How To Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive in 2022

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Do you want to make your kitchen look elegant and expensive with very little expense and effort? Well, you are in the very right place.

This article is all about renovation and how to make your kitchen look expensive. It is also helpful if you are in search of some redecorating tips and tricks. In short, we are going to help you update your kitchen.

Everyone wants their place to look elegant and attractive but very few people possess money for this purpose. We know right now you must be sitting at your countertop and thinking about renovating your kitchen so that it would look expensive.

There’s no need to pay out big bucks to give your kitchen or any other room an elegant look. Following is a guide on how to make your kitchen look expensive

Step by Step Guide To Make the Kitchen Look Expensive

#1. A Fresh Coat of Paint

If you want to bring your kitchen from dingy to darling, then all you need is a fresh coat of paint. Even if you coat the cabinets and the walls only, your kitchen would get a reborn look.

We won’t recommend you a full cabinet renovation as it would tremendously increase your budget. So, go for some consistent and bright paint. It would give a very elegant look to your cabinets and kitchen as well.

There must be some kitchen cabinets that you hate. We know the kind. They are cheap, have rough edges, outdated colors, and poor quality wood. Maybe they have coats of stains and scratches all over them. They look disgusting.

We have a solution to this problem too. Pick a nice color and coat them with that color. They’ll get a new life and this little yet prominent change will transform your old kitchen into a new one. Make sure to choose some trending colors.

#2. Replace a Focal Point Appliance

If you are reading this article, it means that you have a very limited budget. And to replace everything present in your kitchen is not possible at all. But you can replace that signature item that everyone sees.

Usually, this signature item is a nice, tall, and modern refrigerator. When anyone enters your kitchen, the first thing that person’s going to see is your fridge. It is because of its size and the wide space it covers. So, if you manage to replace the most prominent item, you can change the look of the entire kitchen.

Apart from the refrigerator, you can also replace your stove, the kitchen faucet, the oven, the door, or the kitchen sink. You can also choose the best apron front farm kitchen sink for the ultimate revival.

#3. Investment in the Counter Covers

Guess the best alternative of new counters? Well, we won’t let you die with suspense. The answer is Adhesive Counter Covers. They are the best solution to resolve your kitchen counter problems and are extremely affordable.

They have many names in the market. The basic explanation is that counter covers are contact papers that cover the tables or counters present in the kitchen and help them get a brand-new look.

They come in a diverse range of prints and designs. They can be brick-like, or like granite or marble, etc. Have you heard about the marble magic (2)? Well, it is designing your kitchen with a marble theme. Marble is quite expensive but marble adhesive counter covers aren’t. We think you should try them.

It won’t be exactly similar to the real material, but powerful enough to bring a change in your kitchen’s appearance. The most important point is, you have to match the theme of the counter covers with the paint on the walls and with the cabinets as well.

#4. Investing your Time, Money, and Efforts in your Kitchen’s Decor

It is a myth that the kitchens shouldn’t be decorated properly. We don’t suggest over-door but why not a balanced decor that would add to the elegance of your kitchen. Excess decor and poorly chosen decor don’t look good. So be careful with that.

We are about to tell you another amazing tip here. As we are covering the budget-friendly market, we cannot go for expensive and all new items. We’ll use the technique of upcycling here. It would be inexpensive and would make your kitchen look expensive at the same time.

You can collect all the old objects from your house that tend to be transformed into new ones. You’ve got an unending list of opportunities on this. You can transform the old suitcase into a vintage wine cart. Your imagination can be limited, but not the opportunities.

How To Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive


Q1. What makes a kitchen high-end?

Many elements determine whether your kitchen is high-end or not. Some of them include high-quality material, premium paints, nice cabinets, high-end faucets, elegant countertops, modern equipment, beautiful design, and proper lighting, etc.

Q2. What is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel?

The most expensive part of the kitchen remodel is the cabinets of your kitchen. They can cost you around $15,000.

Q3. How much should a 10×10 kitchen remodel cost?

If you have a 10×10 square feet kitchen, then you need almost $30,000 to remodel it.

Q4. What are high-end kitchen cabinets made of?

A quality cabinet, in a high-end kitchen, has the following properties:

  • solid, full-length plywood back panel
  • plywood cabinet sides
  • a natural toe kick panel.
  • uses fully-captured dado joints
  • Uses hot glue
  • Has the strongest base for heavy countertops

Final Words

This article describes the points in detail that tell you how to make your kitchen look expensive. You can follow these tips and tricks to renovate and update your kitchen at very cheap prices. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house which is very frequently used. It should be maintained and updated over time.

Happy Renovation!

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