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October 10, 2023
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The 6 Best Granite Composite Sinks For Kitchen in 2023

Are you looking for durable and affordable kitchen sinks? Are you ready to transform your kitchen’s appearance? Are you in need of a kitchen sink with modernized features and can help conserve the environment? If you love and value a beautiful cooking place, then you may understand how sinks complement such an outlook. For that reason, granite composite sinks are the solution. You can get the best granite composite sinks for the kitchen and upgrade it to a new level. Granite composite sinks are known for their ability to resist stains. Also, the luxurious look they bring to your kitchen is unique.

Several of these sinks made by various companies are available. It may be challenging to pick the best since not all companies out there make reliable sinks. That’s why it’s vital to opt for something that has positive customer reviews like the Kraus Quarza Kitchen Sink KGD-442 which is a popular choice with various useful features. Let’s discuss what makes the Kraus Quarza kitchen sink so applauded. We’ll also consider some other highly recommended sinks below.

How the Granite Composite Kitchen Sinks Were Assessed and Evaluated

Before looking at the sink options, what led to the conclusion that they’re the best? Well, a thorough research and testing that took several hours were undertaken. Because we wanted to give the perfect choices, we spent over 22 hours conducting research which entailed interviews with various users, comparison among different sinks, and assessing online customer’s feedback. We also took some time to test the sinks to check their performance and evaluate their functionality and suitability.  That way, we could come up with the top six products below.

Best Granite Composite Sinks For Kitchen – Comparison Chart

ProductWeight (lb.)Length (in)Width (in)
Kraus Quarza KGD-44237.43322Check Price
Blanco 440195 Diamond Silgranit4533.522Check Price
Blanco 440148 Precis Silgranit0.013219Check Price
Kraus Forteza Granite31.73322Check Price
Blanco 440064 Performa453219.5Check Price
Kraus Forteza KGD-5039.23322Check Price

Reviews of the 6 Best Granite Composite Sinks For Kitchen

#1 Kraus Quarza Kitchen Sink KGD 442 (Best for Overall)


The Kraus Quarza Kitchen Sink KGD 442 is the most recommended granite composite sink. The sink is manufactured by Kraus, and it is black. Moreover, it has a black onyx finish weighing 37.4 pounds. The sink has high-quality granite composite made from 80% natural quartz. Quartz is a durable material which offers the sink exceptional durability with a luxurious look and feel of real stone. The Granite composite and quartz ensure the sinks serves you for a long time.

The two components give the sink an outstanding look that eventually transforms your kitchen’s look. Kraus Quarza Kitchen Sink KGD 442 easily survives thermal shocks and effects of dropped materials. Amazingly, it contains non-porous surface that prevents the sticking of foods and liquids. The sink has a convenient versatile dual-mount design that provides utmost flexibility, allows for under mount or drop-in installations, and compatible for the all countertops.

The sink is also designed to cope up with various temperatures. This makes it handle hot pots and pans without the risk of damage. Its noise absorption features ensure your kitchen remains quiet when using the sink. The material of this sink is UV-stable which offers a rich and long-lasting color. Combined, these features make it one of the best granite composite sinks in the market. Besides, who doesn’t like to have the best items in their house?

Key Features

Easy to clean– Cleaning the sink wasn’t hard. The material of the sink is non-porous and naturally hygienic that resists dye and dirt, making it easy to wipe. Also, the combination of traditional and modern styling for the rounded corners makes them easy to keep clean.

Heat and shock resistance– The toughest material provides unmatchable resistance to thermal shock and all kinds of injury from any dropped objects. We noticed that it has ultimate resistance to chipping, impact, and scratching.

Sound absorption– If you dislike the excessive noise that most sinks make when in use, then the Kraus Quarza is the ideal solution. Its heavy-duty build quality absorbs the vibration when it’s in use and reduces noise.

The dual mounting design– Yes, the sink can either be under-mounted for a seamless appearance or dropped into a countertop. We noticed that the drop-in installation process is suitable with any type of countertop material.

Spacious and engineered for easy draining– The sink’s design allows for multiple utensils to be put inside. Its gently sloped bottom also enables easy drainage and prevents water from standing inside. Further, the angle also keeps glassware from falling.

Final Verdict

The sink is one of the number one best seller in double bowl granite composite kitchen sinks. Most customers mention the sink’s beauty, easy install, durability, and also highly recommend it. Some would even love to give it seven stars! You can be sure that having this product in your kitchen will be a wise choice!

#2 Blanco 440195 Diamond Silgranit (Best for Hygienic)

Blanco White 440195 diamond Silgranit is made of Granite composite alone. The sink belongs to the diamond series that are invincible in quality and design. It has a large bowl to give you a convenient working surface. The sink’s bowl provides more space for soaking, washing, rinsing, and spraying stains.

Its smooth surface offers resistance to scratches and high temperatures. This implies the sink can effectively handle hot pots and pans without damage. The sink also features a non-porous surface that is highly resistant to food and liquid stains. Yes, cleaning this sink is easy. The softly rounded drain grooves provide elegance.

The Blanco Silgranit can withstand extreme hot and cold fluctuations because of its uniquely resilient material. While it can handle dinnerware without damage, it’s also less likely to break them. Transform your kitchen experience today with this fantastic sink from Blanco’s diamond series.

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Key Features

The Size and Shape– Since the sink measures 33.45 by 22 by 9.5 inches, we found this length and depth to be spacious and offers enough room for washing, rinsing, and soaking. The rectangular shape also contributes to the sink holding many utensils while in use.

Easy to clean– The non-porous surface makes the sink resistant to all stains, household acids, and alkali solutions as well as ease of cleaning. Also, no strong chemicals or cleaning agents are required to keep it clean.

Durability – The sink is made of granite composite material which makes it durable and long-lasting. That also promotes heat resistance that our test evaluated can be even up to 500o F, meaning even a hot pan can’t damage it.

Easy Installation – You don’t have to be a professional to install the Blanco Diamond Silgranit sink. Also, it can be installed as either an under-mount or drop-in.

Final Verdict

Most users complement its durability, ease-of-cleaning, and scratch resistance. Some have mentioned how the sink fit in their kitchen needs perfectly when they needed a product to do so. Though some had minor issues with packaging, they still feel that the sink is an ideal choice.

#3 InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Badger 5 (Best for Scratch-resistant)

The sink is also a Blanco’s product. It features a vibrant metallic Gray color. The sink is made of Silgranite with no rimming design. Unfortunately, the sink has no drain hole. However, its heat-resistant capability is on another level. It implies the sink can handle hot pots and pans without the risk of damage. The sink’s superb depth makes it hold many utensils. The tough Silgranit has a feel and touch of natural stone, making the sink to be scratch and chip resistant.

This sink is quite different from others when it comes to the installation method. It is because it only has an under-mount installation. Additionally, under-mount clips are included to make the installation process easier. It also has a crisp angular design which not only transforms your kitchen’s look but also makes your washing duties easier. To install the sink, though, you need 36 inches of an outside cabinet.

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Key Features

Durability– Since more than three-quarters of the sink is granite, it is durable and can survive the effects of dropped utensils. Even when we tried to drop heavy objects, there was no effect unlike the way it would have been for non-granite sinks.

Easy-To-Clean– Like most granite composite sinks, we had expected the Blanco Metallic one also to be ease to clean. The non-porous smooth surface also offers no room for bacterial or mold growth. It’s also naturally hygienic and can push away liquids and residue.

Heat and Shock Resistance– Do you need to fear hot items damaging or discoloring it? Absolutely not. The sink is thermal shock resistant and that’s why there is no chance to melt, burn or fade from the heat.

Final Verdict

The majority of users who have used the sink have mentioned that it’s fantastic and highly recommended. For some, the elegant look and durability stood out. Yes, this sink can easily conquer your kitchen’s everyday life demands.

#4 Kraus Forteza Granite Kitchen Sink

It is a Kraus product made of Granite Composite, Resin, Quartz, and Stone. Moreover, the sink features a vibrant color that makes your kitchen look better. The sink belongs to the Foreteza kitchen sink series. Elegant design and the ability to withstand thermal shock is what defines the sink. A combination of quartz and Resins guarantees unquestionable durability. Also, these materials are known to bring a luxurious appearance and the feel of a real stone.

The sink is also well painted to prevent the effects of UV light, including color fading. Moreover, the sink’s nature makes it resist stain for easy washing. Kraus Forteza Granite Kitchen Sink is also capable of resisting high temperatures, thanks to its surface. The dual mount design supports both under-mount or drop-in installation. If you have been experiencing frustrations from your sink, this might just be the answer.

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Key Features

Thickness– We were drawn to the quietness of this kitchen sink. That’s because the thick stone-like material used to make it is designed to eliminate vibration and noise while it’s in use.

Hygiene– The sink is naturally hygienic as it’s made from a material that repels germs, making it cleaner. The high resistance to dirt also makes its maintenance and cleaning easy.

Good Drainage– It has a pre-drilled hole and four knock-out holes marked for easy drilling. All these ensure that water is properly drained and isn’t left standing in the sink.

Tough Construction– Like other Kraus sinks, this black forteza one is also made with 80% natural granite providing an extra-tough construction that’s resistant to impact, scratching, and chipping.

Final Verdict

What makes this sink one of the most popular granite composite sinks is how customers view it. So far, it’s valued for the thickness and durability. Most customers confirm seeing the value of spending their money on this single bowl kitchen. It’s quietness and beautiful look are unmatched!

#5 Blanco 440064 Performa (Best for Optional Accessories)

Granite Composite is the only material used for making this sink. That makes it heat resistant and enables it to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, including those common to boiling and baking levels. The colorful, non-porous surface makes it resistant to all stains, household alkali solutions and acids.

A free stainless-steel colander is included when you purchase this sink. The free accessory is mainly used for hands-free rinsing of utensils. The sink boasts a vibrant Anthracite color and an elegant Cascade style. It only has an undermount installation without the drop-in installation on the countertops.

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Key Features

Heat resistance– What we loved most is the sink’s heat resistance as it can withstand high temperatures even from hot pans or boiling pots. It’s also scratches resistant and can handle steak knives, paring, and carving knives. when in use.

The Cleanability– It’s easier to care for as the composite material can repel water, provide a permanent protective shield against stains, and is very hygienic. It means it’s also 100% food safe.

Free Accessory– Even our top pick for the kitchen sinks didn’t have this advantage. With the Blanco Anthracite Performa Cascade sink, you get a free stainless-steel colander for hands-free rinsing of utensils and items like fruits or vegetables.

Final Verdict

Most people worldwide who have bought the sink don’t regret their decision. Some have even reviewed how much they love it. With the Anthracite sink, you can be sure to get the perfect solution for your kitchen’s appearance. No wonder most customers have positively reviewed it!

#6 Best for Eliminate Noise – Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord

The sink also belongs to the Forteza series made by Kraus. Typically, this line of these sinks is known for their outstanding designs and looks. The sink is well painted to avoid the adverse effects of UV lights, including fading. Granite Composite and Resin makes the sink durable with a luxurious feel of real stone. The strength is incomparable.

The sink’s antibacterial surface is responsible for resisting stains. Moreover, the sink has a dual mount design. This enables the drop-in and undermount installation that makes the sink fit in various countertops. The sink is also designed for unparalleled thermal shock and impact resistance. The heat resistance is up to 650o F.

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Key Features

It is a quieter sink– We loved the sink’s quietness as it’s well designed to eliminate the noise when used, thanks to the thick stone-like material.

Easy Installation– We didn’t find it challenging to install the sink. It has a dual mount design which lets you choose between drop-in and undermount installation.

Natural hygienic surface– The sink’s surface has silver ions responsible for resisting stains, making cleaning easy. That leads to an overall low maintenance.

Double-bowl sink– We enjoyed working with the sink since it has two basins that create an ample working space when washing dirty utensils. It also includes the drain assembly, silicone mitt, trivet, mounting hardware, and cutout plate.

Final Verdict

From the existing customers reviews of the sink, there’s a positive acceptance. Several users confirm that this Kraus Forteza series product isn’t disappointing. Do you need a sink that has changed people’s lives in the kitchen? The Kraus Forteza 33” Drop-in/Undermount Granite KGD-50 Black is the one.

Best Granite Sink Brands

Blanco Granite Composite Sink

Blanco is a family-owned company founded in Germany. The company was founded 85 years ago.  Blanco focuses on quality, innovation, and customer service. The company sales have surged over the years, gaining trust from the consumers worldwide.

Kraus Granite Composite Sink

Kraus is a USA-based company located in Port Washington, New York City. The company was founded in 2007 to revolutionize kitchen and bath products. The brand offers 100% customer satisfaction. Many consumers could not hide their joy of how the company has helped transform their lives.

Franke Composite Granite Sinks

Franke Holding Ag is a Switzerland based company located in Aarburg. It was founded in 2011 and up to date the brand has employed more than 10,000 people. The brand mainly focuses on Kitchen systems, Food Service and Industrial Engineering.

Elkay Granite Composite Sink

Elkay is a family-owned company established in America. The brand started operating in 1920, and it focuses on delivering world-class sinks, faucets, food products, and water coolers. Furthermore, Elkay produces drinking fountains and bottle filling stations. Kitchen sinks from Elkay will not disappoint you as they are carefully made to give you the best services.

Kohler Granite Composite Sink

Kohler company was founded in 1873. John Michael Kohler is the original founder of this brand. Apart from plumbing equipment, the company also focuses on furniture, tiles, engines, and generators. It is headquartered in Wisconsin, USA. Quality, innovation, and customer service are given top priority for this brand. You will therefore not be disappointed if you upgrade your kitchen with Kohler Granite Composite Sinks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Granite Sinks better than Stainless steel?

You can maintain garbage disposal by using cold water to flush it before and after use. This is to ascertain that the farm particles are totally removed from any particle from the passage and to keep the system for overheating. Furthermore, you can clean with ice occasionally. You can also clean with a de-greaser this will remove the presence of odors and also prevent the build-up of fats. The clog should also be prevented by cleaning the drainage pipes. This can be done seldomly. In addition, citrus could also be used as a freshener to prevent microbial activities.

How do you care for a composite granite sink?

  • Avoid placing extremely hot pots and pans in the sink.
  • The sink should not be used as a cutting surface.
  • Avoid using detergents and metal cleaning pods when cleaning your sink.
  • Avoid heavy falls on the sink’s surface as they can cause damages.
  • Alcohols, acids, and gasoline should not come into contact with some of the sinks. It is because they react with the sink’s chemical structure causing damage.

Can you use bleach on granite composite sinks?

No, it is not advisable to use bleach on granite composite sinks. Bleach removes the coatings on the sink, making it prone to stains and stretches.

Do granite composite sinks crack easily?

No, unless you are not careful with them. The sinks are designed with extraordinary materials that ensure they last longer. Granite composite sinks are invisible when it comes to strength and durability.

How to clean a black Blanco composite sink?

  • Use hot, warm soapy water.
  • Clean using a sponge or soft cloth to remove stains.
  • Thoroughly rinse the sink after cleaning.
  • Use the right detergents to avoid discoloring your sink.

How to Disinfect a granite composite sink?

Create a 50% mixture of water and vinegar and use it to disinfect your granite composite sink. However, you should rinse the sink well, ensuring vinegar traces do not remain on the sink’s surface.
Can you use soft scrub on the granite composite sink?
Yes, you can. With recommended cleaning agents’ soft scrubs helps to keep your sink clean. However, you should avoid harsh scrubs, including steel wool as they easily damage the sink.

Which is better quartz or granite Sinks?

Typically, quartz sinks are more tough and durable compared to granite ones. Your sink choice should therefore reflect your needs, taste, and lifestyle. If you want a stricter material than quartz, then granite composite is the best choice.

What is the difference between granite and composite granite sink?

Granite composite sinks are slightly heavy than granite ones. However, they are relatively cheaper than granite sinks.


Granite Composite sinks are among the most reliable sinks in the market. The sinks boast of elegant designs, stunning looks, and unquestionable durability. Be assured to try complementing your kitchen’s outlook and beauty with granite composite sinks. You’ll love the outcome and experience! The above list of the Best Granite Composite sinks for the kitchen may help you when shopping for one. Carefully read through the sinks and share the information with others. It might also help them avoid counterfeit Granite Composite sinks.

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