reviews completely. 😀

#2. What is the best brand of bathroom faucets?

Ans: There are lots of well-renowned brands in the bathroom faucet industry. They have some good and average products. So, it’s really hard to pick just one of them. But we’ll prefer BWE, Parlos, Dura Faucet.

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