Pivoting vs Hinged vs Sliding Shower Doors – Which Is Perfect For You?

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Do you know what options are out there for your shower door? Are you searching for a way to figure out which choice is going to be a good one, or why it’s going to be a good choice? All of that, and more are below.

How does a pivoting door work?

These look and operate similar to what most people think of when it comes to hinged doors. There are pivot points at the top and bottom of the shower door. They will pivot and turn as you open and close the door.

They are easy to use and take the weight of the door. They are often stick-free and will be a smooth choice when those details matter to you. Most pivot doors will also open both ways so that you don’t need to worry about which way you open it.

How does a hinged door work?

This is very similar to the pivot door as mentioned. The main difference is that the hinges tend to be spread out on the door and the hinges can be either like a piano-style hinge or classic ones.

They can be a little sticky if they are not installed correctly. They also can be tricky to mount because they need to all share the weight evenly. Most hinged showered doors are only designed to work on one side, so they cannot be reversed.

How does a sliding door work?

This door works like a sliding door would on a vehicle Holding the handle you would like to slide the door to the left or the right and step out. Then slide it shut behind you. It would be on tracks on the top and bottom.

These kinds of doors will take the weight and will be easy to slide back and forth, especially if they are well cared for. They can be a little rattily if they are not in line perfectly. 

pivoting vs hinged vs sliding shower doors
Pivoting vs Hinged vs Sliding shower doors

Which is the best one?

It really comes down to figuring out what you most want to enjoy with your shower door. Here is how all the details work out when it comes to the overall choice between them for your bathroom.

  • Ease of opening and closing: A pivot door is going to be the easiest one to open and shut because the pivot hinges take the weight and prioritize smooth movement.
  • Space use: Of all the doors, a sliding door is going to be the best choice when you need something that won’t take up any space as it opens and shuts. If you have an especially tiny bathroom, this is definitely something that you’re going to want to consider and remember.
  • Personal preference: Don’t forget to think about what you like most as the person who is going to be using the door. If you hate sliding doors, go for a pivot. Or vice versa.

Picking your shower door is so exciting. The choice that you make is going to be a good blend of practicality and meets fashion.


Are framed shower doors outdated?

Answer: Up to a point, framed shower doors are still a good choice for bathrooms with more traditional finishes. They can be installed in modern or contemporary bathrooms to make them more traditional.

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