What Are the Kitchen Options That Are Must Have in Luxury?

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Most people would confuse luxury and money-spending. Kitchen experts would tell you that kitchen luxury is not about how much money you spend on kitchen items, but the ease of movement and safety. How fast you can prepare a delicious meal is also attributed to kitchen luxury. Therefore, let us discuss what are the kitchen options that are must-haves in luxury.

#1. Dishwasher Drawers

While you can use multiple drawers in your kitchen, having drawer dishwashers can also act as storage for clean dishes. This luxurious item doubles up space in your kitchen, and you don’t need to feel like lacking valuable storage space. Although it holds a few dishes than a full-size dishwasher, it can be stacked in the kitchen and used simultaneously.

#2. Refrigerated Drawers

Refrigeration is vital in most homes, and having huge fridges can eat space in your kitchen. Having refrigerated drawers can add a luxurious feeling in the kitchen and allow more room for kitchen maneuvers. To easily install a drawer refrigerator, you can place one at the child’s height for storing kid’s juice, drinks, and other after school treats.

#3. Rollout Shelves and Racks

Instead of stooping down to search for a pot or a pot lid, invest in luxurious rollout shelves and racks. These shelving systems are customized to fit different sizes of pot and pans. You can also store items such as small appliances, bowls, and packaged foods in the rollout shelves.

#4. Exotic Wood Countertops

Forget about the marble and granite countertops; having an exotic wood countertop is a luxurious secret that you must steal. These hardwood species include African mahogany, Zebrawood, Teak, and Caribbean rosewood. Such exotic wood design will give your kitchen a high-end and quality feeling with exemptional durability.

#5. Lighting

Elegant kitchen lighting goes beyond the standard recessed, pendants, and overhead lights. A refined glow in the kitchen involves lighting areas such as under cabinets, underneath a bar, inside cabinets, above cabinets, and task lighting. These lighting systems increase kitchen security and visibility.

#6. Pot Filler

Although it looks like a small item in the kitchen, this wall-mounted elegant faucet saves the time and worries of lifting heavy water-filled pots. It is installed directly over a range, and you don’t have to worry about lifting the full pot to the stove.


#1. Are Fisher and Paykel dishwashers any good?

Ans: The drawer dishwasher concept was invented by Fisher Paykel in 1998. There is no doubt that they are the pioneer in this industry. Considering their product quality, reliability and service the Fisher Paykel is one of the best dishwasher producers at this moment. That’s our opinion.

#2. Why are drawer refrigerators so expensive?

Ans: Actually, these drawer refrigerators are not mass-produced. As they are luxury product that’s why it’s expensive to buy them.

#3. What is the best wood to use for kitchen countertop?

Ans: We think the best wood for kitchen countertop is Oak, Teak, Maple, Brazilian Cherry and Walnut.

#4. What color LED light is best for kitchen?

Ans: Most of the experts prefers the Bright white or cool white LED light with color temperature 4100 kelvin is the best for kitchen.

#5. How many lumens do I need for under cabinet lighting?

Ans: We recommend for the under cabinet lighting at least 400 lumens/foot to get best experience. The higher is more good.

#6. Should a pot filler be centered?

Ans: Nope! A pot filler should be placed to the left or the right side of the cooking surface.



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