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February 6, 2023
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11 Best Luxury Kitchen Faucets For The Money In 2023

To determine our comprehensive list of the best luxury kitchen faucets of this year, a great deal of care and consideration went into every faucet we reviewed. We began our search by making a selection of the top 20 luxury faucets, which were then meticulously narrowed down to our final list of eleven. After which, our associates began a long and arduous process of examining each and everyone, to ensure that you only receive the very best results. In the end, we ranked the Rohl Country Kitchen Faucet as our top pick due to its solid overall performance and customer satisfaction ratings. Our review of the best 11 luxury kitchen faucets is designed to illuminate, educate and assist you in selecting the absolute best kitchen faucet for your particular needs.

Here is the short list of the best luxury kitchen faucet for the money:
  1. Best for overall – Rohl A1458LMWSAPC-2
  2. Best for classic design – KOHLER K-99259-2BZ Artifacts
  3. Best high-Arc styling – Moen 7615 Woodmere
  4. Best for two handle luxury – KOHLER K-7337-4-BS HiRise
  5. Best for easy maintenance – AXOR Citterio 39840001
  6. Best touch luxury kitchen faucet – Delta Faucet Trinsic
  7. Best Semi-Pro luxury kitchen faucet – AXOR Starck Luxury 10820001
  8. Best for elegant design – Moen S72101NL Weymouth
  9. Best 3 Leg Bridge Luxury Kitchen Faucet – Rohl A1461XMWSPN-2
  10. Best for unique and timeless Design – Brizo 62536LF Tresa
  11. Best antique look luxury – Waterstone 5600-2 Annapolis

Comparisons of the Best Luxury Kitchen Faucets For The Money

Rohl A1458LMWSAPC-213 lb17.1 x 10.9 x 4.8 inCheck Price
KOHLER K-99259-2BZ Artifacts8.15 lb8.5 x 4.3 x 17.6 inCheck Price
Moen 7615SRS Woodmere3 lb24.8 x 12.2 x 3.5 inCheck Price
KOHLER K-7337-4-BS HiRise5 lb25.2 x 19.8 x 2.5 inCheck Price
AXOR Citterio 398400012.34 lb12.9 x 2.5 x 15.1 inCheck Price
Delta Faucet Trinsic7.84 lb13 x 10.5 x 7.2 inCheck Price
AXOR Starck Luxury 1082000110.4 lb21.9 x 12.4 x 4.4 inCheck Price
Moen S72101NL Weymouth6.6 lb24.8 x 12.2 x 3.5 inCheck Price
Rohl A1461XMWSPN-213 lb11 x 17 x 4.8 inCheck Price
Brizo 62536LF Tresa8.35 lb20.2 x 18.5 x 3.4 inCheck Price
Waterstone 5600-2 Annapolis14.6 lb9 x 3 x 18 inCheck Price

#1. Rohl A1458LMWSAPC-2 (Best for overall)

Our top pick for the best luxury faucet goes to Rohl. It’s known for importing the best highend faucets designs available and marketing them to the world. Introducing the Rohl model A1458LMWSAPC0-2, Italian Kitchen Acqui Deck Mount with Sidespray, from Rohl’s Italian Collection, also known as Lago D’Orta. Inspired by the sublime beauty of Italy’s very own Lake District, this member of the Rohl’s Italian Collection, is exquisitely detailed, and comes in a lovely, authentic chrome finish.

This model features an overall brass construction, metal lever handles, ceramic disc control cartridges, 8-55/64 inch reach swivel spout, 9-17/32 inch high column spout, and supplies up to 1.5 gallons of water per minute. The spout height means that it’s quite possible this faucet will work well for those of you who have cupboards installed over the sink, while the reach means you can even install this on a double sink. This durable unit is just built to withstand years of everyday use, so it’s a bit heavy. If you are installing it yourself, it is recommended you use two people.

There’s no problem with reach with the sprayer, as it has quite a long hose, which makes maneuvering a simple matter. The sprayer is composed of insulated brass and comes with a cartridge for quick and easy maintenance. All mounting hardware, including the side sprayer is included in the purchase. This is a deck mount, bridge faucet, hole spacing is 8 inches wide, 4 holes will be required to install, and a maximum of 2-1/8 inches depth for the back. Please note that if you find that require it, an 11-inch spout is available upon request.


✅ Durable brass construction with a shiny chrome finish
✅ Insulated brass side sprayer
✅ Ceramic disc control cartridges
✅ All mounting hardware is included with the purchase


⛔ Aeration device will require regular maintenance cleaning if you have hard water

Final Verdict 

Rohl’s Italian Kitchen Acqui Deck Mount luxury kitchen faucet represents on of its best designs. Filled with old-world charm, with it’s contours reflecting a hint of the Italian countryside, this dependable and fully functional kitchen faucet readily blends in with most decors. The durable brass construction and authentic chrome finish mean this faucet will serve you for many years to come. Not the tallest faucet, so if you require one with more clearance, it’s best to look at one of our other designs. Also, the finish is a bit more delicate than other popular faucets, so read the instructions carefully, and only use what is recommended by the manufacturer.

#2. KOHLER K-99259-2BZ Artifacts (Best for classic design)

Enjoy the pleasure of Kohler‘s very own BerrySoft spray as you prepare your produce for dinner with this stylish, durable and reliable high end sink faucet from the Artifacts Collection. With its oil-rubbed, bronze finish coupled with a sublime, understated old-world design, expect this faucet to look well-placed in almost any decor. But don’t let its old-world charm fool you. The construction is solid and it’s packed with features to make your stay at the sink, a quick, easy and efficient one.

This single-hole kitchen faucet comes with a 17-5/8 inch spout with pull-down sprayer head, turned lever handle, As for the spray head, it comes with 3 functions: BerrySoft, aerated stream, and Sweep. The BerrySoft spray is designed to produce a gentle cascade of water to wash your produce, the Sweep option creates a powerful, wide spray of water to assist in your cleanup chores. Finally, the aerated spray is a stream of water infused with air and works well when filling up jugs or watering cans for houseplants.

Features include ceramic disc valves, temperature memory, and a 1.5 gallon per minute maximum flow rate. Mineral buildup can cause your sprayer to produce less water, so Kohler developed the MasterClean spray face feature, which works to decrease the buildup of limescale and debris. The DockNetik feature is a magnetic docking system that utilizes magnets to hold the spray head in place when not in use. This way it will be secured and not droopy. MasterClean technology means that spray head cleanup will be faster and easier. Finally, ProMotion is a feature which is designed to provide you with optimal maneuverability, due to a swivel ball joint.


✅ Pull-down spray head has 3 modes: BerrySoft, Aerated, and Sweep
✅ MasterClean allows for ease of maintenance
✅ DockNetik ensures your spray head will stay in place when not in use
✅ ProMotion allows for optimal maneuverability


⛔ Some users have mentioned issues with the sprayer

Final Verdict

This is a fabulous luxury kitchen faucet for those of you who enjoy the pleasure of a fully functional, pull-down spray head. The spray head comes with 3 modes: BerrySoft, Sweet and Aerated, to handle different kitchen tasks. The MasterClean system ensures that you’ll have an easier time with maintenance, and the DockNetik feature makes certain that your sprayer will lock in snug and tight, without any unsightly drooping. ProMotion makes movement smooth, as the hose is connected via a swivel ball joint. This is a really nice faucet, that can handle a diverse amount of duties flawlessly.

#3. Moen 7615 Woodmere (Best High-Arc Styling)

The Woodmere One-Handle, High-Arc Pull-down Kitchen Faucet gives your kitchen a touch of classic styling, along with the dependable and reliable performance you’d expect from Moen. With its high arched neck, and uniquely designed handle, this is really a lovely example of contemporary, luxury kitchen faucet design. Indeed, its controlled contours, and high-arc spout, fit will with the convenient, powerful pull-down sprayer.

In fact, the Power Clean spray gets you 50 percent more power for help in cleaning up those hard to clean pots and pans. Reflex Technology ensures that the sprayer extends as much as you need it, and when you’re finished, it retracts to its original position. The pull-down sprayer head comes with two modes and one pause function. One mode gives you an aerated stream of water, and the other mode is a bit more powerful. Plus the sprayer hose is designed to be flexible, and move with you, not against you.

Features include an easy to maintain Spot Resist, stainless steel finish. This finish functions to resist water spotting as well as unsightly fingerprints. As for installation, the Woodmere is designed to use little if any tools during install, so it’s perfect for the weekend do-it-yourself plumber. The Duralock System means you’ll just have to snap the pieces in place, delivering a quick connect system with little hassle or fuss. On top of all this, you get a spout that’s 17 inches tall and swivels 100 degrees, so there’s more than enough clearance to handle the largest pots and pans.


✅ Easy to install with the Duralock System

✅ 17-inch tall spout means plenty of clearance to work

✅ Pull-down sprayer has 2 modes and one pause button

✅ Reflex Technology means the sprayer easily retracts to its original position


⛔ The spray is a bit narrow

Final Verdict

The Woodmere by Moen offers you the best in reliable and dependable performance. The tall, high arched neck gives you enough room to wash, and the pull-down sprayer pulls and retracts with ease due to Moen’s own Reflex Technology. Installation is simple with the Duralock System, as well. Overall, this is an excellent workhorse faucet for your kitchen. The only issue may be that the spray is a bit too thin or narrow for some users. Also, beware that according to some customers, Moen is not shipping some models out with protective wrap, so remember to check for scratches.

#4. KOHLER K-7337-4 HiRise (Best two handle luxury kitchen faucet)

The clean, sharp lines of Kohlers Hi-Rise Deck Mount Bridge Faucet will bring a touch of new world elegance to your kitchen. Due to the simplicity of the contours, the Hi-Rise is able to suite a number of different decors, from traditional to contemporary. Built tough with a solid, durable stainless steel construction with brass housing, the Hi-Rise is perfect for serious cooks who need a faucet that can fit their larger pots and pans underneath.

Easy to care for and maintain, this sophisticated, 2-hole, deck mount bridge faucet comes with a gooseneck swing spout that rotates a full 360 degrees and comes with a 10-1/4 inch reach. As for control, it’s operated by 2 ergonomically designed lever handles for hot and cold water. While this model does not come with a sprayer, Kohler does sell one compatible with this model, which can then be attached to both the hot and cold water lines.

Features include a 360-degree rotating spout design, and leak-free UltraGlide valves, and produces up to 1.5 gallons of water per minute. Installation of this unit is hassle-free due to Kohler’s very own installation ring, which makes installation a snap. This model is compliant with the American for Disabilities Act. Please note that this specific model is not available for sale in California.


✅ Gooseneck swing spout has a 10-1/4 inch reach
✅ Ergonomically designed lever handles
✅ Durable stainless steel construction with brass housing
✅ Ample clearance for washing large pots and pans


⛔ Very tall, so cannot be used for sinks under low hanging cupboards

Final Verdict

The Hi-Rise is as its name suggests, a tall, streamlined rather sophisticated unit. If you’re a serious cook, and your sink is always busy, then this is one of the best luxury kitchen faucets you’ll find. Not only do you have clearance for large pots, but the 10-1/4 inch spout reach really allows for some much-needed elbow room. As stated, it has a minimalist design. As such, it can probably blend in easily with most kitchen decors. However, due to its height, it cannot be used in kitchens which have low hanging cabinets over the sink. Plus, there is no sprayer, if you want one you have to purchase their sprayer, model #K-7344-4-S.

#5. Axor Citterio Luxury 39840001 (Best for easy maintenance)

The Axor Citterio Luxury Kitchen Faucet comes with a unique, contemporary design with a polished, chrome finish. The Axor Citterio has been designed and developed as a semi-pro faucet or “prep” faucet. This means that the design is based on the professional pull-down faucets in most food and beverage establishments. The spray is designed to be power, and the sprayer easy to maneuver.

This single-handle faucet allows for ease of use when handling those difficult cleaning chores, or when you’re prepping produce for your meals. The high-arc spout rotates a complete 360 degrees to give you the ultimate in cleaning access, and the sprayer comes with both a needle spray and laminar spray. Laminar sprays are non-aerated and are usually known for producing as little excess splash as possible.

As for features, the QuickClean feature means you can easily remove limescale deposits, dirt and grime, due to the malleable, silicone nozzle. MagFit magnetic spray head docking means that once you are finished with your sprayer, it stays securely in place. Other features include a toggle spray diverter, M2 ceramic cartridge, and cascade no-clog aerator. This easy-to-install kitchen faucet is certified to be lead-free, American with Disabilities Act-compliant has a flow rate of 1.75 gallons per minute, and comes with built-in double backflow prevention technology.


✅ QuickClean feature easily helps remove dirt and limescale
✅ Double backflow prevention technology
✅ Certified lead-free and ADA compliant
✅ MagFit spray head docking


⛔ Some may find the coil too difficult to pull down

Final Verdict

The Axor Citterio Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet is designed for those who desire a professional, high-performance, “prep” style kitchen faucet. Features such as the QuickClean feature allow you to remove limescale and debris with ease, and the MagFit magnetic sprayer docking system means that your sprayer says solidly docked when not in use. The laminar spray means you’ll get a powerful non-aerated spray, so you’ll experience little if any splashing. As it’s a Hansgrohe, you know it’s certified to be lead-free and ADA compliant. The only issue seems to be the inflexible nature of the hose. But, if that’s not really an issue for you, then this is a rather good choice for most contemporary kitchens.

#6. Delta Faucet Trinsic 9659T (Best touch luxury kitchen faucet)

Are you looking for a professional “prep” style kitchen faucet that not only sports style and flair but also comes packed with useful features? If so, then the Delta Trinsic Pro, Single-Handle Spring Spout Touch Kitchen Faucet will work well for you. This unit sports a clean, contemporary industrial design, perfect for modern kitchens everywhere. This high-performance faucet is designed with a free range of motion for ease of cleaning with a flexible spring spout. It also comes with Delta’s very own Delta Touch20 Technology, which means you simply need one touch to turn it on, and one touch to turn it off anywhere on the spout or handle.

If you’re conscious of water usage, or simply need to be secure in the knowledge that your sink won’t run over, this model comes with a convenient auto turn-off, which activates if the water flow continues for over 4 minutes. Other features include a TempSense technology that uses an LED light to indicate temperature, and the MagnaTite docking system will keep the sprayer in place by using a built-in magnet when not needed, so no drooping.

All of these features and more, make the Trinsic perfect for those who enjoy creating large, family meals as well as entertaining often. Delta’s very own, patented Diamond Seal Technology utilizes diamonds to make certain that the seal will remain like new, for the lifespan of the faucet. As for maintenance, ease of cleaning is guaranteed with Touch Clean Technology, which sprays holes are designed for easy clean-up of mineral build-up. Finally, this faucet meets the criteria set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act.


✅ Delta Touch20 Technology
✅ TempSense utilizes LED indicator lights
✅ MagnaTite docking system for sprayer
✅ Patented Diamond Seal Technology prevents leaking


⛔ Install process is not easy

Final Verdict

Delta has created a tight package here, with its Delta Trinsic Pro model. Just the peace of mind offered by its automatic shutoff is enough for many buyers. Add to that, the Diamond Seal Technology, TempSense, MagnaTite Docking System, and Delta Touch20 Technology, and you’ve got a versatile, high-performance and high-tech faucet, right at your fingertips. As for the design? Well, the design is rather industrial, so may not work well in kitchens with traditional designs, but other than that, it’s very effective in casting a contemporary look to your overall decor. This is an excellent candidate for those of you searching for a professional “prep” style faucet to handle your cooking and entertaining needs.

#7. AXOR Starck 10820001 (Best Semi-Pro luxury kitchen faucet)

The Axor Starck Semi-Pro Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet with chrome finish by Hansgrohe is designed to give your kitchen that professional look and feel you deserve. Performance-wise, it gets high marks from consumers due to its durability, solid construction, and ability to handle tough jobs. If you’re in the market for a high-quality “prep” faucet to handle your kitchen needs, then this is definitely the one to look at.

Its streamlined, minimalist design is almost futurist in nature. As such, it accents your modern decor, rather than overwhelming it, easily suiting most contemporary kitchen decors. The convenience of single-handle control means that you’ll just need one hand to operate the cold and hot water while you work. when it comes to durability, the brass construction means that you’ll have this faucet in your life for quite a long time.

As for the spray head, you’ll have the option to use the needle spray, full spray or no-clog aerator. To make clean-up easier, the spout rotates a full 360 degrees. Specifications include a 3/8 inch connection size, 28-inch hose length, and 9.625-inch faucet height. This deck mount, single-hole, pull-down, chrome faucet is easy to install and produces a flow rate of 2.2 gallons per minute. Easy to maintain, when you notice that the flow rate has slowed a bit, simply remove the screen, rinse, reinsert the screen and you’ll be back at a full flow rate.


✅ Streamlined, minimalist design for contemporary kitchens
✅ Durable brass construction with chrome finish
✅ Spray head has 3 options: Needle, full or no-clog aerator
✅ Easy to maintain and clean


⛔ Some users find both the full and needle spray are powerful but too thin

Final Verdict

The Axor Starck Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet by Hansgrohe is for those who are searching for a high-performance, professional feel from their faucet. The design is minimalist, so it works well in modern kitchens, and the tough, brass construction and clean, chrome finish ensure that this purchase will last for as long as you see fit to keep it. The sprayer gives you 3 options, a full, needle, or no-clog aerator spray. Like most on our list, the spout rotates a full 360 degrees and gives you a nice high 2.2 GPM flow rate. All in all, an excellent faucet, built for busy kitchens everywhere.

#8. Moen S72101 Weymouth (Best for elegant design)

If you’re looking to add that bit of classic, Victorian beauty to your kitchen, then the Weymouth Polished Nickel, One-Handle, High Arc Kitchen Faucet, is definitely a faucet you should consider. As part of Moen’s Weymouth Collection, you’ll find this tastefully designed, graceful faucet will give your kitchen area a calm sense of traditional beauty, with its historical contours, sublime shepherd’s spout, and porcelain inlays with European-style detailing.

Features include Moen’s very own Duralock System for easy installation, and the LifeShine finish which protects the mirror-like polished nickel finish from superficial damage, tarnish, and corrosion. The flexible, side spray hose has an aerated stream to facilitate cleaning both sink and dishes. The 10-1/2 inch, the 360-degree rotating spout will give you plenty of room to wash and rinse those large and unwieldy kitchen pots and pans.

This easy-to-install, standard design faucet can mount on the sink or deck. The Weymouth has a 2-hole configuration, with an 8-inch spread, gives you a flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute, and is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please note that the sprayer is designed to be light and easy to handle. While not necessary, some may require a hose weight to make it more stationary when not in use.


✅ Duralock System for easy installation
✅ LifeShine finish protects against tarnish, corrosion, and superficial damage
✅ Can be mounted on the deck or sink
✅ Compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act


⛔ It may be necessary to purchase a hose weight separately for the sprayer

Final Verdict

As you can see, this is a basic kitchen faucet, minus most of the bells and whistles found on other models. However, when you check out some of the customer reviews for this faucet, be prepared to meet some happy customers. Indeed, people adore this faucet due to its ease of use, functionality as well as stunning design. Just be aware that the sprayer is a bit light, and might not sit properly unless you purchase a separate hose weight. However, other than that, we’re sure you’ll find that this faucet will add a touch of class to your kitchen, as well as overall service living up to the Moen motto, of “Buy it for Looks, Buy it for Life”.

#9. Rohl A1461XMWSPN-2 (Best 3 leg bridge luxury kitchen faucet)

Bring a bit of the Italian countryside into your kitchen, with the Rohl A1461XMWSPN-2 Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray. In Italy, the kitchen is the heart of the home, with bubbling pots of sauce and pasta simmering on the stove, and fresh wine on the table. Rohl has captured this classic ambiance in the design of its Country Kitchen Collection, by making the faucet a centerpiece in the overall decor of your kitchen. The lines are clean, and the body which is fully constructed of brass underwent the Premier finishing procedure which is designed to prevent the corrosion, staining, and tarnishing of your faucet.

This model is somewhat similar in design to our number one pick, by Rohl, with the main difference in design being the handles. The cross-style, double-handle operation is controlled for your convenience, by resting on 1/4 turns, and works rather well with the 9-3/8 inch high-arc with 8-inch spout reach. As you can see, contemporary kitchen faucets with sprayers are geared to giving you plenty of room to complete your kitchen wash-up duties with ease and comfort. As for installation, it’s quite simple.

This is a 4-hole, deck-mount faucet with the distance between handle holes being an 8-inch spread. Specs include disc valves and a flow rate of 1.5 gallons of water per minute. Please note that the max deck thickness is 2-1/8 inches. If you have a thicker deck you’ll need to purchase an extension kit. Finally, Rohl is certified lead-free and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


✅ Easy to install

✅ Handle operation rests on 1/4 turns

✅ Certified lead-free, comply with the ADA

✅ 9-3/8 inch, high-arc, and 8-inch spout reach


⛔ Only has a maximum deck thickness of 2-1/8 inches

Final Verdict

With its classic Italian-inspired design and ease of use, you’ll be able to handle more than your share of sauce pots with this brand. The superior brass construction, along with the Premier finishing procedure means that you won’t have to worry about exterior discolorations, stains, corrosion, or tarnishing of your faucet, ensuring it will keep its good looks for many years to come. The double-handle control resting on every 1/4 turn along with the high-arc and wide spout reach means you’ll have more than enough space and control to handle whatever your sink has to offer.

#10. Brizo 62536LF Tresa (Best for unique and timeless Design)

World-renowned chef, Michael Voltaggio believes so much in the mission, quality, and performance of Brizo’s kitchen faucets, that he has agreed to perform as their global brand ambassador. For both form and function, Brizo stands for uniqueness in design, and quality in performance. For those who are interested in a somewhat unique design, that almost breaks the mold, so to speak, then the Tresa, Two Handle Bridge Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray has a design that was inspired by the great fountains of Europe.

When you first look at this chef faucet, it may be hard to place what time period it actually belongs to, but that is part of its charm. The curving contours and straight edges defy period placement, as the side sprayer caters to a more futuristic design. As a result, you’ll be able to place this faucet in almost any kitchen decor, from industrial, contemporary, classic, or avant-garde.

Specs for the Brizo Tresa include 10-21/32 inches in height, a spout reach of 9-27/32 inches, ceramic cartridges, 3 hole installation, and a one-piece waterway constructed of solid brass. The flow rate is 1.8 gallons per minute, and it can accommodate a deck thickness of up to 3 inches. This unit sports a Venetian Bronze finish and is certified to be lead-free, and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


✅ Good spout reach of 9-27/32 inches

✅ Ceramic cartridges

✅ Installation is easy

✅ Unique design with a rich, Venetian Bronze finish

✅ Certified lead-free and ADA compliant


⛔ Not budget-friendly.

Final Verdict

The Brizo, Tresa Kitchen Faucet is the perfect choice for those of you who are looking for something a little different. Indeed, what strikes people the most about this model is its unique styling. But, that’s part of its overall charm, especially when it may easily blend in with just about any decor. This is a double handle unit, that comes with a convenient side sprayer. As for installation, it can accommodate a deck thickness of up to 3 inches. This one rocks for us, simply because of it’s almost ‘otherworldly’ design.

#11. Waterstone 5600-2 Annapolis Kitchen Faucet (Best antique look luxury)

Waterstone believes in blending form with function in an interesting way. They see each of their fixtures as unique works of art, and this makes Waterstone an exceptional company to do business with. Both design and craftsmanship are guided by Waterstone’s very own high standards of construction, and as it’s a Waterstone you know it has been crafted by hand, right here in America.

One of the more functional faucets in our review, the Waterstone Annapolis Kitchen Faucet with single handle operation, pull-out sprayer also offers you the convenience of a soap/lotion dispenser. Features include both hot and cold ceramic valve cartridges, Easy Pull counter-balanced weight, a lever for straight stream or aerated spray, and the handle is designed to adjust 22.5 degrees in both directions, to avoid backsplash issues. Just one look at the Annapolis, and you’ll immediately notice close attention to detail.

This beautifully designed, single-hole faucet comes with a nickel finish, and Waterstone’s own PLP positive lock works to secure the easy-to-pull sprayer in place when not in use, and the 8-inch spout swivels 360 degrees for your convenience. Specs include a flow rate of 1.75 gallons per minute, and braided, reinforced connector hoses. Finally, not only are all faucets hand-made on-site, but before they leave their Southern California Facility, they are thoroughly tested and examined for any flaws in form or function. It brings you the old-world feel with the antique design.


✅ Unique design that can suit contemporary, traditional, or vintage kitchen decors

✅ Made in Southern California, USA

✅ Convenient lotion/soap dispenser

✅ PLP positive lock secures the sprayer when not in use


⛔ Installation may require two people due to the weight of the faucet

⛔ As each faucet is handmade, if it is not in stock at the time of order, you’ll have to wait for it

Final Verdict

When you purchase a Waterstone, you’re purchasing a bit of Americana. Made right here in Southern California, know that each and every faucet, including the Annapolis, has been handcrafted, piece by piece and meticulously tested before it leaves the facility. Waterstone’s own PLP Positive Lock locking system makes certain the sprayer is secured when not in use, and the handle is designed to move 22.5 degrees in either direction to help avoid backsplash issues. The style, design, and ease of use, along with the easy-to-pull sprayer and convenient soap/lotion dispenser, make Annapolis one of our top picks for the best luxury faucet this year.

How We Assessed Each Individual Faucet

Our researchers clocked in a good deal of hours, diligently putting each of the final eleven best high-end kitchen faucets under their microscope. In order to offer you the best overall selection, we were sure to include an assortment of models from which to choose, such as single-handle faucets, two-handled faucets, a touch faucet, and those with pull-down sprayer heads.

Let’s face it, faucets represent the workhorses of the kitchen, so they take a good deal of use and punishment. As such, we chose to examine such features as the finish, type of handles, and their construction, as well as how well the sprayer heads maneuver as you’re washing your dishes. We tested each faucet handle for ease of use, to ensure that they indeed function as promised. If any faucet performed under par, they were eliminated immediately. After all, the right handle configuration can make your time at the sink a pleasant or unpleasant experience. As a result, we only included faucets that received a high customer satisfaction rating.

Spout reach and height were also put to the test. As for maneuverability, we took stock of the ability of the spout to rotate a clean 360 degrees as well as the type of spray heads, from pull-out and pull-down to side sprayers. If the pull-down sprayer did lock in place sufficiently, we eliminated that faucet as a candidate for our list.

Finally, we can’t forget the importance of the design factor. Exterior design plays an important part in finding the perfect fit for your overall design decor. So, we’ve worked to include a variety of designs that reflect both contemporary, traditional, as well as vintage designs. Special features such as soap/lotion dispensers and including a faucet with an automatic shutoff were also keen on our list. Last but not least, while not all faucets are certified by the American with Disabilities Act, we found it important to include a few in our list. All of them are selected for a luxury commercial kitchen for residential use.

All of the luxury kitchen faucets on our list have been designed and developed by the top fixture manufacturers in the country. Each of these companies not only provides you with an excellent product but also back their product up with excellent warranties, as well as customer service.

Buying Guide for the Best Luxury Kitchen Faucet

In our review of the best luxury kitchen faucets of this year, it’s crucial that you make some basic considerations before you purchase. For instance, one of the first considerations is the number of holes required for installation. If your sink has only 1 hole, and you admire a faucet that requires 4, then know that you’ll need 3 more holes for installation. If the faucet of your dreams has 2 holes, and your sink 4, then all you’ll need is to purchase a deck plate.

best luxury kitchen faucet reviews by resisories

Also, If you’re energy conscious, then you’ll want to take a look at the flow rate. Flow rate simply means the amount of water that the manufacturer states will exit the faucet per minute. A faucet listed with 2.5 GPM, means that 2.5 gallons of water will exit that faucet, per minute. Flow rate is important when it comes to ensuring that your hot water tank can handle heating the output adequately.

Finally, please consider the size and reach. No matter how lovely that gooseneck faucet looks, if you’ve low-hanging cupboards, there’s no way you can install it. As for the reach, if you own a double sink, then best make certain that the spout has a good enough reach to adequately work both basins, which includes the ability to swivel at least 100 degrees.

Luxury Kitchen Faucet Brands

Waterstone Kitchen Faucets

Waterstone faucets, their slogan says it all, “Jewelry Made for Your Kitchen”. Proudly made in Southern California, USA since 1999, Waterstone takes to the Bauhaus school of thought when it comes to designing and developing the perfect faucet. The designers at Waterstone work to blend both art and function to create their fabulous faucet designs. It’s one of the great picks for high-end kitchen faucets brands. Known for their original designs, such as their ‘wheel’ faucet, Waterstone believes that it’s important to create artistic conversation pieces for your kitchen space, and they do it well.

Each and every faucet made at Waterstone is built by hand, from the ground up by master craftspeople, and tested for quality before it leaves the facility. In other words, even if you have the exact faucet as your neighbor, the fact that it’s been assembled by hand makes it a unique piece. Waterstone also offers its clientele a wide assortment of fabulous finishes.

In the end, if you’re looking for a true ‘conversation piece’ for your kitchen, then chances are you’ll definitely find it at Waterstone. As far as support goes, their website offers customer service via a contact email form, a lifetime warranty for products, as well as videos, and installation guides.

Kohler Kitchen Faucets

In 1873 John Michael Kohler founded Kohler Co., in Kohler, Wisconsin. While Kohler is most widely known for its fixtures, it also designs and creates generators, engines, and furniture. Today, Kohler remains a private company, and the Kohler family is still heavily involved in the production of its goods. A strong believer in sustainability and customer service, Kohler excels at blending the power of people with love and respect for the community and the environment.

While Kohler excels with its bath and kitchen fixture designs, it also devotes much of its resources to the development of high-performance generators. In fact, Kohler was the first company to introduce backup generators for public use, way back in 1920. Showing no signs of slowing down, Kohler recently announced a new line of products called Kohler Konnect, in 2020. These are ‘smart’ connected fixtures for bathrooms. This means that you’ll be able to use voice control, or a convenient app, to turn them on and off.

With regard to customer support, Kohler is definitely there for you should an issue arise. You can contact them via live chat, email, and by phone. Their website also offers handy guides regarding common questions such as care and cleaning, and part information.

Hansgrohe Kitchen Faucets

Hansgrohe actually stands for Hans Grohe, the name of its founder. Hansgrohe was established way back in 1901 in Schiltach, Germany, where it remains to this day. It also has an American subsidiary, which is located in Alpharetta, Georgia. Not to be confused with Grohe AG, which is an altogether different fixture manufacturer. In fact, Grohe is a major competitor to Hansgrohe.

Unlike Rohl, which imports its designs from overseas, Hansgrohe likes to keep its hands on the process, so controls most of the design work for its high-end faucets. This attention to detail has netted Hansgrohe a number of prestigious design awards including the IF Design Award of 2016, and the Red Dot Design Award in 2016. With regards to patents, all tolled, Hansgrohe has racked up over 2500 patents. Proud of its design work and designers, Hansgrohe has in total, of over 180 designs and 93 brands to its name. As a result, this has emerged as one of the most expensive faucets companies in the country. Prominent designers include Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Phoenix Design, Nendo Design, and Front Design, among others.

Never one to sit on their laurels, Hansgrohe has also created a museum for water fixtures and bathrooms in 1997, Schiltach, Germany. This museum chronicles over a century of bathroom design. Hansgrohe also believes in being a responsible company and devotes much of its time to community and sustainable causes. Customer support includes offering contact by phone or email, along with information on their websites including warranty information, parts, and service information.

Rohl Kitchen Faucets

Established by Ken Rohl in 1983, Rohl has created a name for itself by importing only the highest quality, designer European, New Zealand, and North American faucets and sink designs. Rohl has stood by their commitment to providing only the best water fixtures for both commercial and residential properties. Rohl’s devotion to the tasteful, innovative, and unique is what spurs it on its journey to countries to give you the impeccable styling you deserve.

Look around, and you may notice a Rohl water fixture in your school, office restroom, museum, or favorite restaurant. While Rohl does not design their faucets themselves, they are known to have some influence over some designs. Rohl upscale kitchen faucets are certified lead-free, and comply with the US Safe Drinking Water Act, the U.S. Energy Policy and Conservation Act, Americans with Disabilities Act compliant, and Not WaterSense Qualified.

Their Customer Care center on their website offers you the option of contacting them by phone, form, letter, or email. They also include extensive information on their warranties, care, and cleaning instructions for your faucet, as well as offer you brochures.


With so many options involved in selecting the best luxury kitchen faucet for you, the process might seem a bit confusing at first. However, with a little thoughtful consideration, you’ll be able to select the faucet which best suits your needs. First, remember to measure your sink area to determine just what height and reach will work for you. Next, consider what you’ll need it for. For instance, those who are heavily into entertaining will love the semi-pro of pro models, while those of you who do little in the kitchen, will prefer a more basic model. Also, how important are features to you? If features matter, then look for the more techy high-end kitchen sink faucets that offer features such as no-touch, or hot/cold indicator lights. If you wash a lot of pots and pans, or even if you give Fido a bath once in a while in the sink, then look for one with a tall gooseneck spout and dependable sprayer. In the end, by reading our luxury kitchen faucet review, we are confident that you’ll select the best faucet for you. You may also like to check out the high end kitchen faucets reviews page to select a luxury one for you.

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