Pfister Brea vs Pfister Jaida Faucets (Which is Better)

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Selecting faucets for a new home or for updating your current home, can change the entire feel of the space. They need to be both functional and attractive, and investing in faucets that will last longer can save money and time over the years. Qualities to consider include style, quality, and cost. To make the right choice it is necessary to consider each of these three qualities. The Pfister Brea and Jaida faucets both offer one-handed or 2 handle faucets for your bathroom with small differences in the way the water falls off the end of the spout and the Brea offers rounded edges while the Jaida is more squared.

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Similarities between Pfister Brea and Jaida

Each of these two faucets offers a similar style in that they all are waterfall faucets. They come in the same finishes and are each easy to install.
Water consumption is decreased with each, approximately 30% over other faucets.
Installation includes Pfast Connect and Titeseal to avoid leaks and the damages that come with them.
The waterfall style creates a spa feel to the room and can upgrade the style of the space.
Each cost is approximately the same but may vary by location and availability. As the Brea becomes harder to find, the Jaida is a comparable item that will offer the same long-lasting quality.

4 models of Pfister Brea and Pfister Jaida Faucets Comparison
Pfister Brea vs Pfister Jaida Faucets Comparison

Differences Between Pfister Brea and Jaida?

The main difference is in the spout’s styling and the curve they form.
The Jaida faucet stands tall and straight, angles downwards for the water to fall over the edge gently. It offers a bold and robust approach to the bathroom faucet with squared sides.
The Brea, by contrast, offers a rounded appearance and the spout remains straight ahead, allowing the water to cascade over the end of the spout.

Comparison of Pfister Single-Handle Jaida and Brea Faucets:

FactsPfister Jaida Single-HandlePfister Brea Single-Handle
Weight4.2-4.4 Pounds5-5.1 Pounds
HeightAround 7.4 inchAround 8 inch

Comparison of Pfister Double-Handle Jaida and Brea Faucets:

FactsPfister Jaida Double-HandlePfister Brea Double-Handle
Weight4.8 – 4.9 Pounds5.90 – 5.99 Pounds
Height5.0 – 5.4 inch4.5 – 5.0 inch
CostInexpensiveLittle High

#1. Pfister Jaida LF049JDGS (for Double Handle)

Enjoy a top-quality, leak-free bathroom experience with the Pfister LF049JDGS Jaida Double handled Bathroom Faucet. This product is designed to meet ADA and EPA WaterSense Standards for superior performance and environmental friendliness. The advanced ceramic disc valve ensures a lifetime of smooth operation with the never leaks guarantee.

This faucet has been certified to meet NSF ANSI 372 standards for average lead content. It is compatible with both deck mounted and countertop, which makes the installation more convenient.

PfISTER LF049JDGS Jaida Widespread, Spot Defense Brushed Nickel
Dimension of Pfister LF049JDGS (Clicke for more details)

#2. Pfister Jaida LF042JDKK (For Single Handle)

Pfister Jaida LF042JDKK Bathroom Faucet is a trough design that allows for a more natural water flow. The decorative deck plate adds a touch of elegance, while the CALGreen compliant design makes it easy to meet environmental standards. Plus, the Push & Seal Drain ensures quick and easy cleanup.

The Pfister Jaida LF042JDKK highly functional faucet that is CEC water compliant, ADA ANSI A117.1 compliant, and NSF ANSI 372 compliant. This single handle faucet features an elegant brushed finish which looks great. It also has an aerated flow that provides plenty of water while conserving energy.

Pfister LF042JDKK Jaida Single Control 4" Centerset Waterfall Bathroom Faucet in Brushed Nickel

#3. Pfister Brea LF-042-BRYY (Different Look with Tuscan Bronze)

When you want the perfect balance of beauty and function in your bathroom, choose the Pfister Brea LF-042-BRYY. Its Pforever Seal technology prevents leaks, and its push and seal tool-less drain assembly is easy to use. Plus, it can be installed with 1 or 3 holes.

The Pfister Brea LF-042-BRYY is a reliable, all-metal design that’s perfect for durability. The Tite Seal eliminates the need for putty or silicone during installation, making it a quick and easy process. Plus, the sleek finish is sure to complement any d├ęcor.

Pfister LF-042-BRYY Brea 4 in. Centerset Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet in Tuscan Bronze
Pfister Brea LF-042-BRYY (Click for Details)

Which is The Best Choice?

When deciding between these two similar faucets by this large brand, the main difference is the style of the spout and the way that the water flows over the edge. For the modern style, the Jaida comes out on top with its strength and straight lines. Where a relaxed and spa feel is the goal, the Brea has a softer edge and smooth corners.
Each comes with the same easy installation process and are sure to outlast other faucets. Easily change the feel of your bathroom by swapping out the faucets. Using a Pfister Brea or Jaida will ensure that you use less water, making them eco-friendly and an investment that saves hundreds of dollars a year of your water bill.
For renovations or builds that are under time constraints, the Jaida is easier to find and in stock in more stores. This can be the deciding factor when replacing damaged faucets or those that are no longer suitable for the space.
Considering the quality, pricing, and style, either of these options will offer a spa like relaxing feel to the space. They are easy to install and will last longer than many other brands.


In conclusion, Pfister Brea and Pfister Jaida faucets are good-quality products that will last for years. However, Pfister Jaida is a slightly better option because it is more budget-friendly and a popular choice by homeowners. So, if you are confused about choosing between Pfister Brea and Jaida, we recommend Pfister Jaida as the right choice. If you prefer a single handle, go for Pfister LF042JDKK or Pfister LF049JDGS for the double handle faucet from Jaida.

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