Mapei Aquadefense vs Redgard vs Hydro Ban - which is better
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October 5, 2023
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Mapei Aquadefense vs Redgard vs Hydro Ban – Which is Best?

Choosing a waterproofing membrane is complex and even more so if we are talking about Hydro Ban, Redgard, and Mapei Aquadefense. To make your life easier we will tell you some of the main advantages and uses of each of these brands.


Best Uses of Hydro Ban, Redgard and Mapei Aquadefense

Waterproofing membranes such as Hydro Ban, Redgard, and Mapei Aquadefense are perfect for covering cracks on any surface. Imagine that on the floor of your house or in the wall of your room, a horrible crack appears, well, with these products you will solve that problem.

Mapei Aquadefense

The best part is that these products can adhere to any type of substrate or surface. One of the most common uses for Mapei, for example, is crack insulation, and it dries fairly quickly.

What if the crack is in ceramic or tile? You will still be able to cover it; both Mapei Aquadefense, Hydro Ban, and Redgard work on all surfaces. So yes, we can say that the main use is to cover any crack or hole whether it is in your home, office, or sidewalk.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydro Ban, Redgard And Mapei Aquadefense

Of course, talking about the different advantages and disadvantages of Mapei Aquadefense, Hydro Ban and Redgard is very simple since they are top-quality products and are among the first on the market. However, we will divide these pros and cons between each brand in order to be more specific.

ProductInsulation CapacityDryingOdorMinimum CoatsAverage Price
Mapei Aquadefense Good 30 – 50 minutes No 2 coats $65 – $360
Redgard Ok 1.5 – 2 hours Slightly have 2 coats $60 – $240
Hydro Ban Good 2 hours Yes 2 coats $101 – $420

Advantages of Mapei Aquadefense

MAPEI Aqua Defense
Insulation capacity: One of the most outstanding things about Mapei is its insulation capacity.
Fast-drying: Mapei is one of the easiest and fastest drying products, drying in only 30 or a maximum of 50 minutes.
No flooding: In case you need to use the product on a surface such as a dishwasher or a shower, where you are in constant contact with water, you will have to wait only 12 hours. Generally, with other products, the drying time is 24 hours.
Easy to use: Mapei adheres to any surface and can be applied by roller or brush. It doesn’t matter if you need to use it on curved or flat irregular surfaces.
Odorless: This may be the best advantage for those who suffer from allergies as Mapei is odorless. Applying it indoors will not affect it.

Disadvantages of Mapei AquaDefense

Color: the color of the membrane when it dries is light blue, this can be quite annoying for many people.
Layers: at least two coats of the product should be used on surfaces.

Advantages of Redgard

Water-resistant: Redgard is a product that you can use to cover cracks in the shower without any problem. The formula is 40.40
Easy to use: There are products that require a lot of preparation before use; Redgard is simple.
Good price: The price-product ratio is very outstanding. Redgard is a quality product that can be found at a very good price in the market. The product contains 10 pounds and the dimensions are quite comfortable (7.38 x 8.24 x 8.25 inches).
Many uses: You can use it for bathtubs, showers, pools, steam rooms, spas, hot tubs, terraces, and so on. No corner of your home will be beyond the reach of Redgard. Remember that it is water-resistant because it is a waterproof membrane.
Drying time: You can reduce drying time with a quick-drying formula.

Disadvantages of Redgard

Odor: Although it is not a very strong odor, however, for those who are more sensitive to odors, its odor can become annoying and seem uncomfortable.
The layers: To use Redgard and achieve an optimal result, you should add two layers of Redgard to the surface. This is on the downside as some products with a waterproof membrane work with only two coats.
Cement board: When applying, it is best to do so with one coat of cement.
Mesh tape: To use and apply Redgard, it is mandatory to use a mesh reinforcement, especially if you are using the product on a shower receptor.

Advantages of Hydro Ban

Easy to use: worldwide customer ratings indicate that the product is a 5 out of 5 in terms of ease of use. You don’t have to be an expert to put a waterproof membrane in some corner of your home.
Worldwide fame: this product has been tested and recommended worldwide in construction.
Watertightness test: if you let the product dry at a temperature of 21 ºC.
It is not necessary to use cloth.
Thin: the thickness of the mixture, after application, is only 0.5 mm.
IAPMO approved.
Safe: if you have children in the house, you have nothing to worry about as it is solvent-free and non-flammable.
Fast-drying: the drying time for adding the coating is extremely short.
Changes color: this can be good if you want to achieve a contrast as it turns olive green as it cures. This also helps to facilitate inspection.

Disadvantages of Hydro Ban

Only adheres to metallic polymer fittings.
Odor: Has an odor that may make some people uncomfortable.
Outdoor use only: It is best to apply the product outdoors so that the odor is not as intrusive.

Which Is The Best To Use As Waterproofing In The Shower?

Defining the best use of these three products is complex because each one can be used very well depending on the surface and what you want to use it for. So, you just need to define on which surface it will be used.

Hydro Ban

Hydro Ban:

This flexible, seamless, self-curing liquid can be used on virtually any surface. Hydro Ban can be perfect for use in the shower. Its high water resistance makes it easy to use and fast drying. It is undoubtedly the star product for many.


Redgard is mostly used on drywall. This is a great advantage since not all products of this type can be used on plaster. It can even be applied on wet plaster without any problems.

Note that Redgard can also be used over an anti-fracture membrane, as long as this product is carefully prepared on plywood.

One thing to keep in mind is that this product, while it works, is not completely suitable for topical waterproofing membranes. However, it can be resistant to green board.

Mapei Aquadefense:

In the case of Mapei, since it is a painless product, it is best used indoors, whether it be floors, walls, ceilings, etc. If you want to use it in steam rooms, it will be necessary to apply a protective barrier.

However, it is a product that can be used on virtually any surface and works perfectly for underwater areas. Of course, it has a waterproof membrane that facilitates this use. In addition, it is a product that will adhere to any surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Redguard Elastomeric And Toxic To Repirating?

Redguard is indeed elastomeric but it is not toxic to health. However, the odor is what can be most annoying.

Can Mapei Aquadefense Be Used Outdoors And Be Used In The Shower Tray?

Yes, indeed Mapei can be used without problem for all these functions.

How Long Does Hydro Ban Take To Dry?

Hydro Ban takes 2 hours to dry on dry surfaces and 12 hours on wet surfaces.

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