Can you install a vessel sink over an existing sink?

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The vessel sink is one of the more unique styles of sinks. If you are considering one for your kitchen, there are things that you need to think about. Installing one in the place of your existing sink will present several challenges. A vessel sink only requires a drain hole in the counter. While other sinks need openings large enough for the whole sink. Whether your sink drops in from the top, mounts underneath the counter, or in the case of the farmhouse sit inside the counter.

The vessel-style sink will require some amount of work with the kitchen counter for it to be placed over an existing style sink. In this article, we will discuss what kind of things will be necessary to answer the question, can you install a vessel sink over an existing sink?

A white vessel sink on the counter top
A white vessel sink on the countertop

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Installing a vessel sink on 3 Types of Kitchen sinks

#1. How to Install a vessel sink over an existing under-mount kitchen sink

In the case of replacing an existing under-mount sink in your kitchen, you will want to select a rectangular-shaped vessel sink. You will want to remove the mounting hardware that is holding the existing sink and the garbage disposal if you have one installed.

Once you have the old sink removed from under the counter, you can place the new vessel sink into place. Hook up the garbage disposal (if you still plan to use one) and the drain pipe under the sink. Then install the new water faucet that you selected in your kitchen.

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#2. How to Install a vessel sink over an existing drop-in kitchen sink

If you are needing to replace a drop-in style kitchen sink with a new vessel sink. You will need to select a rectangular-shaped vessel sink as well. These types of kitchen sink generally have holes predrilled for the faucet(s). That means you may have to think about the holes in the countertop.

To remove the drop-in sink you will need to remove any caulking that has been put in around the edges of the sink. After disconnecting the drain pipes and disposal (if you have one installed) you should be able to push the sink up from underneath the counter. Once you removed the existing sink, you place the vessel sink in place and reinstall the disposal (if you had one), and connect the drain pipe. Then install the new faucet that you selected for the sink.

#3. How to Install a vessel sink over an existing farmhouse kitchen sink

Replacing a farmhouse-style sink with a vessel sink will like to require some amount of countertop reworking. Since farmhouse sinks fit into the countertop and cabinet, that area will need to be covered. Most vessel sinks do not have that ability. This means that you need to consider that before you get started.

After selecting the new vessel sink that you want in your kitchen, you will need to remove the existing sink. After disconnecting the disposal (if installed) and drain pipe you need to slide the farmhouse sink out of the counter and cabinet. Then you will have to fill in the opening of the cabinet and countertop that you decided on. Once that is done, you can then place the vessel sink in place. Then under the counter, you installed the disposal (if installed) and reconnect the drain pipe. Next, install the new faucet, and you are done.

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Can you put a vessel sink on any vanity?

The answer to this question depends on the size and shape of the sink as well as the size of the vanity. Most vessel sinks will fit on any vanity with at least 28 inches of height from the floor. But experts recommended height is 29-30 inches for the vanity to put a vessel sink.

Vessel sink on a 29-inch height vanity
Vessel sink on a 29-inch height vanity

Final Verdict

So, as you can see, the short answer to the question is, Can you install a vessel sink over an existing sink? It is, yes, however, it is not as simple as buying just any vessel sink and put in. You have to consider that the existing opening in the counter will be rather large and rectangular. Then there are the faucet holes to contend with. So, with all that said, know that deciding on installing a vessel sink has its challenges.

How to Install a Vessel Sink

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