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The Kohler Prolific Sink Reviews highlights types of Kohler Prolific Sinks one can buy to upgrade the kitchen’s look. The sinks are made of the same material and differentiated by inches. For instance, Prolific 33, 44, and 29 are the inches that differentiate the Kohler Prolific Sinks. Typically, these sinks are made from stainless steel which guarantees durability and radiality. Stainless steel also keeps the sink strong preventing it from wear and tear. Think of Kohler’s prolific sinks anytime you want to install a new or replace an old sink.

Are you ready and willing to transform your kitchen’s appearance? Do you require a kitchen sink equipped with the latest technological features and can help conserve the environment? Kohler Prolific Sink can be the right choice. This post highlight various Kohler Prolific sinks that have positive comments from buyers because of their quality and reliability. Below are the various Kohler Prolific Sinks, rack, board, and Accessories.

#1. Kohler Prolific Sink 33

Prolific Workstation Undermount Stainless Steel 33 in. Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Kit

The Kohler Prolific Sink 33 is made from 18-gauge stainless steel that prevents it from wear and tear. This 33-inch product is designed to last longer and give you the best services. It has a length and width of 33 and 17 inches respectively.

  • Built with sound absorption technology; The sink is made with modern technology that guarantees a quiet environment while washing dishes. It is a feature one cannot get from standard industrials sinks despite spending tons of money on them. The sound absorption technology ensures the noise our dishes produce does not spread causing inconveniences to you or people individuals in the environment.
  • One bowl; The sink contains one spacious bowl that can accumulate large volumes of water and more dirty utensils. Getting a sink with this feature is a dream of many people as it makes the work easier. Purchasing a standard double-bowled sink may inconvenience your daily washing duties as most of them are not spacious. Therefore, this single bowled-sink remains the best option for anyone dreaming of more space while washing utensils.
  • Undermount installation; The sink needs undermount installation to function properly. Undermount Installation of the sink not only gives you comfort while washing dishes but also transforms the kitchen’s appearance.
  • Measures 33- and 17-inches length and width respectively; The dimension implies it is a spacious sink that can accumulate a lot of water and many dishes at once. Its depth is also amazing to prevent water from splashing while washing dirty utensils. The sink helps one avoid risks attached to a congested sink including knife accidents.
  • Made from 18-gauge stainless steel; The thick stainless steel guarantees the durability and reliability of the sink. It’s an 18-gauge stainless steel sink that ensures not to undergo wear and tear during daily washing activities.

#2. Kohler Prolific Sink 44

Prolific Undermount Stainless Steel 44 in

The sink is a Kohler company’s most popular product in this Prolific model and it is also made from 18-gauge stainless steel. It measures 44 and 18-1/4 inches in Length and Width respectively.

  • Made from 18-gauge stainless steel; Kohler Prolific Sink 44 carries 18-gauge stainless steel which guarantees reliability and durability. The material is also strong to prevent unwanted sound during daily activities like washing utensils or others.
  • Has sound absorption technology; The sink is specially designed ensuring you work in a quiet environment. The sink is contained with the latest Sound absorption technology which is helpful to ensure your utensil’s noise does not affect you or other people living in the environment.
  • Undermount Installation; The sink requires an undermount installation to function properly. The feature gives one comfort while washing utensils and transforms the kitchen’s appearance.
  • Bamboo cutting edge; The sink includes a bamboo cutting board, racks, a washing bin, and colander.
  • Grated Ledges; The sink has grated ledges that make work easier as one can place utensils at different heights creating more space.
  • No faucet holes; The sink has no faucet holes and this helps maintain the sink’s appearance. However, one can fit a faucet that correctly fits the kitchen design for more a gorgeous appearance.
  • Has a single bowl; It has a single bowl that creates space for holding large volumes of water and more utensils. It has also a 10-inch depth that makes it easy to hold big pans and prevent water from splashing when washing utensils. Moreover, the sink requires a cabinet with a 45-48 inches base width. One has to make adjustments on the countertop to get these measurements for the successful installation of the sink.

#3. Kohler Prolific Sink 29

Prolific Undermount Stainless Steel 29 in

Kohler Prolific Sink 29 is another recognizable Kohler company’s product of Prolific model with 29 inches and made with 18-gauge stainless steel.

  • Measures 29 by 17-3/4 inches of length and width respectively; The sink’s size is 29 and 17-3/4 inches of length and width respectively. Also, it requires a cabinet base width of 30- 33 inches. One may be required to modify the available cabinet to get these measurements for successful installation of the sink.
  • Made of 18-gauge stainless steel; The 18-gauge stainless still guarantees the durability and reliability of the sink. The material is also strong to prevent the sink from wear and tear from the daily utensil washing activities.
  • Has no faucet holes; The features ensure your sink’s appearance is maintained for a long time. However, one can select the faucet that correctly matches the kitchen’s needs and design.
  • Sound absorption technology; It is a unique and modern feature that ensures one work in a quiet environment.
  • Single bowl; It is a single-bowled sink with more space to hold large volumes of water and more utensils.
  • Undermount installation; The sink requires undermount installation to function properly. Undermount installation has also amazing kitchen transformations one should not ignore.
  • It has Included accessories; The sink has accessories including a cutting bamboo board, racks, washing bin, and colander.

Advantages of Kohler Prolific Sinks

✅ Guarantee durability; The 18-gauge stainless steel guarantees the sink’s durability and reliability.

✅ Maintains a quiet environment; All the sinks above we discussed include the sound absorption technology that helps maintain a quiet environment when washing utensils.

CONs of Kohler Prolific Sinks

⛔ Slightly expensive; The sinks are slightly expensive and this may cause inconveniences to some individuals as accessing them may be problematic.

⛔ 18-gauge stainless steel; If the Prolific sinks would build with 16-gauge stainless steel it would be more reliable. Because 18-gauge stainless steel is slightly thinner than 16-gauge.


Kohler Prolific Sinks Reviews provide a golden opportunity for anyone to check the quality Kohler Prolific Sinks. We discussed with the real consumer these sinks and tested them in various aspects. At last, our final verdict is the Prolific Sinks are designed to make your work easier and take your kitchen’s appearance to another level. Kohler Prolific Sinks is the best option for anyone intending to fix a new or replace an old sink. Visit the products’ website, HomeDepot.com, or any other site that sells these sinks for pricing details. Place your order if you spot a Prolific Sink that suits your kitchen needs and budget.

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