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October 10, 2023
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The 5 Best Freestanding Tub with Deck Mount Faucet in 2023

Showers are generally undertaken to wash off the dirt from the body. Nonetheless, it may also be used to relax you. It hence goes that the kind of item you pick for the job counts a lot. How else can you make the right pick without receiving the necessary support and guidance to that end?

We draft this extensive review and buying guide to help with this. It aims at helping you to make the right pick of the best freestanding tub with deck mount faucet. At its core is a review of five leading products, complete with their pros and cons.

To craft this review, we spent a sufficiently long duration of time to generate the facts we needed to come up with the products and the facts that back them up. As per our research, the Orchestra Fiberglass Flat bottom Freestanding Bathtub stood out. It is hence the one we would vouch for you to prioritize.

Comparison of the Top 5 Freestanding Tub With Deck Mount Faucet

ProductHeight (in.)Weight (lb.)
Orchestra Fiberglass Center Drain Non-Whirlpool Flatbottom Freestanding Bathtub26.6295
Terra 70 in. Center Drain Bathtub24.00150
Ariel 66.9 in. Acrylic Clawfoot Whirlpool Bathtub30.7143
Serenity 71 1/4 in. Center Drain Bathtub23.25150
61″ Cast Iron Slipper Tub with 7″ Faucet29300

#1. Orchestra Fiberglass Flatbottom Freestanding Bathtub (Best for Overall)

Orchestra 60 in. Fiberglass Center Drain Non-Whirlpool Flatbottom Freestanding Bathtub

Looking for the highest quality bathtub that money can buy at the moment? We would like you to attempt this top freestanding tub with deck mount faucet. It has the most durable parts and components. Further to this, it also guarantees years of long-term and reliable usage. That it is made of fiberglass truly makes it easier to carry around.

By its outward appearance, the tub exhibits a sleek curvaceous design. This makes the process of installing the gadget simpler and easier to undertake. Moreover, the design enhances the beauty and the décor of the spaces wherein it is installed. Choose to place it at a location that is strategic hence.

Thanks to its minimalist design, the tub demands equally limited storage and installation space. This minimalist design is highlighted by some simple lines that are cleaner. They complement the comfortable backrests that maximize the bathing experiences well. They too add to the overall aesthetics of the item altogether.

Other than merely holding the water you need to bathe well, this piece of equipment may also play the secondary role of making your interiors appear beautiful. For this to happen, you have to select and install the one that has the right color and appearance mix.


  • Comes in a tough construction that lasts longer
  • Freestanding and demands less storage space
  • The sleek curvaceous design adds to your room’s décor
  • Truly comfortable owing to the existence of the backrest
  • Maximizes your bathing well


  • Demands excessive care and maintenance
  • Highly susceptible to the risks of peel offs

#2. Terra 70 in. Center Drain Bathtub (Best for Budget)

Terra 70 in. Center Drain Bathtub in White

Short on a budget or financial resource endowment? Choose to work with this specific bathtub. Of all the top equipment we have under our review, it is this that is the cheapest to come by. This is mainly because of the similarly average quality of the materials that are used to make it up.

Its external appearance comes in the form of the gloss white acrylic color. This sits atop a fiberglass reinforcement. The mix of materials and makeups combine to retain the warmth considerably. For this reason, the tub is able to provide reliable usage in the harshly cold winter months.

All of its critical parts and components are elegantly made and structured. Its pop-up drain boasts of a premium polished chrome exterior surface. This attaches to an overflow and has a soaking depth that measures 14.5 inches. Together, these yield ultimate comfort and relaxation all the while of use.

Some four adjustable leveling feet also exists as a vital component of the tub. They basically prevent shifting and cracking regardless of how often the item is used over time. As part of their leveling, they minimize spillovers that are likely to arise when taking baths.


  • Has a beautiful contemporary design
  • Comfortable to make use of all the while
  • Simpler to move about and install if need be
  • Spacious enough to accommodate two persons at a time
  • Comes with its own overflow


  • Possesses a somewhat limited capacity
  • Weighs a whopping 100 pounds
  • A faucet is not included in the packaging

#3: Acrylic Clawfoot Whirlpool Bathtub (Best for Space Saving)

66.9 in. Acrylic Clawfoot Whirlpool Bathtub in White

The whirlpools are very interesting to take baths in. They completely immerse and invigorate the body. Is it not amazing for you to take hold of a tub that is capable of generating that kind of water? Well, try your hands on this one as it is designed for just that.

For one, the tub is freestanding in the sense that it requires no external aids to erect and prop as is the norm with the many that are available. Then, it combines modern sensibilities with the vintage designs. These two contribute to its awesome performance and aesthetic values.

Also coming along is a deck mounted bathtub chrome faucet that blends well with the bear claw legs. Apart from merely dispensing the water output, this faucet also adds some beauty and décor to your interior rooms. Thus, the tub tends to give you more benefits than just what other ordinary tubs give off.

To derive the whirlpools, the gadget makes use of the 6 whirlpool jets. This channel the water output in a 70-gallon tub capacity. A 1.2 horsepower motor is the one that generates this sudden gush. It is strong and powerful enough to impact your whole body well.


  • Comes in excellent dimensions
  • Its external appearance is great to behold
  • Solid brass tub filler expedites the flow of water
  • Handheld showerhead will sprinkle water in your forehead
  • 1.2 Hp whirlpool `motor generates the whirls


  • Costs a lot to operationalize
  • Noisy and likely to interfere with those around you
  • Cannot fit in every area or location of use

#4: Serenity 71 1/4 in. Center Drain Bathtub (Easy Installation and Cleaning)

Serenity 71 Center Drain Bathtub in White

As its designation implies, this tub does imbue some serenity over and above merely dispensing the water output to you. Its overall stature comes in the form of a beautiful organic shape. This guarantees you some comfort while bathing. Moreover, it enhances the beauty of the ambiance wherein you install it.

Outside its core role of dispensing the water output, the tub also brings out some elegance and high style to the rooms. These two blend to make your interiors more beautiful and breathtaking to behold. On account of these two, the tub also serves to enhance the décor and the sights thereof.

One distinctive aspect of this tub is that it is able to attach to and work alongside faucets of all kinds. These include but are not limited to deck-mounted, wall-mounted, or freestanding faucets. These work alongside the overflow features that dispense the extra water. That keeps your room less soiled and properly kept in shape.

At its core is the 3 mm thick fiberglass-reinforced acrylic construction. This is the one that gives the item the stature and support it needs to stay stronger and safer for longer. What’s more? This inner framework is simpler to install and remove as they demand the input of only two people.


  • Gives a relaxing ambiance for you to bathe well
  • Stronger and resilient to handle
  • Resists fading and other forms of damages
  • Installable by only two people
  • Adds some style and elegance to your room


  • Fewer in number and harder to access
  • Requires plenty of storage and mounting spaces
  • Lasts a limited duration of time

#5: Cast Iron Slipper Tub (Ultra Quiet but Powerful Pick)

Wanting to leverage the superb bathing experience? Choose to work with this specific bathtub. Why you may ask? It is manufactured by a brand that is respected and renowned for just that. This is the “Chariton” brand. The mini-review below endeavors to explain more about it.

This bathtub does have a porcelain interior that provides a great relaxation and comfort while showering. The porcelain interior also adds some beauty to the item not to mention making you enjoy the benefits of added sense of relief. Consider using it hence to add some beauty to your bathroom as well.

Setting it apart from its competitors is the fact that it comes as a complete and wholesome package. These include an overflow assembly, drain, supply lines, and a tub faucet. Thus, it tends to make your overall experience hassle-free compared to how you would naturally.

As part of the wholesome packaging, the item is also compatible with many accessories and other plumbing gadgets. This makes it safer and more convenient to make do with all the while. Then again it minimizes the hassles that are likely to be encountered when engaging the parts.


  • Comes in a super slim design
  • Boasts of the 14 inches overflow
  • Pure white inside and out for maximum beauty
  • Has a smooth and easier-to-clean interior
  • Simpler to attach to a faucet


  • Cannot accommodate some kinds of faucets
  • May not fit certain rooms and spaces
  • Takes a toll to install

How Did We Pick the Best?

As we speak, there are many items of these kinds on sales. That makes the task of finding a suitable one somewhat tricky. To arrive at the best freestanding tub with deck mount faucets here below, we factored a couple of issues other than the bare minimum traits and features that such faucets have to exhibit. These traits include the following:

  • The styles and fashions that these items come in
  • Ease of handling and installation
  • The sum total benefits that each gadget may give off
  • Ease of installation
  • Costs implications i.e. the prices and the warranty

Considerations Before Buying a Freestanding Tub

To be able to lay your hands on a good freestanding tub with deck mount faucet, there are a number of things you have to take care of. We take a look at them here below:

Your number concern should be the amount of space that is available at your disposal. The amount of space determines the sheer size of the tub you can possibly acquire and fit. It also determines the hassles you may have go through to be able to handle and install the gadget.

Next comes the shape of the model. The tub of choice has to possess the exact shape that as the one that is available at your disposal. This is to prevent any clashes and inconsistencies that might arise while attempting to fix the gadget firmly in the rooms.

The specific kind of faucet you want to use also comes in. You want a faucet that pairs and works smoothly with the tub you have in mind. Also coming along should be the expertise to handle the faucet concerned. Pick that which attaches smoothly and seamlessly into the room you have.

Different kinds of materials are used to make these faucets. You have to pay attention to these as well. Some of the best materials as of now are stainless steel, acrylic, cast iron, copper, stone, and fiberglass. Do prioritize the items that are manufactured by them as they are able to last longer and take you further.

Choose the right style of a bathtub as well. There are three main kinds of tubs namely the pedestal tubs, claw foot, Japanese soaking, and the roll tops. The pedestals are firmer and more secure. Their clawfoot on the other hand has some feet that rise atop the tub floor. A rolltop as its name implies appears to be rolled over and is hence more comfortable. The Japanese soaking is smaller and taller and is hence meant for sitting instead of standing.

Apart from merely dispensing the water output, these tubs also play the secondary role of making your interior beautiful to behold. You have to insist on that which has a nice finish to be able to accrue this benefit though. Some of the best finishes are the chrome and the shiny colors such as that of Terra 70 in. Center Drain Bathtub in White.

Care and Maintenance

As with any other piece of equipment, you have to care for your freestanding bathtub with deck-mounted faucet well to let them work and serve you better for a prolonged duration. Below are some of the best maintenance practices that have been noted to do a good job overall:

Unclog the Drains

These tubs are highly susceptible to the risks of clogged drains. You should hence make it a point to unclog the drains preferably after each use or bathing sessions. Particularly, pay attention to the long hairs and the small items that are likely to fall in there every day.

Clean it regularly

As a general rule, you should clean the tub after each use. Eliminate any kinds of toothpaste, scums, and other common everyday stains. Use steel wool, grease strippers, and powerful detergents to do this job. Scour the tub until such a time that it is sparkly in appearance.

Upgrade and Repair Consistently

Always be on the lookout for any new parts and components. If and when you come across any such, do not hesitate to incorporate them in your tub. On the same note, always scan the tub for any damages that it might sustain. Then, go ahead to fix the issue as soon as you possibly can to prevent further damages.

Freestanding Tub Deck Mount Faucet Installation Guide

How To Install A Freestanding Tub Deck Mount Faucet
Acquiring the tub is just the first step to make meaning and gain from it. You have to follow the necessary installation procedures to install yours. The steps below will definitely get you there:
Determine the Space to Install

Determine the space to install the tub. Space definitely has to be in the bathroom or the bedroom. Then again, it has to be fitted and paired with the plumbing mechanism of your home. This is to allow for smoother, safer, and more convenient channeling of the flow of wastewater.

Mark out the necessary Dimensions

Having determined the space wherein you want to install the tub, you now have to mark out the dimensions thereof. Take a tape measure and mark out the length, width and the height. Jot them down on a piece of paper. Take note of the configurations of the space as well. Then, find a tub that has the exact same dimensions as the space you have delineated.

Prepare the Floor

Prepare the floor wherein you want to install the tub. This entails drilling or boring the necessary holes. Pay attention also to the shape of the structure you want to fix there. This will help you to put in place some consistent markings and expedite the installation process as a whole.

Slot the Tub

Slot the tub in the holes you will have already drilled. Be sure that they fit smoothly and seamlessly to prevent the existence of any spaces that may compromise the cleanliness and performances thereafter. Seal the holes using caulk or the plumber’s putty for maximum fit.

Lay the Final Touches

Lay the final touches. These include sealing or plastering the cracks and empty spaces using mortar, plumber’s putty, or the caulk. Then, go ahead and paint the tub and the room interiors using oil-based paint. The color has to be the same as that which is already in the room.

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