How To Install a Two Handle Kitchen Faucet Step by Step

This guide is for a 4 holes installation with a side spray for a 3 hole installation without a side spray.


Tools you will need

  • An adjustable wrench
  • Safety glasses or goggles
  • Flashlight
  • Cleanup cloth

It may also be helpful to have someone lend you a hand when you need to work under the sink.

How To Install a Two Handle Kitchen Faucet

Before Installation

1 - Remove your old faucet and clean the surrounding area of the sink where the new faucet will go

2 - Make sure your water supply valves are shut off


You may need to do a bit of disassembling before you get started, just to remove the parts that secure faucet to the sink


1 - Unthread and remove the two wing nuts

2 - Unthread and remove the wing nut from the hose guide, and set those aside for now


You should have the following items

  • pre-assembled faucet
  • wing nuts
  • hose guide
  • side spray
  • side spray plug with black washer inside


* If your deck plate has been designed with tight seal technology you won't need to apply putty or silicon. The tight seal systems ensure a tight seal to the mounting surface.


Installation without side spray

If you are not installing the side spray, you will need to use the side spray plug. Make sure you thread it securely onto the fitting.


Installation on 4 hole sink with side spray

1 - Insert the hose guide and side spray hose through the gasket and then into the sink hole.

2 - Go under the sink and hand tighten the wingnut to secure the hose guide to the sink.

3 - Feed the side spray hose back up through the center hole (have someone topside to help the hose in place)

4 - Return topside and tighten the side spray hose to the bottom of the faucet, then insert the faucet shanks through the holes in the sink, and align the faucet to the sinks surface.

5 - From under the sink, secure the faucet by hand, tightening the wingnuts (have someone topside to make sure its tightened on straight)


Connecting water lines

* Hot always connects to the left inlet and cold to the right

1 - With an adjustable wrench, connect the water supply lines for your cold water, and then connect the hot water.


Now check for leaks

1 - Go back under the sink and turn on the hot and cold water valves. Make sure water lines are not dripping or spraying any water.

2 - Go topside and remove the aerator housing from the faucet spout and run water for about 15 seconds on both hot and cold. This will help clear any debris.

3 - When done, screw the aerator back on.


Lastly, you want to confirm that your faucet is functioning properly. Check both hot and cold water handles, spout rotation, and side spray operation. Also, check for any leaks topside.

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