Single Handle Bathroom Faucet Installation Like a Pro (Delta and Moen)

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Are you interested in installing a Delta or Moen single handle bathroom faucet in your bathroom by yourself? This is a great project to take on as a DIY assignment. Here are some tips to help you do it right the first time.

#1. How do you install a Moen single handle bathroom faucet?

We are assuming that you are installing your new Moen single handle bathroom faucet in place of a previous faucet that is also a single handle faucet.  If not, you’ll need to convert the space to accommodate the single handle faucet before going any further!

  1. Insert the gasket to the base plate: This is going to make sure that you get a watertight seal to prevent leaks.
  2. Attach the tubes to the tailpieces: Using the washer and the mounting nut, attach the pieces together.
  3. Install the drain: Insert the drain into place and then make sure that the stopper is going to open and close properly.  IMPORTANT: Do this step before you attach it properly, otherwise you’ll have to loosen it in order to fix it.
  4. Connect the tubes: Now that everything is in place, attach the hot and cold supply tubes to the shut-off valves that have your water.  Tighten the fittings and then turn on the water.
  5. Test for leaks: Gently turn on each tap and check for leaks.

You did it!  Remember to do the steps in this order.  Also, make sure you have the supplies that you need including:

  • Your new Moen faucet
  • Pliers
  • Wrenches
Single Handle Bathroom Faucet Installation Delta or Moen
Single Handle Bathroom Faucet Installation Delta or Moen

#2. How do you install a Delta single-handle bathroom faucet?

While Moen and Delta are going to be a little different in how they look, you’ll be relieved to know that they install more or less the same way!  Since these two are competitors, you will find that both will recommend their own, rather than the competition. 

What you choose is up to you, since they install the same way, for the most part.  If you know how to install one, you will know how to install the other.

How does a single-handle faucet work?

This is a great question. The single-handle faucet works by combining both cold and hot water together in the same handle.  Instead of a separate cold and hot water tap, all you have is one central control.

Don’t worry, you will still have access to your cold and hot water!  It’s just hidden out of sight and looks a lot more modern.  One kind will allow you to turn the control from cold to hot in a counter-clockwise direction.  The other pulls out to control water pressure and then turns from cold to hot.  Typically, the hot water starts at the 12:00 position on the facet (or, straight up).

Both of these methods are great and it comes down to deciding which is going to be most comfortable for you and your use.

Why should I switch to a single-handle faucet?

There is no rule that you have to!  If you love having separate taps, you can still find plenty of 3-hole options for your bathroom. Many people prefer the convenience and aesthetic of the single-handle faucet, though. 

The only time you should switch to a single handle faucet for sure is if you don’t have enough space to have the right kind of 3-hole faucet that you love.


In conclusion, if you are looking to install a single-handle bathroom faucet, Delta and Moen are both great brands to consider. They offer a variety of stylish and functional options, and both companies have a reputation for quality products and customer service. So whichever brand you choose, you can be confident that you’ll be happy with your new faucet.

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