What Type of Sink Should You Have For Quartz Countertops?

Last Updated: August 26, 2022 | By JULIAN GILL

If you are the proud new owner (or soon-to-be) of quartz countertops, now you have to think about how they impact your sink! Want to make sure you’ve got the right sink to match your brand new counters? Here are some tips to help you understand what the choices are, and how to make just the right one for you!

Shortly, I found that the under-mount rectangular-shaped kitchen sink is the best choice for your quartz countertop. Sink material can be granite composite, and color could be black or white. After all, It depends on your taste and your kitchen design also.

Granite composite black kitchen sink on a quartz countertop
Granite composite black kitchen sink on a quartz countertop

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Why does sink type matter with quartz countertops?

That’s a great question. The thing to think about is that odds are that you are looking at this because you are putting in a new countertop. So, while you’re at it, why not put in a new sink?

As well, quartz countertops, regardless of what color and effect you choose, have a presence to them. That’s part of why they’re so appealing. You don’t want your sink to overwhelm it, but you also don’t want your sink to be overlooked, either, right? This means careful selection!

What are the sink details to choose from?

Before you go out and start shopping, the main sink criteria to focus on, to help you know how to narrow your focus, are:

Bowl type

Most people already know what this is, but not how many options they can choose from. There are single sinks, double sinks and those that have two varying heights in each bowl. They’re all there to choose from!


The bowl depth can vary. For those that have a lot of big pots and pans, you’ll want a deeper sink to give you room to get them in there. For those that can’t bend over, however, a narrower one might be better.


Sinks can either be mounted above the countertop (so that you see the rim) or below. This can either be an apron sink or a classic sink that simply sits below the countertop. If you don’t like your countertop to be interested, you may find the recessed opening a better fit. If you like the classic sink look and feel, above the countertop is probably best.

How do I choose what type of sink to get?

This is mostly a personal choice. When it comes to getting a feel for them, though, the best thing to do is go out and take a look at them in person! Whether it’s a classic department store, or something specialized in kitchen fashion, get an idea for what you like or dislike. You can also get someone to come into your home to give you a professional opinion, too.

When making your choice in detail, here are some of the factors to keep in mind, or, questions to answer:

  • Do I use my sink with big pots and pans?
  • Will height and depth be an issue for reach and comfort?
  • Do I like the double sink or the single sink format?
  • Do I want my sink to stand out or blend in?

Your kitchen should all work together in look and actual use. The sink that you pair with your quartz countertop is going to be a big part of that.

All of those details aside, the choice that you make should be one that gives you comfort and enjoyment out of actually using. Keep that in mind when shopping!

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