Delta R22000 vs Delta R22000WS – Which is the Best Water Valve for Your Bathroom

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When it comes to buying quality tools for our home, it is inevitable for us to make comparisons and try to find the best ones. When it comes to water valves there are multiple models available, highlighting the Delta R22000 and Delta R22000WS. These are two of the most effective and in-demand solutions on the market today.

Delta R22000 vs Delta R22000WS comparison
Delta R22000 vs Delta R22000WS Comparison

Although both are good options, you will always try to find the one that suits your needs. In the case of these valves, it is not at all easy to determine which one is suitable at a glance. That is why in this article we will place the Delta R22000 vs R22000WS. This way you will be able to see for yourself which one is the most suitable.

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Main Differences Between The Two R22000 Models


Although the design of these shower valves is similar in plain sight, there are some significant differences. While the structure of the R22000 is made of bronze, that of the R22000WS is made of brass.

In addition, the dimensions of the former are slightly larger than those of the latter. It should be noted that the latter has stopped and the former does not.


On the subject of durability, the materials of both valves are quite strong and durable. However, compared to the bronze of the R22000, the brass of the R22000WS has certain advantages. This is because brass is the most commonly used material for these wrenches.


There is a slight difference in weight between the two, which should be taken into account at the time of installation. The R22000 weighs about 3 pounds, while its rival weighs 3.14 pounds.

Delta R220009.13 x 8.38 x 5 inchesBronze3 pound
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‎Delta R22000-WS9.84 x 6.61 x 5.75 inchesBrass3.14 pounds
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Which Model Is Better For My Home’s Needs?

The Delta R22000 vs R22000WS comparison begs the question of which one is more suitable for our home. Since both are designed for home use, either can fit very well.

If what you want is a valve with simple features the Delta R22000 is the better choice. Let’s say you want one for more complex uses, i.e., to facilitate water control in various areas. Then you would be better off looking at the R22000WS model.

The Advantages Of Each Type Of System And What They Are Best Suited For

The Delta R22000 has all the basics, including the pressure balance valve monitor. This keeps the water at a safe temperature and prevents changes in temperature. It is made in one piece and can be installed back to back.

It is ideal if you want to use it only for showering when moderating hot or cold water. However, it can also be used for other similar functions.

Despite the effectiveness of the first model, the R22000WS is not far behind in terms of benefits. It also possesses the back-mounted capability and its integrated pressure monitor. Also, unlike the other one, this one includes stops, which is a plus in terms of comfort of use.

This valve works excellent in regulating the temperature of the shower, in addition to being able to supply water to other spaces. This is precisely thanks to the stops, which allow the water to be shut off in one area without affecting the others.

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Advantages And Disadvantages To Consider When Choosing Which Type To Buy

The advantages and disadvantages are among the most important features to visualize in these Delta R22000 vs R22000WS comparisons. Here are some of the most significant advantages and disadvantages of both models.

R22000 advantages and disadvantages

Delta r22000 shower diverter valve
Delta r22000 shower diverter valve

This shower valve has several advantages that make it one of the best alternatives. The first one to highlight is its ease of installation and use. It makes that any person can adapt to it without any difficulty.

Another important advantage is its excellent power of use and the multiple functions it has. They have received very good reviews from customers.

The disadvantages of purchasing this item may be several. Firstly, it may not be what you expected, i.e. the item may not meet your expectations. To avoid this, try to inform yourself as much as possible about the item and its uses.

Another frequent disadvantage is that the device does not adapt correctly to the installation area. The most feasible thing to do in these cases is to investigate the specifications of the device and see that it can be used without any problem. This way you avoid having to do unnecessary remodeling.

R22000WS advantages and disadvantages

Delta R22000-WS Shower Diverter Valve
Delta R22000-WS Shower Diverter Valve

This shower diverter valve is considered one of the most recommended models because of its great advantages, starting with its easy and fast installation method. The latter makes you can start using it in a very short time.

Besides that, the performance is quite good, fulfilling all its functions without any inconvenience. All these good reviews come from some satisfied customers of the product.

The disadvantages of this product can be many, starting with possible defective parts that cause the finish not to be as expected by customers.

Another frequent drawback is the fact that the parts have low quality and are easily damaged. This only results in more expense and wasted time.

Delta R22000
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‎Delta R22000-WS
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At the end of this Delta R22000 vs R22000WS comparison, we have seen some of the most relevant features of both models, from some small differences to the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Taking all of them into account and even though we have talked about some disadvantages, it is clear that both valves have benefits. Whether you decide to buy one or the other, take into account everything we have explained. This will help you to have an idea of which one is the best for your home.

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