Kohler Revel Shower Door Reviews
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October 12, 2023
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Kohler Revel Shower Door Reviews in 2023

Whether you’re building a new washroom or thinking of upgrading your bathroom, shower doors might be the best washroom sanitary in 2023 .  There’s no wonder; it gives your washroom a sleek and fabulous aesthetic. They add a luxury touch and, of course, protect your tiles, walls, basin, bathroom, and other sanitary from being oxidized and moisture. For shower doors, you might consider checking out the Kohler series. After research, when you think to buy Kohler Revel Pivot Door then this post is for you. We’ve written on Kohler revel shower door reviews thoroughly to help you to make a final decision.

Why is Kohler Revel Shower Door Essential for Your Washroom?

First of all, if you have a shower area inside your washroom, then a shower door is highly recommended if you want to increase the lifespan of your bathroom sanitary. You might have noticed that the amount of moisture in the washroom rises more than usual when getting a shower.

This increase in moisture is the biggest enemy of your washroom sanitary. It causes the basin and toilet to get yellowish and make them fungi. Moreover, due to the high moisture, the pain of your washroom walls shreds faster than usual.

Furthermore, while taking a shower, the water usually spills out in your whole washroom. That water can cause your washroom’s tiles to get yellowish, making them vulnerable to fungus and mold as well. However, Kohler Revel Shower Door prevents all these issues. It traps all the moisture and water inside your shower area and doesn’t allow the water or steam to spread all over your washroom. So that, with shower doors, you can eventually increase the lifespan of your washroom’s sanitary walls and tiles by protecting them from getting fungus, mold, yellowness, and color fading.

Kohler Revel Pivot Shower Door Reviews & Specs

Kohler, the most popular and reliable brand known for making premium class washroom sanitary and home furniture. Any product from this product is always of top quality and best in reliability and aesthetics.

The Kohler brand has used the same signature design in this shower door as well. For those looking for a premium and worth buying a shower door, this shower door might be their best option. There’s no wonder that the K-707551 is one of the most flagship shower door variants by Kohler. The product comes in two variants, one is Kohler 48 inch shower door, and the other comes 36 inches in width. The shower door is ideal to be used in almost any kind of washroom. Whether you’re a small, medium, or large size washroom, K-707551 is suitable for nearly every type of washroom and will be installed in your bathroom without any issues. The product comes with a three years warranty which includes the crack in the glass, rust, leaks, and yellowness in the mirror so that you can sit back and buy this shower door without any issues.



  • Door Weight: 135.267 pounds
  • Installation width: 43.125 inches- 48 inches
  • Height: 70 inches
  • Walk Through Opening Width: 33.375 in. – 38.25 in.
  • Frame Finish: Anodized Brushed Nickel
  • Glass Finish: Clear
  • Swing Radius: 34-1/16:-37-15/16″
  • Threshold width: 1.88 inches
  • Pivot Jamb width: 1.919 inches
  • Strike Jamb Width: 0.50 inches
  • Maximum Swing: 37-15/16 inches

What’s the recommended use or purpose of using this?

The product is ideal for those who want a premium and long-lasting shower door for their washroom. It covers all the basic to advanced features that you can expect from a premium class shower door. Moreover, this shower door offers a full-frame body. The body-to-bezel ratio is about 97.7% which makes it fall in the category of frameless.

Kohler Revel 707551 shower door comes in a minimal frameless design with an ultra-low threshold. To install the threshold, 100% silicone sealant is required.

This door can be installed with hinges on the right or on the left by reversing the bottom track and side track. There is no need to drill holes to attach the handle. Because it uses adhesive backing to install the handles. The door can be adjustable in width between 43-1/8″ – 48″. It’s compatible with a cast iron shower base also. This 707551 shower door can be fit in a space between 27-5/16 inches to 31-1/8 inches.

However, in terms of design, K-707551 didn’t disappoint us. The frameless body and complete nickel frame make it stunning in terms of design and aesthetics. The structure of the door is painted with bronze that makes it excellent in looks and aesthetics.

How useful is it?

If we talk about the usage of K-707551, it works as a guard to keep your washroom’s tiles and sanitary protection from mold, fungus, and yellowness. How? It’s because the moisture which builds up while taking a shower can damage the sanitary tiles and painted walls of your washroom in the long term. However, the  K-707551 will prevent it.

It seals all moisture and keeps the water inside the shower area. So that in the long term, you’ll not face any mold, fungus, and yellowness in the basin, taps, and in the toilet of your washroom.

Moreover, the excessive contact of water with your washroom’s tiles can damage the tiles, causing them to fade, catch fungus, and have a yellow tint in the long term. That’s why K-707551 offers a bottom seal. The bottom seal will prevent water from spreading throughout the washroom. Hence, preventing your tiles from getting in contact with the washroom’s tiles.

Do experts recommend it and why?

Yes, it is recommended by experts. Considering the overall build quality, features, and services that K-707551 offers, then it’s recommended product by experts. The door comes with a standard one-year’s warranty so that you can report any issue with the entrance to the company within one year of purchase.

In the end, the door’s glass comes with a Self-Close Mechanism and CleanCoat Technology. So you’ll feel better and secure against water leakage and CleanCoat makes it easy to clean hard water spots from the glass. It also creates a block for the protection of the glass.


  • Premium quality  and excellent aesthetics
  • Easy to install
  • Prevent minerals and dirt
  • No green tint
  • 97.5% frameless body
  • No leaking issue


  • Due to the nickel body, the frame’s cutting might be difficult compared to the iron frame.

What Are The Kohler Revel Shower Door Parts?

  • Glass
  • Screws and nuts
  • Nickel frame
  • Hinges for the entry and exit door
  • Installation guide
  • Cardboard box
  • Door Hardware
  • Frame Hardware
  • Warranty Card

All these parts come in the box.

How To Install Kohler Revel Shower Door

Kohler revel pivot shower door installation instructions:

Measure the distance from one end of the wall to the other end on the place where you want to install the shower door.

Source filler strip if the wall or ground height is uneven so you can create a seal


Measure the ground length and cut the frame accordingly. You can smooth the edges using a scrapper or filer.


Drill holes on the wall and ground so that you can install the frame on the floor. Now, use the screws with the door and tighten them up with the environment and wall. Now your boundary is ready.


Apply the sealing silicone on the edges of the door to make it waterproof. Note that it doesn’t come along with the shower door. You can buy it additionally from an online store or the local market.

You may also like to check this article also- Do I Need to make waterproof the shower walls and floor?


Install the fixed door. First, install the inactive door with one end of the frame. Now install the hinges on that door so you can connect the entry and exit door. Make sure that the hinges are installed on the door perfectly perpendicular to the ground.


Install the entry and exit door. Connect the one end with the frame and the other end with the hinge so you can open and close the door. Make sure that the hinges are screwed up tightly with the door because they are the ones who’ll hold the whole weight of the door.


Finalize the overall work, and you’re done!

Note: These steps were to give you an overall idea of how the shower door is installed. It's better to call a professional or read the manual guide for the installation process.


Kohler Revel Shower Door Reviews

Kohler, the brand is popularly known for making premium flagship quality washroom and home furniture. If we talk about their shower door or Kohler curved bathtub door series, they provide the best-in-class products in this category. But among 10-40 entries, which one is the best?

That’s why for your ease, we dug deep into the shower door series of Kohler and found that KOHLER K-707551 might be the best shower door for your washroom. In this article, we’ve written an ultimate review article on Kohler revel pivot shower door K-707551.

We hope that after this article, you’ll know everything you need to know about this shower door and what makes this shower door awesome!


How To Adjust Kohler Revel Shower Door?

You can’t do it after the installation. So make sure that you do all the measurements according to the are So you don’t need to perform adjustments later.

Kohler Revel Shower Door Parts?

Above in the article, we’ve mentioned what’s included in the box.

Kohler Revel Shower Door 48 Vs. Kohler Revel Shower Door 36

They both are the almost same shower doors in feature, quality, and design. However, one thing which is different in both doors is the width only. One has 36 inches of width, and the other one has 48 inches of width. The 48 one falls in the category of 48 x 70 shower doors, and the other one slips in 36 x 70 shower doors.

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