The Kitchen Sink 60/40 vs. 50/50 – Which is perfect for you?

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The kitchen sink is a very important and highly functional part of any kitchen. Sinks come in many sizes, shapes, and materials which is why there are so many different options to choose from when it comes to choosing the right kitchen sink. The dual basic configuration is the most commonly chosen sink. Now, the debate comes in when there are two basic sink choices, a kitchen sink 60/40 vs 50/50 split. Let’s do a deep dive into the two sink configurations and look at the major differences and the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Kitchen Sink 60/40 vs 50/50

Okay, let’s first talk about what is meant by 60/40 and 50/50 when it comes to kitchen sinks. In this specific case, it means that the one side sink is larger than another side. In a 50/50 split, each of the two sides is equal in size and the actual size of each will depend on the overall dimensions of the sink.

Now, that we talked about the common sink configurations, let’s get down to what are the major differences between the kitchen sink 60/40 and the kitchen sink 50/50.

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Kitchen Sink 60 40 Vs 50 50
Kitchen Sink 60/40 Vs 50/50

The Major difference between a kitchen sink is 60/40 and a kitchen sink 50/50

When it comes to selecting a kitchen sink choosing one that has multiple basins gives you additional options when it comes to what you can do. It allows you to multitask in the kitchen and depending on the size of the basins you can clean larger pots and pans.

Kitchen Sink 60/40

The typical 60/40 sink will give you an 18” wide basin along with a 14” (the exact size will depend on the width of the specific sink you buy). This makes multitasking such as cleaning dishes and food prep a possibility. You can also use it to hold wash water and rinse water to cut down on water usage. However, having a dual basin sink does have its draws backs, it is harder to hand wash larger pots and pans.

Kraus Standard PRO 33-Inch 16 Gauge Undermount 60/40 Double Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink, KHU103-33

Advantages of Kitchen sink 60/40

  • The 60/40 kitchen sink is a great option for people who want to have a larger, more versatile kitchen sink.
  • While the larger basin will be perfect for washing dishes, the smaller one is good for washing utensils.
  • This set makes it easier to store pots and pans in the larger bowl while still having the smaller dishwashing compartment. This is the big difference between 60/40 and 50/50 kitchen sink.
  • The 60/40 sink also comes with an extra-large drain hose that makes it easy to clean out any messes that might happen when you’re washing dishes.
  • The 60/40 kitchen sink has a lower dividing section. It makes it easier for people to use it for washing dishes or utensils.

Kitchen Sink 50/50

The 50/50 kitchen sink is another dual basin option that provides the ability to use the sink for multiple purposes at the same time. You can be preparing food on one side and washing the pot and pans on the other side. You can also use the two-sided sink to wash dishes that are not designed to go into the dishwasher. That means one side can be filled with hot soapy water for cleaning and the other side can be filled with warm water for rinsing. Unfortunately, you will still have even less space for soaking and washing larger pots and pans.

33 Double Farmhouse Sink - Logmey 33 inch Farmhouse Sink Apron Front Double Bowl 50/50 Stainless Steel 18 Gauge Farm Kitchen Sink

Advantages of kitchen sink 50/50

  • The advantage of this setup is that it allows two people to work at the sink at the same time.
  • Whether you’re cooking a dish yourself or have someone in your kitchen working with you, this is an invaluable.
  • This set up makes for easier, more efficient food preparation and cleanup.
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Which kitchen sink is perfect for you, 60/40 or 50/50?

At the end of the day, convenience is likely going to be the driving force behind the decision on which of the two options is best. We believe that the kitchen sink 60/40 provides the best option. It gives you a larger cleaning basin and you can multitask. If you have non-dishwashing items and want to drain them, then the 40-side sink will help you. It also cleans for washing veggies. It also satisfies the desire to be non-symmetrical, which is appealing to many homebuyers these days. But remember that a bigger cabinet is required to set up the 60/40 kitchen sink. Thirty-six inches and above is perfect for that. But in some cases, 30 inches also works.

dishes in 60 40 kitchen sink
Dishes in 60/40 kitchen sink

On the other hand, we recommend using the 50/50 kitchen sink if your cabinet is not big enough and dishwashing or cleaning is not a big deal for you.

We need to hand washing at least some things in everyday life. Besides, many people prefer to dry dishes or glasses in the sink or counter rack. So we would recommend a 60/40 sink for your modern kitchen.

However, we need to hand washing at least some things in everyday life. And there is a possibility of exposure to expose plastic chemicals by dishwashers. So we don’t use the dishwasher for the plastic items. Besides, many people prefer to dry dishes or glasses in the sink or counter rack. That’s why we would recommend a 60/40 sink for your modern kitchen.

Hope this article helps you to take your final decision to choose between 60/40 kitchen sink and 50/50.

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