Luxury Faucet With 3DS Max And V-ray

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The kitchen and bathroom industry has experienced much advancement, with 3D designs changing their complexion with creativity. Water faucets are not left behind with the lately fabricated impressive structures in 3DS  Max and V-rays. The following are the examples of luxury faucets with 3DS Max and V-ray;

Shadowbrook Bathroom 3D Faucet


This trio 3D printed faucets were created by a DVX, a brand American Standard, to redefine the class and precise manufacturing. The manufacturers used actual metal to print the faucets with 3D designs using an addictive laser sintering process on the on-metal powder. The luxury in the shadowbrook bathroom 3D Faucet is its design, which looks like flowing liquid metal frozen for a long time. The design is inspired by flowing water over rocks lying on the river. The effect of the flowing water was done by 19 separate small waterways which is unbelievable. It’s the pioneer in 3D printed metal design made for the residential faucets with super creative idea and great performance.

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Grid Faucet by Kohler KALLISTA

Grid Faucet by Kohler KALLISTA

The Grid, a 3D printed faucet, was crafted in Kohler’s division and was voted as Best of Show at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2018. It was developed in collaboration with the 3D printing experts, and it boasts sleek lines underlined by its minimalism. The design is a outline of a geometric cube inspired by De Stijl style. This elegant faucet harnesses the visual impact of negative space by eliminating traditional designs. Its comes in matte black finish which is durable and water spots and also fingerprints resistant. It’s a high end faucet with the powder coating. With Grid Faucet, you will always wonder where water is flowing from.

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Grohe Allure Brilliant Icon 3D


This iconic German sanitary fitting was brought to life by stacking 0.006 millimeters thick 4,700 layers of steel. It’s a 3 hole deck mounted 3D metal printed faucet. It defies the logical flow of water with its thin form flow. This sharp thin flowing line makes it look like it has stolen the inspiration from the future spaceship. Michael Seum, the vice president at Grohe, suggests that the idea behind giving it a thin flowing factor is to suspend belief and make the user ask if the faucet works.

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Webert One-A Faucet

ONE A single lever sink mixer Massimiliano Settimelli by

Massimiliano Settimelli designed One-A faucet for Webert, and it has the dynamic and geometric elegance for a 3D texture. It gives the kitchen a magnificent look with its additive manufacturing technology. One-A also features a negative space, making one search for the channel through which water flows.

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Deca 3d Printed Basin Mixer

Deca 3D Printed Basin

Deca 3D Printed Basin Mixer was blended with technology and minimalism to give it an eye-catching appeal. It has a smooth look, which is crafted by geometric patterns and complemented by smooth contours. The faucet also has a hidden water flow, which will make you always look for the source of the flowing water. This faucet was designed by Pedro Martins and manufactured by Deca.


#1. Is 3d printed metal strong?

Ans: Sure! The 3D printed metal steel is stronger about 3 times than the traditional made stainless steel.

#2. What is the cheapest metal 3d printer?

Ans: Iro3d metal 3D printer is the less expensive comparing other printers.

#3. How long do metal prints last?

Ans: The metal prints last long more than 200 years inside of the house. On the other hand, it will be last at least a couple of years without fade out under the direct sunlight outside of the house.

#4. Are metal prints worth it?

Ans: Of course it is. They are durable, water spot, scratch and fingerprint resistant. Moreover, these prints last long without fading.

#5. How thick are metal prints?

Ans: Generally the thickness of the metal prints are 2 nm.

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